Eyowo PIN Reset Guide (Resolve Invalid Password Issue)

How do i get my 6 digit PIN code for Eyowo

Last updated on December 1st, 2018 at 03:09 pm

Having problem of invalid password on your tradermoni (eyowo) mobile wallet? You can actually reset eyowo PIN and resolve issue of invalid password once and for all, we’ll show you how to do that in this post.

If you need to know your eyowo access pin, you will need to dial the code *4255#, but we’ve received complaint recently that the code wasn’t working. That could be due to network problem or technical glitch on the part of eyowo system.

In a situation whereby your pin isn’t working, particularly for the beneficiaries of tradermoni collateral-free loan, you’d find this guide useful.

Before that, if you’re finding it difficult to transfer your tradermoni from eyowo app to your bank account, a great way to get that done is by transferring using the browser option.

If you’re reading this for the first time:Eyowo allows for payments with a phone number.

To withdraw money from your eyowo wallet simply dial *4255# and follow the on the screen instruction.

Two major reasons why you may not be able to cash out your money from eyowo mobile wallet

  1. When you get invalid MMI error code
  2. If you forget your PIN
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When you get invalid MMI error code

Eyowo USSD code (*4255#) hasn’t been working for so many people who have received their tradermoni fund (N10,000).

The error most of those who dialed the code got is: “connection problem or invalid MMI code

When you get the above error message it means you can’t take further action or withdraw your money.


If you keep getting this error message it could be due to poor service or traffic on the eyowo system considering the number of people dialing the same code the same time.

But we hope the company works to expand its strength to accommodate large number of people if it’s to serve the common people.

If you forget your PIN

The second reason why you may not be able to cash out your tradermoni from eyowo app is if you forget your PIN.

How to reset eyowo PINHow to reset eyowo PIN infomedia Nigeria

Step 1: If you’re a browser then login through app.eyowo.com/login

Step 2: Enter your phone number

Step 3: Click on forget PIN

Step 4: Enter your recovery phone number (which is your own phone number)

Step 5: Enter the new code sent you and reset your eyowo PIN

Downside of using forgot pin option

We’ve experimented the “forgot pin” option but it’s not working. We tried more than four times but couldn’t receive a reset code.

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Possibly you’re encountering the same problem, the only option left for you is to call the customer support of eyowo.

At the time of updating this post, the most effective way of resetting your (tradermoni) eyowo pin is by calling the support phone number Monday to Friday, from 9AM till 4PM. VERY EFFECTIVE!

Reach out to Eyowo:

  1. You can do so via:Social media: @myeyowo on Instagram or Facebook and @eyowo on Twitter
  2. Email: support @ eyowo.com
  3. Phone number: 01-700 1520
  4. Allow for a maximum of 24 hours to get a response to PIN-related issues.
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Wrapping up:

We urge you to keep your login details safe and continue to enjoy a seamless mobile payment solution.

The question of: how to get my eyowo password back has been resolved. Make sure to follow the guide here and you’ll get access to your eyowo-tradermoni wallet

64 thoughts on “Eyowo PIN Reset Guide (Resolve Invalid Password Issue)

  1. Pls I mistakenly did a cardless withdrawal and the money has been pending since yesterday and the code and pin sent has not been working I have been to 3banks and it’s just writing error. And the code and pin would expire by 2.30pm today.

  2. Good day Sir, am sunday Tanko i got the money, the only problem is to transfer the moni to my account but am having problem with my eyowo pin. i have try to solve the problem through following the instruction giving on line but up to date am yet . please i need help.

  3. Please sir I wanted to transfer my tradarmoni from eyowo account to my account using laptop and I mistakenly transfer 10,000 instead of 9960. And it’s has indicated that have been paid while have not been paid. Please….. What can I do to get back the laon

  4. Sir I forgot my eyowo pin and have been calling support line for over the weeks without response,, what else can I do sir,08161231809,and moreover there are three other persons within my vicinity with same issues,,thank you

  5. Please sir/ma,,am issues of forgotten eyowo pin with the following contacts,,
    I will be grateful if you will,,for these said persons are looking up to you for utilization of their funds thank you

  6. An issue occured to my grandma due to the mistake made during the transaction… she tranferred her tradermoni loan into another person’s phone number and we tried to called the number in order to collect the pin buh the number is not going through

    1. Hello ADEKUNLE,

      Only eyowo can reverse the mistake. Please call 017001520 tomorrow morning between 9AM to 4PM, or send email to eyowo right away, or contact eyowo on twitter @Myeyowo.

      Hope you know the phone number you mistakenly transferred the money to?

  7. I tried calling it’s not connecting
    My top was sent I loged in but now if I want to login it’s sending otp ND it’s not getting to my sim

  8. Please if I call no response so what do you want us to do please if you didn’t do it because of we are your junior once what will you do please please and please 08101814120

    1. Hi Aishat, please call eyowo support phone number provided on this guide. Call time 9AM to 4PM.

      Or reach them on twitter @Myeyowo or on Facebook Calling is the best as your issue will resolved immediately, but you’ll have to answer a few questions to bes sure you’re the true owner of the account.

    1. Hi,
      Please send an mail to support@eyowo.com or call our support line: 01-7001520 for faster solution to your problem. Call between 9AM to 4PM Monday to Friday.

      You’ll have to answer a few questions to verify that you’re the real owner of the account

    1. Hello Ibrahim, eyowo doesn’t send PIN to a phone number. You will have to call the customer support phone number provided in this article to and prove that you’re the owner of the account before your pin is reset.

      1. Pls sir check me this number 07015550756 i register for market trader moni but i did not see any messages from trader moni or boinigeria pls sir check us

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