He feeds his cat every day with a spoon

Don’t ask why this man feeds his cat everyday with a spoon. Everyday. When you love your pet dearly you can do anything for him/her.

When it’s time to feed his pet, he wears a baby bib around the cat’s neck. Isn’t that amazing? Or crazy?

In Africa, cat is mostly kept by old women or men, the story is different in other parts of the world.

“The most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. What a little prince,” a lover of cat said.

the man who feeds his cat every day with a spoon
Photo credit: imgur

Another one said:

“I love this. When I had 5 dogs they used to sit in a circle in front if me while I fed them by hand like this. I switched to plastic …because it’s easier on their teeth but they wait patiently for each bite.”

Would consider feeding your own pet (dog, or goat) with a spoon next time?

It’s a world of crazy things!



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