7 Things To Avoid When You’re On Plane

Things To Avoid On Plane

Airline stewardess who resigned her appointment has divulge all kind of confidential activities in the aviation sector. Read on as we shed more light on seven things to avoid when you’re on a plane.

On a question and answer session a Redditer simply with the username Adrianne456 said she was an airline stewardess for less than two years for a territorial airline in three United States major airlines, before resignation.

According to her here are the:

Things to avoid when you on a plane

  1. Avoid The Tea Or Coffee
  2. Stay Away From The Mile High Club
  3. Avoid Bathroom During Boarding if you can
  4. Avoid Sitting At The Back End, if…
  5. Use Ticket Designation
  6. Avoid Dropping Food On Surface Of Tray Tables
  7. Don’t Ask For More food

Avoid Tea Or Coffee, if you can

She said she wouldn’t drink the potable water from the aircraft, same with the tea and coffee … “I would resist.” According to her the hygienic conditions are questionable.

Stay Away From The Mile High Club

Having worked on 80-seater aircrafts, there’s never total privacy on board. “I Severally seen pair of people going in the bathroom comfortably… I wouldn’t try such in those bathrooms … they are obvious!”

There is a concealed fastening under the toilet doors to unlock them from the exterior.

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Scared Of Turbulence ? Avoid Sitting At The Back End

She said those who are afraid of the turbulence should try as much as possible to avoid sitting at the back end.

“Try to get a seat assignment near the front of the aircraft. Turbulence is usually felt worst at the rear of the aircraft. Recall being in junior school and sitting at the rear of the bus?”

Not A Good Idea Using The Bathroom During Boarding

She said you should avoid using the bathroom if possible during boarding. “The lobby has sufficient clean(er) restroom, and you are really getting in the flight attendant’s way, as we are preparing our cookroom and usually making announcements.”

Don’t Drop Your Food On The Surface Of Tray Tables

“There is no guarantee that the tray were properly cleaned the previous night. But I would say seldom cleaned.”

Sit According To Your Ticket Designation

“You will be humiliated” according to her if you chose another seat. “You can sit anywhere else though if the seats are empty once everyone is on board. Save yourself the humiliation by sitting on your assigned place.”

After The Meal Service Session Don’t Ask For More

This may not apply to all countries. Severally, I’ve heard people say one could request more food or tea or coffee after the first “serve”

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But according to the former airline stewardess, “…the airline doesn’t make provision for the crew, no meals for the lengthy flights. Unreasonable, (another reason I am leaving, some of these airlines could care less). We are at the mercy of a passenger who wouldn’t want to eat; that’s a relieve for us. We could make do with that food.

“ We rely solely on the remaining food served to eat. Sorry, we are hungry and poor lol. We usually share any extra food with the pilots if it’s a long haul flight and everyone is served a meal, you could verify the information from FAs if they have extras.”

It is unethical to ask for more food or tea or coffee when you are on a plane.Click To Tweet

Next time on a plane take note of things to avoid, what to do and not to, most especially if you can.



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