Facebook Instagram WhatsApp Downloader: All In One App to Access Videos

Facebook Instagram WhatsApp Downloader: All In One App to Access Videos

Last updated on November 24th, 2018 at 06:58 am

Have you ever found yourself in a situation whereby you have to use different apps for you to download videos from Facebook, another app for you to download Instagram videos? That’s all over. I stumbled upon an app a few hours ago, you’ll love it.

The app, “Facebook Instagram WhatsApp Downloader” is what can simply be described as All-In-One app that allows you to download videos of your choice from the most engaged social media in the history of mankind.

Having said that, let’s see this….

Factors to consider in Facebook Instagram WhatsApp Downloader

  • App Size
  • User Friendliness
  • Extraction of photo from Instagram video
  • Collation of your downloaded video
  • Download directory

1) App Size

Before downloading any app, I look at the size viz-a-viz the value I’m going to get from it. Facebook Instagram WhatsApp Downloader is light and take less space on your smartphone.
It’s 5.7MB, I’m fascinated by that considering the tasks it’s designed to execute.Facebook Instagram WhatsApp Downloader Infomediang

2) User Friendliness

No matter how great an app is, if it’s not user friendly, then forget it. I remembered downloading an app sometimes ago. But had to uninstall because it wasn’t user friendly.

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Facebook Instagram WhatsApp Downloader is user friendly, no lagging . Doesn’t stuck along the way. I’ve tested this app on two different devices and works fine.

For instance, downloading from Facebook: It makes it easy to download video right within Facebook. Click on the app, punch in your Facenook login details and explore Facebook right away for the video you want to download. Very simple.

It’s a bit a different when downloading Instagram video as you’d have to login to your IG account locate the video you want to download, copy the video link, click on the Insagram icon on Facebook Instagram WhatsApp Downloader and click show content, choose download option , there you have your video right on your device.

3) Extraction of photo from Instagram video

You don’t have to screenshot an Instagram video, Facebook Instagram WhatsApp Downloader can extract photo from Instagram video.

4) Collation of your downloaded video

All the video downloaded via the app is collated in single place. That’s not all, it gives you the freedom to rename , delete, or watch the video again and again within the app or share with your friends right away. This means that you don’t have to search your file to locate the video you just downloaded.

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5) Download directoryFacebook Instagram WhatsApp Video Dowloader

Another thing I love about Facebook Instagram WhatsApp Downloader is the option to move the app to your favourite location. You don’t have to do this through app option on your phone again.

To achieve this, simply click “Settings” icon at the home page to navigate other options like Choose directory ( do you want to move the app to your memory card or let it remain on your phone storage? It’s over to you)Facebook Instagram WhatsApp video Downloader


You will have to pass through Ad gateway each moment you want to access each of the option.I don’t really see this as an issue since you also have the option to either click through the displayed Ad or close it to do whatever you want to do right away.

Not just that, it takes money to develop an app, to maintain and keep it running.

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