NPower sanctions two beneficiaries, What’s their offence?

NPower sanctions two beneficiaries, What’s their offence?

N-Power has sanctioned two beneficiaries for absence in their Place of Primary Assignment.

N-Power didn’t say if the victims are 2016 or 2017 batch neither do we know the state they are from, but their names are made public as:

1 Kuteyi Olanike Oluwabunmi

2 Oseyemi Olokarun Iruoye

According to N-Power:

“This is a warning for those committed to playing truancy with the N-Power programme. We will not tolerate bad behaviour and we will not hesitate to delist you from the programme. What you do matters”

In the last Facebook Live Chat with the coordinator of the programme, Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede clearly stated that attendance and discipline are very important for any beneficiary who wants to be part of the programme.

He said N-Power is a serious business.

His statement read:

“N-Power is serious business, N-Power is a serious investment, now what do I mean?

:Attendance is compulsory, it’s mandatory it’s a full time volunteer program that it has been designed to help you and not Mr President.

“It has been designed to help you because it’s a full time volunteer program for 2 years.

“Now if you do that within the laws, you know what happens?

“PPA, as so attendance becomes the first thing.

“The next thing is discipline, you’re not in any way allowed to be rude to your supervisors even if you’re taller than him or her, there is a code of conduct in the N-Power program, we are going ensure that you get it in the next few weeks if you have already not downloaded it, that you get it so you’ll be familiar with it.

“We have had to completely exit beneficiaries who went into some grave offences that I may not want to mention here.

“So please attendance, discipline and obviously learning are important.

Mr. Afolabi shared a story of one of the beneficiaries in Imo State who was coming to his PPA, but wasn’t signing the attendance.

“Do not be the case of one of them that I met in one of the PPA, I think in Imo state precisely, that said to me he has been coming to work but never signing attendance in the principal’s office.

“I guess he was been marked absent, unfortunately he actually comes to school.

“So imagine that he or she did not have the class teacher or the subject teacher to stand in for him or she, he or she could have left the program by now. So I want to appeal to you that they are your most important people.

“In N-Power what is also important for you to know, that I have said all this to say one thing, please we have gotten complains, we have gotten reports, verifiable reports that they are quite a significant number of you in this Batch that are employed somewhere else, and so you have no intensions to do work.

“We have also gotten complaints across country that they are a significant number of you that are employed somewhere else, you have reported to your PPA in terms of coming to send your letter to be stamped, but you actually intend to get a proxy to do your work for you.

“We have gotten those complaints and clearly we are also aware that some of you do not intend, you want to do the work yes, but do not intend to do the work full time.

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