Video: Indian man embarks on fill pothole project because his son died of one

This man, Dadarao Bilhore, has filled 585 potholes in India since his son death was caused by an accident caused by pothole.

The 48 years old said:

“As long as I live, as long as I have hands, and until I get rid of all these potholes, then I won’t stop doing this work.”

Dadarao Bilhore started filing in potholes in India after he lost his son, a 16-year old Prakash Bilhore, in 2015.

Prakash Bilhore was on a motorbike that hit a hole and was thrown from the bike and sustained fatal brain damage.

According to government stats, “Potholes are responsible for an average of 10 deaths a day in India.

Bilhore works as a vegetable vendor. He uses sand and gravel to fill potholes.


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