Atiku Online Grant: REAL or FAKE?


Last updated on November 16th, 2018 at 06:46 pm

UPDATE:Atiku Online Grant has taken another dimension as some guys in Osogbo, South West, Nigeria, are already sharing registration link at the rate of 5, 000 Naira with whoever wants to be an agent.

Caution: The link is fake.

A friend sent a link to one us three days ago urging us to fill Atiku Grant Disbursement form, where between 100, 000 Naira to 200, 000 Nigerian Naira would be given to at least 10, 000 applicants in each states of the federation.

Caution: It is not real.

What is grant?

“Grants are non-repayable funds or products disbursed or given by one party, often a government department, corporation, foundation or trust, to a recipient, often a nonprofit entity, educational institution, business or an individual”

To add new flesh to the non-existent loan another Nigerian has launched a domain calling it, “Atiku grant website” where Nigerians are encouraged to fill the online  disbursement form.

Caution: Alh. Atibu Abubakar has said it not real, as such he couldn’t have launched a Atiku grant website for a non existent grant.

Is Atiku Online Grant Disbursement true or false?

If some PDP delegates at the Port Harcourt PDP convention claimed that each vote cost at least $5, 000, which they claimed Atiku paid, then budgeting another billionaires of Naira ahead of 2019 crucial General Elections shouldn’t be a big deal.

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So people think he could embark on another huge spend which makes it trending on social media and messaging app.

So at the time of putting this article together, there is nothing like Atiku online grant disbursement.

If there is going to be anything like that Atiku Campaign organisation or his foundation, will be the first to share information about such huge programme.

Atiku Online Grant Scheme is a scam, Atiku Abubakar says

Just as the scam was gaining popularity, Presidential aspirant of Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Abubakar has said that he is yet to launch any empowerment scheme online, saying it’s meant to defraud Nigerians.

Code-named “Atiku Grant Disbursement Programme” Atiku’s Presidential Campaign Organisation, APCO, urged members of the public to “discountenance” the scheme.

In a statement, APCO writes:

“The organization said, “The attention of the Atiku Presidential Campaign Organization (APCO) has been drawn to an on-going scheme that purports to disburse grants to unsuspecting Nigerians.

“Information available to us reveals that the scheme code-named ‘Atiku Grant Disbursement Programme’ (see link is asking unsuspecting members of the public to contribute a certain amount of money which will be multiplied for them after they have downloaded a particular social media application.

“APCO disclaims this scheme and any other in such manner. For the avoidance of doubt, the Atiku Presidential Campaign Organization is not in any way involved with the scheme or any other in such manner and neither did it give a proxy authorization.

What are the official social media accounts of Atiku:

Mr. Atiku is very active on virtually on major social media platforms, most of which are verified.

You can get in touch with him on:

  1. Official websitefor Atiku campaign organisation:
  2. Atiku campaign Facebookpage:
  3. Atiku Campaign Twitterpage:
  4. Instagram:

When will Atiku give out grant?

We don’t know and we can’t specifically say, but we do know that there will be much fake news as we prepare towards 2019 Presidential Elections.

People are making money from Atiku Grant

A guy was reportedly selling Atiku grant disbursement form at the rate of 200 Naira to uninformed members of the public at Kobongbogboe, Ikirun road, Osogbo, Osun State on Thursday, October, 1, 2018.

Hundreds of the general public queued to buy their own form. It’s unfortunate.

We will keep you updated.

I have shared my information online with those behind the fake grant, what can I do.

If you’ve shared your details with any of them online, definitely expect unsolicited messages in the days ahead.

Ignore such messages and stay tuned to the official twitter handle of any public figures whose identity or names are being used to dupe the general public during electioneering campaign

Our verdict:

Atiku grant website is not real. Atiku grant form is also fake while the links being shared on Telegram channel and WhatsApp groups are designed by those who only want to obtain to details.

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