FG Launches N-Power Impact Series Competition for Beneficiaries to WIN N49.9 million

N-Power Impact Series Competition Application In Nigeria Infomediang

Photo source: @npower_ng (twitter)

Last updated on November 26th, 2018 at 02:46 pm

N-Power Impact Series Competition commenced Tuesday, November 13, 2018 nationwide where 49, 950, 000 million Naira has been earmarked for beneficiaries from across the 36 plus FCT to win.

“Good morning. We are happy to announce the N-Power Impact Series Competition. N-Power Beneficiaries across Nigeria will get the opportunity to win some money.”

There will be thirty seven 1million Naira winners , thirty seven N250k winners, and thirty seven N100k winners across Nigeria. See how to Register for N-Power Impact Series Competition 2018 Click To Tweet

What is N-Power Impact Series Competition?

Known as Social Media Competition, the N-Power Impact Series Competition is for beneficiaries of the job initiative scheme of the Federal Government to share the impact N-Power has had on them as individual s and on their respective communities by posting a one minute impact story video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, and YouTube with the accompanying caption.

N-Power Impact Series Competition Application In Nigeria Infomediang
Photo source: @npower_ng (twitter)
What is N-Power Impact Series Competition? Find out what the competition is all about and how you can apply.Click To Tweet

Who is eligible for N-Power Impact Series Competition?

The competition is exclusively for N-Power volunteers.

And the 2016 batch may be the ones that will be participating having spent more than 17 months in their various places of assignment across Nigeria.

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To participate in the N-Power Social Media Competition, you must be a beneficiary in one of the programmes of the N-Power whether graduate or non-graduate, they include:

  1. N-Power Teach beneficiaries
  2. N-Power Agro volunteers
  3. N-Power Health beneficiaries
  4. N-Power Build beneficiaries
  5. N-Power Creative volunteers
  6. N-Power Tax volunteers
  7. N-Power Tech beneficiaries

How to apply for N-Power Impact Series Competition 2018 (Social media competition)

To participate, N-Power volunteers must follow the following rules:

  • Create a one minute video content
  • Start with your full name as you have it in your NPVN portal
  • Your local government of residence where you’re serving as N-Power beneficiary
  • State of residence that is where you’re presently as N-Power volunteer
  • Place of primary assignment and the N-Power category (programme) where you belong and serving
  • You must use the hashtags 1) #ThisIsNpower and 2) MyImpactThroughNpower while sharing your impact video on the above listed social media platforms

How N-Power Social Media Competition works

According to an update by the N-Power team, an independent body would conduct an assessment and select three beneficiaries with the most Likes, Retweets, and Shares from each state of the federation.

Benefits of N-Power Impact Series Competition

  1. Winner from each states will win a prize money of 1 million Naira to start his/her business ( 37, 000, 000 Naira) for this category.
  2. First runner up from each states will go home with 250, 000 Naira (9,250,000 Naira) for this category
  3. Second runner up will win 100,000 Naira to support their business or project (3,700,00 Naira) for this category.
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Total amount earmarked for N-Power Social Media competition

37 winners= 37,000,000 Naira

37 1st runner up= 9,250,000 Naira

37 2nd runner up= 3,700,000 Naira

Total amount=49,950,000 Naira.

Final thought:

The N-Power impact series competition also known as social media competition is an opportunity to win at least 100k to support your business or project. Start shooting your video and encourage your friends to share them as well.

In our upcoming post and update we’ll teach on how to shoot a YouTube video and how to upload it on any social media.

Action to take:

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