Major Tourist Cities in Canada for Holiday

Why Migrate to Canada

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Looking for a holiday spot in Canada? We’ve put together major tourist cities in Canada where you can have that perfect holiday.

Canada with it’s large geographical area enriched with nature and beauty. Vast in technology and has lots of economic activities. With most expatriates from Britain, Nigeria and France.

Canada is bilingual in English and French, known to have dual nature. Sharing a common border with United States in the southern part.

It has beautiful places to visit like United States. There are different temperatures and time zones across Canada. It recognizes 13 national holidays. The system of government is particularly rooted from British.

According to recent Liveability Report by The Economist Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary are among the top five highly cities for a good living in the world.


This is one of the tourist cities in Canada which is top on the world’s fastest growing cities based on the economic relations it has with East Asia, making Foreigner’s influx on the increase.

Metropolitan in nature, it is a busy city with multitudes of customs and civilization, having different languages – English, French, Chinese, German, Taiwanese and Vietnamese, majority speaks English.

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The city is host to large industries and also an improved robust silver screen in the entertainment industry.

The city has magnificent climate that is moderate – cold and hot. Beautiful and warm ocean currents, the mountains are a beauty to behold.

The industries are conventional in nature which are mainly agriculture, mining, fishing and forestry.

With advancement in software and biotechnology industries it has a lot more opportunities for foreigners as well. The city hosted the winter Olympics in 2010.


Toronto is one of the tourist cities in Canada which is the largest city in Canada, specifically an Anglophone Canada. Broad-ranging metropolis, capital province of Ontario positioned throughout the length of Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore.

With it’s appropriate construction evolution, profile making potentials and general infrastructures bit is the most developed city in Canada.

The city is the heart of labor, with headquarters of great financial institution, employment opportunities in business, media, communications, information technology and biotechnology.

The estate sector is affordable than Vancouver lower at 25% according to the Liveability Report. In comparison to other countries, it is more affordable to live in Toronto than London and New York.

Unbeatable shopping experience, great cuisine, the live theatre experience is amazing. All the numerable features attracted foreigners to the city accompanied by inexpensive and lofty quality of life half of the existing population were born outside the city.

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Calgary is one of the tourist cities in Canada, it may not all that be popular to those who are not familiar with Canada, but it’s a cool place for holiday.

Situated in the province of Alberta, with consistent rise in rankings as the center of Canada’s oil industry.

Foreigners have a better deal for tourism to Calgary due to the low taxes that has helped other businesses to succeed with full support by the oil industry.

The major source of occupation in this city is tourism and agriculture in addition to geology, engineering, financial institution, information technology, aerospace, health and wellness. Foreigners can easily get any of those job offer.

With Rocky mountains, economic activities and art festivals are it’s features. The Liveability Report, rated the cost of living with monthly rents 20% cheaper than Toronto and 25% cheaper than Vancouver.

A 2018 report by Movinga a German company rated Calgary as the third best city to find employment in the world.

Be sure to visit these beautiful cities for your next tourist destination, you will be glad you did.

Final thought:

Don’t forget that Canada generally is rated as one of the safest countries in the World where expats can visit for holidays…Plus the fact that Canada is one of the friendlier countries to immigrants.

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Enjoy your stay at any of the above great Canadian cities!


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