NBuild Hospitality: Courses, Job opportunities and Training duration

NBuild Hospitality: Courses, Job opportunities and Training duration

Last updated on November 16th, 2018 at 05:06 pm

In Infomedia N-Power Group we’ve seen existing beneficiaries of the graduate programme and intending N-Power Build applicants ask: What will NBuild Hospitality beneficiaries will trained in?

Infomedia N-Power WhatsApp Group our brain child to help applicants and existing beneficiaries get up to date NPower tips.

All verified Nbuild Hospitality beneficiaries will get training work tools and training consumables distributed to Npower training partners.

NBuild portal for application has been activated but applicants will have to be patient as they can’t apply at the time of putting this guide together.

However, our complete guide on how to apply for N-Power Build 2018 will be updated when the portal totally come to full operation

NBuild Hospitality training duration

Training at N-Power certified training centres last three months and apprenticeship for nine months making 12 months.

You will be put on 10,000 naira monthly stipend for a period of 12-month


Components under N-Power Build

1) Hospitality
2) Agric Tech
3) Carpentry and Joinery
4) Electrical Installation
5) Masonry and Tiling
6) Plumbing and Pipefitting
7) Automobile

Let’s look at the training under NPower Hospitality

These are the NPower Build Hospitality Programmes of the N-Power Programmes which you can apply in Click To Tweet

NBuild Hospitality Programmes

1) Catering and cookery

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2) baking and confectionery

3) mixology

4) waiters

5) bartenders

6) hotel management

NBuild Hospitality Training In Nigeria Infomedia Nigeria
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Catering and cookery

Catering and cookery is one of the available training programmes under hospitality, which has really got female excited.

We are excited as you because the first hear of “Build” would make one think it is men’s programme, but no.

If you have passion for cooking then this programme will empower you to build on your skill. Choosing the catering and cookery training will enable N-Power professional and certified cooks to guide you to achieve a very rewarding career in the catering and cooking industry.

If you have to enroll for this kind of training in some of the international catering school you would have to pay some dollars. But N-Power is bringing this to you for free.

At the end of your training at N-Power chosen centres across Nigeria’s six geo political zones you will be able to enter a profession that continues to grow and presents tons of opportunities for you.

You can establish your own catering school at the end of the programme.

Is there any course outline for this programme?

We can’t tell at the moment, but we do know that you will cover areas that have to do with following:

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  1. How to prepare and Cook Seafood
  2. How to prepare appetisers and salads
  3. How to prepare Pastries and cakes
  4. How to prepare Sandwiches
  5. Other things you will learn include:
  6. Catering Business Practices
  7. Human Food and Nutrition
  8. Kitchen & Food Management
  9. Planning A Menu and catering Services

NBuild Hospitality Job opportunities under catering and cookery

NBuild Hospitality graduates can confidently start their own home based catering services or personal chef business or even establish catering centre in their state of residence.

Alternatively, they will be qualified in many positions available in hotels, resorts, restaurants and other executive establishments that provide food to employees and customers.

NBuild Hospitality: Mixology

Under this programme you will be trained on how to mix cocktails and other drinks. After the program you’ll be N-Power certified mixologist

Baking and confectionery

This is more than just baking bread at Captain cook, Ostrich or any other eatery out there, you have lots of opportunities.

“Bakery and confectionery as a career is both an art and science. A baker makes various kinds of loaves, bread rolls, croissants, buns, pastries, cakes and savories by adding his own innovation to his basic knowledge of baking,” Pallavi Bhattacharya of boloji.com says.

This N-Power Build training will teach you how to:

  • weigh out and measure ingredients
  • mix, divide and mould dough
  • set the dough to rise,
  • bake different bread and confectionery products and
  • how to decorate, slice and wrap the final product.
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NBuild Hospitality: Waiter

Sometime called servers, waiters and waitresses work in full-service restaurants or hotels, greeting customers, take food orders, bring food and drinks to the tables and take payment and make change.

But N-Power training is beyond taking food order in hotels, the training empowers you on the profound knowledge of menu, and meal service tips.

You will love NBuild Hospitality, congratulations to beneficiaries and intending applicants . If there is any other question you want us to provide answer to, you can check our NBuild questions and answers post, or ask us here.

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