How to apply for Gambia Visa from Nigeria: Requirements & Cost of Flight


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We asked a friend who is currently at The Gambian University on an exchange programme: Do Nigerians need visa to enter Gambia? “You don’t need visa to go to Gambia from Nigeria,” he said. But he pointed out some important things you need to know before traveling to the country.

In this guide we’ll tell you the type of visa that gives you free entry to The Gambia and how to go about it.

Important information to know before  entering Gambia

  • Type of visa one can use to travel to Gambia
  • Kind of valid passport to travel to Gambia
  • Cost of flight from Nigeria
  • The available jobs in Gambia
  • Cost of living in Gambia in terms of housing and feeding
  • The value of Gambian currency to Naira
  • The best location to stay
  • Gambia High Commission office address

Others include:

  • Gambia visa requirement for British citizens
  • Gambia visa requirement for U.S citizens
To enter another country, you need these two most important travel documents:Click To Tweet
  1. Passport
  2. Visa


International Passport allows you to travel to any part of the world, provided you have the stipulated visa for your visit.

There are two types of passport to travel to Gambia:

  1. International passport: This can be used to travel to any country around the world.
  2. ECOWAS passport: This grants travel entry into 15 West African states. Gambia is one of the countries you can use ECOWAS passport for.


This is a stamp marked certificate (sometimes on the applicant’s passport) issued by the immigration office of a country indicating the applicant’s credentials have been authenticated and the applicant has been granted permission to enter the country for a temporary stay within a specified period. There are seven types of visas, according to Business Dictionary.

Common types of visas include:

  1. Single entry visa: this is useful for a visit.
  2. Multiple entry visa: allows any number of visits within its validity period.
  3. Business visa: for a short visit to conduct discussions, negotiations, and/or presentations, but not to take up employment.
  4. Tourist visa: allows freedom to move around within your host country and return back to your country of residence.
  5. Residence visa: allows an extended stay but does not grant permission to take up employment.
  6. Work visa: gives the permission to stay and take up employment, for a specific job and only for a limited period. Called also work permit.
  7. Electronic visa: permission recorded in a computer instead of being issued as a certificate or stamp.
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Having known some of the essential things to travel to The Gambia, let’s take the points one after the other.

Type of visa you can use to travel to Gambia

If you’re on tourist visit, then you don’t need a visa as a Nigerian to travel to The Gambia, and you’re allowed to stay up to 90 days.Click To Tweet

Nigerian isn’t the only national that can stay in Gambia for 90 days without a Visa. There are over 80 Gambia visa free countries that are given the same privilege.

Some of the other countries include: Australia, Canada, Ghana, Malaysia, New Zealand, North Korea, Norway, and Russia (56 days)


Even as you’re allowed to visit Gambia for up to 90 days without a visa, you must obtain your passport (ECOWAS passport for Nigerians), and International Passport (for other nationals outside the ECOWAS sub region).

If you’ve got job in Gambia then you apply for work permit.


“Considering the long-term relationship between Gambia and Nigeria, many Nigerians have traveled to Gambia using the 90-day privilege and secure a job in the process, and are doing fine in the country.”

The bottom line is: follow the due process and don’t abuse the privilege.

That’s for Nigerians, what about U.S and British nationals, do they need visa to travel to Gambia?

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Gambia visa requirement for British citizensGambia Visa for US, UK citizens

At the time of compiling this guide, Britain is one of the countries whose nationals can visit Gambia on tourism, so do they actually need a visa to go to Gambia?

If you’re on tourist visit, then you don’t need a visa as a Nigerian to travel to The Gambia, and you’re allowed to stay up to 90 days.Click To Tweet

Gambia visa requirement for U.S citizens

Unlike your British counterpart, you do need visa (for a period of five years, which it’s advisable you obtain before departure, with at least one blank page on your passport for the stamp) as United States nationals for travel to Gambia alongside a valid passport and proof of the Yellow fever vaccine.

Requirements for other kinds of visa include:

  • Original, signed Nigeria passport with at least 6 months of remaining validity.
  • Passport-type photographs: 2
  • Itinerary. Copy of round trip tickets or confirmed itinerary.
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination. Copy of International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever.
  • Bank Statement. Copies of bank statements from the past 3 months.
  • Employment Letter. A letter from your employer/school (on business letterhead, with contact details), stating that a leave of absence has been granted and that you will be returning to your current job.

If you are self-employed, include a copy of your business license and tax return. If you are retired please submit proof of your retirement fund.

  • Hotel Reservations. Copy of confirmed hotel reservations.
  • Business Letter. Original business letter from the host company in Gambia explaining the purpose of the trip, dates of travel and guaranteeing sufficient funds.
  • Properly Completed Gambia Visa Application Form: If you’re among countries that need visa to enter Gambia. For student, check the best visa.

Cost of flight from Nigeria to Gambia:

The cost of flight from Nigeria to Gambia varies, depending on the airline of your choice.

It is not fixed, but Air Peace is the cheapest at this time. It ranges between $550 to $650.

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Someone could go to Gambia through road which takes like 4 to 5 days depending on the speed of travel.

Job availability in The Gambia:

Gambia is a small country of about 2 million population and is surrounded by ocean, no wonder fishing is her predominant job by The Gambians.

Available jobs for Nigerians and other nationals include:

  • Hotel jobs (considering the influx of foreign nationals into the country for tourism.
  • Currency conversion (Bureau De change). Again, considering the high presence of tourists. A lot of Nigerians do Bureau De change.
  • Teaching
  • Lecturing ( there is a private university in The Gambia owned by a Nigerian, so if you have the requirements you might want to apply).

Gambia currency vs Nigerian Naira

Gambian currency is Dalasi (D)

One Dalasi is $48, meaning Gambia Dalasi has more value than Nigerian Naira (N).

At the time of putting this guide together, D1 is  N7.33kobo

Best location to stay in Gambia

Gambia is a one state country with her capital city in Banjul. Other areas include Serekunda, Kombo, Faraba, Brikama, Senegambia, Turn Table, Tanje, AU villa, Brufut, West Field etc

Standard of living is relatively high in the major cities mentioned above, but live is cool in the cities. And there are more jobs in the cities. But the choice is yours.

Gambia High Commission office address

Its High Commission office is in Abuja and Abuja

Wrapping up:

Before you travel to The Gambia, whatever your purpose is make you do your due diligence, and gather the necessary information you need to have a beautiful stay.

We hope this guide, “How to apply for Gambia Visa from Nigeria” will help you to arrive at a best decision for you.


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