News Paying Forums in Nigeria: What You Need To Know

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Last updated on November 22nd, 2018 at 08:06 am

There have been debates about the possibility of getting paid reading news online. Is it real or fake?

While there are hundreds of such sites designed to drive traffic to their web, some guys in Nigeria have come up with the idea on how you can make money in Nigeria reading news online.

In this post we’ll tell you some of the sites that will completely waste your time engaging with their contents while making vanity promises.

We’ll also tell you some legitimate websites or forums in Nigeria where you can actually earn some monies reading news online, commenting and sharing contents on your social media timeline.

Here is the fact…

You can not become a millionaire reading news online neither can you make money that will sustain you overnight reading and commenting on news online.

The money you make can only settle some bills. We’ll tell you why make money reading news online is trending in Nigeria.

Are the make money reading news platforms forum or blog?

At the time of putting this post together, the ones we found are forums, they have some similarities with Nairaland, the most engaged forum in Nigeria.

Remember we listed some of the alternatives to Nairaland in Nigeria in one of our previous posts.

The question most people ask is:

Is it really possible to get paid in dollars or Naira for reading news online?

In one of our post back in 2017, we did a research and found out that it’s not real to earn between $2 to $9 for reading news online as claimed by some websites.

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So in this post we’ll do two things:

  1. List some of the fake website that promise to pay you for reading news
  2. The real websites that will pay you for engaging with their contents.

List some of the fake website that promise to pay you for reading news

Here are some of the websites where you could waste your precious time reading news online:

If you’ve come across webmaster that promise you $7 for reading one news online, then you are possibly wasting your time. Some of them we found before include the following:


The rest of fake news websites that claim you can be paid can be found in our 2017 post.


Some of them are now parked, but they do redesign or come up with another domain name to perpetrate their unreal claims.

Real websites that will pay you for engaging with their contents

At the time of researching and putting this post together, we found three get paid to read news online in Nigeria that are ready to compensate you.

Such activities that earn you Naira on the platform include:

  1. Daily login
  2. Sharing their posts on your Facebook Page.
  3. Referral bonus
  4. Commenting per post
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Get paid to read news online in Nigeria are:

  1. Wakanda nation
  2. NNU income
  3. Naija Sky

Wakanda nation

This is one of the newest forums in Nigeria, similar to Nairaland, but it’s giving incentives to users to compel users to engage with its contents and indirectly use them as marketers.Is make money reading news online in Nigeria fake or real infomediaNG

It does this in three ways:

  • Daily login commission 50 Naira
  • Commenting on post on the forum, however you must not comment more than once per post.
  • Referral bonus
  • Members also make money for sharing posts on their Facebook timeline

Registration fee: N1, 300

Weekly payouts are shared on the platforms, but the fact that you’re using users who have made 40, 000 Naira or more doesn’t mean you will make something closer to that.

You could also make more than that if you do your marketing well. But there is no guaranty as to specific amount you can make reading news on Wakanda nation. But they pay and fulfil their promise.

Wakanda Registration Link is Here

NNU income

This is another get paid to read news online website in Nigeria, where some users claimed that they earn 1, 000 Naira daily or more.

It is owned by Paul Samson, the owner of

How does NNU Income Program work?

It’s operation is similar to wakanda nation. Users earn through login in, sharing content and commenting, and through referral.

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Registration Fee: 1, 600 Naira

Naija Sky

Naija sky has actually been in existence before the incursion of NNU income programme and wakanda nation into the Nigeria’s web space.

But it hasn’t been as aggressive as the new entrants into the market.

You make money through referral and creating contents on the platform

Registration fee: 2, 000 Naira.


Is making money reading news online in Nigeria real or fake?

At the time of writing this post, it is real. Users have been paid thousands of Naira engaging with the above websites, but it’s not something that is sustainable for the owners of the websites neither for the users.

It’s an ephemeral marketing tactics which may not stand the test of time. Users too should get other reasonable job instead of banking exclusively on the income made from reading news online.

The above get paid to read online news websites in Nigeria can not make you rich, neither can they make you self sufficient economically.

They use incentives for them to get traffic and make users engaged with their contents. Once they stopped pay, they are likely to experience massive drop in traffic and engagements.

It’s possible they stop some of the incentives as times goes on.


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