Infomedia NPower WhatsApp Group

Infomedia NPower WhatsApp Group

Infomedia Nigeria, your No. 1 N-Power related news website has resolved to finally come up with its own NPower WhatsApp Group.

The aim of Infomedia NPower WhatsApp Group is to to offer tips on how to tackle some of your challenges on the N-Power application portal or any other issue related to the job initiative programme.


Infomedia NPower WhatsApp Group is not any anyway affiliated to the official WhatsApp Group created by N-Power Team.

Our group is to furnish intending applicants with the required information which can ordinarily be found on our N-Power Programme Category.

Infomedia Nigeria will NEVER ask you for money or ask you to share your sensitive information with the admin of the group. A such we also urge you NEVER to share your personal details with anyone in the group.

If you want to join the official WhatsApp Group by N-Power Team, kindly add this phone number: 09096245802 to your contact or check all N-Power social media channels.

To join our WhatsApp Group us thisNPower WhatsApp Group Nigeria Infomedia Nigeria

Purpose of Infomedia NPower WhatsApp Group

1) To receive latest N-Power news

2) To broadcast important information about the job initiative programme

3) For news letter from Npower headquarters in Abuja.

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4) To report cases of extortion.

6) To share photos of impact you’re making in your PPA and community

7) To tell your own story about the progress you’ve made so far #MuchMore etc

How to join Infomedia NPower WhatsApp Group

1) Store the phone number 07066980489 on your WhatsApp enabled device as Infomedia

2) It should automatically come up in your contacts, in case you’re not seeing it, then refresh your WhatsApp contacts

3) Welcome on board

Rules of Infomedia NPower WhatsApp Group

  1. Don’t share irrelevant messages about other topics apart from N-Power topics
  2. Do not spam the group! If you would like to post adverts or deals please contact the Admin of the group to seek his permission.
  3. Don’t be offended if anyone leave the group, they may be offended by the spam someone posted.
  4. Post your message at once. Don’t repeat the same message several times.
  5. Do not abuse any member of the group, if you do, you may be deleted from the group.
  6. Don’t answer any question you do not know, allow someone who has the adequate information to answer. Don’t mislead anyone.
  7. Don’t share your personal details in the group.
  8. Don’t add people who are not intending N-Power applicants
  9. This group may be deleted after serving its purpose. However, every member will be notified.
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