How to End A Relationship Politely

How to End A Relationship Politely

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Want to end a that relationship? Here is how to do it politely without hurting your partner and move on peacefully with your life.

Everything with beginning has an end, really. Oh! Yes. Relationship is not left out too. Whenever you want to start a relationship remember there’s an end, so that breaking up wouldn’t hurt that much when it comes unexpectedly, particularly having tried all effort to avoid dating mistakes capable of hindering your relationship.

Every relationship has a life span, the inevitable may still end it. If it’s not working be reasonable, considerate and responsible to end the relationship.

How to Politely End A Relationship

  • Certainly not through messages
  • Don’t let your partner know about your plan elsewhere
  • Don’t beat about the bush
  • Respect your partner
  • Avoid violence
  • Give convincing reasons.
  • Stay away from each other after the break up

Don’t end a relationship through text messages

You can invite your partner out for a treat in a public place but exclusive to both of you. Then initiate the conversation about the break up politely between both of you. Don’t involve others when ending a relationship.

Don’t let your partner know about your breakup plan elsewhere

Don’t let your friends and family know before the partner involved. If your partner is a violent person don’t break up when alone with them, you may not know the level of their reaction to the sudden news.

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Don’t beat about the bush

Don’t beat about the bush either when you want to end a relationship, make it simple for both parties. You may have to give explanations on reasons you are breaking up. Give honest and sincere reasons, lying could be devastating at this point.

Respect your partner

Have some level of respect by telling your partner about the break yourself with reasons you cannot continue the relationship.

Avoid violence

Another polite way to end a relationship is to make sure the other person is not violent in any way.

Living together? No problems! Talk about the break up with utmost respect for each other. Don’t treat your partner with disdain because you want to break up the relationship. Later both parties can decide who leaves the house for another place. Give each other time to make arrangements for the move out

Give convincing reasons.

The other person might not accept the break up, at this point explanations would help. With calmness give details why you wouldn’t continue the relationship. No false hopes either to cover up because they wouldn’t accept, make it plain and simple.

How to End A Relationship Politely
Photo credit: Mark Manson

Expect to see the other person in tears and pains, some form of arguments may arise, or pleading for another chance to continue the relationship especially if the other person is fond of you.

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Stay away from each other after the break up

Stay away from each other after the break up is another polite way to end a relationship. Keep some distance apart for both parties to absolve the hurt, agony and disappointment. This is to allow time heal, and possible reunion too.

Wrapping up

Remember, you may still meet in the nearest future when in need, as such end it well so you can help each other at that time. Ending a relationship isn’t a battle to be won. It is basically an understanding of what’s working or not. Letting go and let it be is best for everyone.

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Photo credit: Mark Manson

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