NBuild Agric Tech: Salary, Job Opportunities and Training duration

NBuild Agric Tech

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Since N-Power announced the 2018/2019 application for its non-graduate programme N-Power Build (NBuild) prospective applicants have been asking: What will NBuild Agric Tech beneficiaries will trained in?

In this post, Infomedia Nigeria will be telling you what N-Power Build Agricultural Technology (Agric Tech) will be doing, job opportunities and the salary as volunteers.

Note: Agric Tech. is one of components of N-Power Build.

Other components include:


What is NBuild Agric Tech?

Agric Tech is a branch of N-Power Build which is employing technology to improve and increase the production of farm produce, and the general use of farm implements.Click To Tweet

It is part of the N-Power Programme because of the mission of Nigerian government to diversify its economy: focus more on agriculture.

To achieve this, more hands and encouragements are needed to boost the morale of those that will be embracing agriculture as a profession.

NBuild Agric Tech
Photo credit: Nairaland

What NBuild Agric Tech beneficiary be doing

As a beneficiary of this programme, you will be trained in the following aspect:Click To Tweet
  1. You will be given basic knowledge and principles of operating/repair of modern Agric/Heavy Duty Engine Vehicles, proper selection.
  2. Trained in the safe use/handling and storage of Agric/Heavy Duty engine diagnostic tools/equipment
  3. You will taught compliance with manufacturers guide, service data, and parts.
  4. You will learn agric tech analytical skills, managerial skills, organization skills and time management.
  5. You will also be taught mechanical repairs of machine tools, innovative skills and system Evaluation
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Salary and Training duration as NBuild Agric Tech beneficiary

Training at N-Power certified training centres last three months and apprenticeship for nine months making 12 months.

You will be put on 10,000 naira monthly stipend for a period of 12-month

Where are the training centres for NBuild Agric Tech?

We are yet to receive any update about the farm training centres, but we do know that International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development are going to play prominent role in designing the template for the N-Power Build Agric Tech manual.

Job Opportunities after NBuild Agric Tech Training

Ordinarily, NBuild Agric tech will be trained to be an employer of labour, but in a situation whereby you want to garner more farming knowledge and management in any of the private farms near you, here are some of the job opportunities available for you:

  • You can work as area service manager
  • You can work as farm equipment mechanic
  • Irrigation equipment mechanic
  • Farm or plant manager
  • You can also work as Agricultural Field Inspector among others.

How can I Apply?

The N-Power Build Application has been opened, but it’s not accepting application at the time of filing this report. We’ll keep you updated.

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