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Last updated on November 25th, 2018 at 11:31 pm

Enumeration jobs are available for the beneficiaries of N-Power programme in Edo State, the State government said yesterday.

Who is an enumerator?

An enumerator is someone employed to perform door-to-door, street-to-street, farm-to-farm, market-to-market survey and collation of data and gathering of demographic data of a specific people to help government or organisation in its decision making.

Usually, an enumerator is trained on how to fill the enumeration form for him to be able to effectively execute his task in the collation of data on the field.

For instance, Nigeria’s Federal Government employed ad hoc enumerators during the collation of data of petty traders for the collateral-free loan called tradermoni

Edo is one of the state governments in Nigeria that is actively engaging beneficiaries of the job initiative job in its state.

Recalled in 2017Edo State Government absorbed some beneficiaries of N-Power job into its Civil Service for their brilliant performance when they started working early 2016.

“We are going to determine those who have gone the extra mile to bring them into the civil service to fill vacancies created by retirees,’’ Edo State Governor Obaseki had said.

This time the state government is undergoing another programme which requires getting data of some farmers in the state, and Governor Obaseki has resolved that Edo N-Power volunteers will be used for the enumeration jobs.

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Is the Edo N-Power enumeration jobs free?

Application for Edo N-Power enumeration jobs is free for applicants. Enumerators will be paid base on the number of valid data they are able to get. This means that if you register 1000, you’ll be paid base on that.

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How much will I be paid?

At the time of filing this report, Infomediang Team has not gotten how much you will be paid.


We do know that payment for enumeration job is base on the number of valid data you are able to collate.

The Edo N-Power enumeration job is similar to that of tradermoni enumeration a few weeks back.

Tradermoni-mobile forms enumerators were paid 100 Naira per a valid registration of tradermoni beneficiary they made.

This means those who were able to register 500 market women (which some people did withing a week) were paid the sum of 50, 000 Naira.

The same payment mode may be used by the Edo State Government this time, but we can’t confidently confirm how much you’ll be paid at this time, but we will get you updated when we get update from our ears in Edo State.

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Requirements Edo N-Power enumeration jobs

  • GPS -enabled iPad
  • Existing N-Power beneficiaries
  • Edo resident
  • Your details

iPad which has GPS:

AS N-Power volunteer you don’t need to worry about this again. Your N-Power device will do the job perfectly well.

Existing N-Power beneficiaries:

You must be either the first batch or second batch of the N-Power. For the second batch who are yet to get their N-Power device, you can use your personal phone if it’s GPS enabled and has the capability to load enumeration form.

Edo resident:

You be residing in Edo State. You don’t really need to be Edo indigene, in as much you’re N-Power volunteer residing in Edo State you are qualified

Programme Manager, N-Power, Edo State, Osa Louis Ayemien, in a press release writes:

“There is an urgent need to have an official platform of N-Power enumerators in the state. This is to enable us have willing, committed and competent enumerators.

”This is a volunteer work that requires sacrifice. However, stipends are always paid for task done. Also, registered volunteers would be recommended for other tasks and jobs that are well paying.

”PLEASE NOTE THAT YOUR PAYMENT WILL HAPPEN WEEKS AFTER THE TASK, but unfailing. The more of such exercise you do, the more extra income you make.”

What information do I need to fill the Edo N-Power enumeration jobs?

They are simply your details to be sure that you’re N-power volunteer in the state, here is what you will fill:

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Middle Name
  • Phone Number
  • Batch
  • Place Of Primary Assignment (PPA)
  • Local Government Area
  • Ward
  • Area/ Community
  • Do you own a device or smartphone?
  • Would you like to be an N-Power enumerator in your L.G.A?
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How can I register

To register for the Edo N-Power enumeration jobs use fill the form below:

Register as Edo N-Power enumerator

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