Dating Mistakes You Should Avoid

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word dating? Several thoughts of course, if it could lead to a possible start of a relationship or even more.

If you say dating is a love quest, you’re definitely on point: it either succeeds or fails, in this post we’ll tell you some tips tips to help you have a smooth relationship.

Dating Mistakes You Should Avoid

  • Don’t look for someone who provokes you
  • Don’t make irrelevant matters a priority
  • How are you getting on?
  • Do not disappear at will
  • Incessant talking is bad
  • Don’t be unreliable
  • Go out of your way

Don’t look for someone who provokes you

It is a familiar thing to hear “ I want someone who challenges me”. Some people go ahead to look out for someone who has a very “large” academic qualifications, but many relationships built on this kind of belief have failed.

Academics shouldn’t be essential and considerable factors to look forward to in the pursuit of a long term relationship. There is nothing bad dating an academic sound-minded guy or lady, but don’t be overzealous about it.


Aspire for that individual with potential capacity to be related with that can help shape your attitude and shield you from yourself.

Don’t make irrelevant matters a priority

Another dating mistakes you should stop making is setting up extremely high qualities that are difficult to find in a person.

If you want to have a relationship don’t set up target as to what or how you prefer the person to be. You will definitely come across people with different attitude and character that doesn’t match your exact desire, this could be demanding because your inner being wants something but your outward being detest that thing you desire.

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If you asked 20 young ladies today who their ideal man should be you’d hear something like: “he must be tall”, “he must huge”, “he must be muscular””he must richhe must have his own ride, etc.

It becomes a tough conflict of what you want and need. What if you have a character that the other person doesn’t like but you like such person.

Would you be happy if you were rejected for the particular reason? It is really a difficult thing to know what you want or desire or need in a relationship. And if things work out against your expectations, employ some polite means to end the relationship politely.

How are you getting on?

The question seems annoying and irrelevant, right? To some extent it is expected and one should not feel overwhelmed by it.

At the start of a conversation when getting to know each other, such questions will definitely arise but it should be a stepping stone to opening up the zeal to continue a conversation with the other person.

Don’t expect interaction without starting out by asking “ how the other person is getting on?

Initially it might be difficult to give a honest answer. One may even say unconsciously what do you care? Can you honestly help should the answer be am not feeling well

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Do not disappear at will

Disappearing at will is another dating mistake you try as much as possible to avoid.

Following up on a built up conversation at will should be a priority. After meeting or starting a relationship don’t turn your back on that person, don’t play on other people’s intelligence.

When dealing with humans especially in a relationship, constant and continuous stream of activities should continue, placing a call through any medium is very important.

Don’t act as if you care and disappear at will to show up whenever you feel like.

I had a similar experience while dating someone, we were communicating from time to time. And suddenly he disappeared, he returned wherever he wanted to continue from where he left.

But I declined because to me there was no concrete reason as to why he stopped communicating. As such he lost the chance to have a relationship with me.Dating Mistakes You Should Avoid

Incessant talking is bad

You want dating mistake? Stop being a talkative, it can easily ruin a relationship. When in a relationship be slow to speak and let your conversation be made with wisdom, and total respect for each other. “words spoken marbles”, be a good listener when communicating before speaking about anything.

Asking irrelevant question is not advisable either. I get turned off when someone am in a relationship with ask me same questions severally in different ways.

It makes me feel like am under investigation or sort of. Even if you really want to know some important part of that person, do the intelligence work by checking out the person some other ways rather than make them uncomfortable. If you require clarification on issues of concern be straight at the point

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Don’t be unreliable

This is another dating mistake you should avoid. It is obvious everyone has a busy schedule either way. When planning a date put into consideration the activities of the other person you have a date with.

Do not hesitate to let them know about any change in plans to meet. Imagine you were the one waiting in vain without a prior notice from the other person.

You get mad, right? It is absolutely frustrating.

There’s usually anxiety accompanied with expectations when invited for a date. Your hopes are high with questions you want to unravel, especially this age of technology probably you met online not physically. That’s the more reason you should not disappoint your date by canceling your meeting with no prior notice.

Go out of your way

Be dynamic in the things you do. Don’t stick to missionary style of doing things in a relationship.

Add flavor to your relationship, do the extra ordinary to keep every moment special that the memories would always be remembered and remain fresh. Every step of the way make the moment count.

“ Wisdom is an asset “, use these tips to help build a lasting relationship.

Is there any other dating mistakes you think should make this list? Share your thoughts with us.

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