Facebook Network Hacked

Facebook Network Hacked, 50 Million Users’ Data at Risk

Facebook has been hacked, putting accounts of more than 50 Million users around the world at risk.

The social media said in a statement Friday that an attack on its computer network exposed the personal information of users.

Facebook said it discovered the breach this week, when hackers exploited a feature in its code which allowed them take over user accounts.

Reports by Gulf News, USA Today, New York Times and other global media quoted Facebook as saying that the social media platform forced more than 90 million users to log out of their accounts, a common safety measure taken when accounts have been compromised.

Though Facebook said it had fixed the vulnerability and notified law enforcement officials, the social social media remains a target to attackers.

“We’re taking it really seriously,” Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, said in a conference call with reporters. “I’m glad we found this, but it definitely is an issue that this happened in the first place.”

Who are the attackers?

At the time of filing this report, Facebook said it did not know the origin or identity of the attackers, nor had it fully assessed the scope of the attack.

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Facebook says it continues to investigate the attack.

Facebook Network Hacked
Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg reacts as he speaks at the Viva Tech start-up and technology summit in Paris, France, May 24, 2018. Source: huffingtonpost

Facebook compromised features

Two features were compromised in the latest attack on Facebook, they are:

  1. View as
  2. Facebook’s video-uploading programme

According to the company, the attackers exploited two bugs in the site’s “view as” feature, which allows users to view their own profiles as if they were someone else, Facebook said. The feature was built to give users more control over their privacy.

Another compromised feature on Facebook network is its video-uploading program, a software feature that was introduced in July 2017, the company said. The flaw allowed the attackers to steal so-called access tokens — digital keys that allow access to an account.

Implication of the attack

Facebook has been convincing users that it can securely handle the billions of data it has access to.

More than two billion people use Facebook every month; two billion also use WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned messaging app, and Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app..

“We have a responsibility to protect your data, and if we can’t then we don’t deserve to serve you,” Zuckerberg said in a statement regarding Cambridge Analytica this year.

What to do right now to protect your Facebook Account in the wake of attack:

Facebook has become part of us. We connect with friends and family on it, which makes it difficult for some of us do without logging in in a day.

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Well, if that’s the case here are some of the actions you can take right now to protect your account.

  1. Log in to your account and change your password
  2. If you’ve given access to third parties to access your personal details, access the app to disable such.
  3. Log out and allow Facebook to fix the breach, which we believe could take some hours.
  4. Be careful on responding to messages of friend requests from a completely stranger.

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