Can I Submit The Screenshot of My CV?

Can I Submit The Screenshot of My CV?

Your CV is your personal marketing document that can make or mar your “employalibity,” so is it professional to submit the screenshot of CV to your potential employer?

As an employer how did you feel the first time an applicant sent the screenshot of his CV to you as a document?

Well, we’ve seen this  kind of discussion on job opportunities platforms on Facebook and other social media.


What is screenshot?

Screenshot is way of capturing what is shown on a computer desktop, laptop, iPad, and smartphones screen to a static image file.

Simply put, it is a way of using your device  to take picture of what is shown on the screen of your device. When that’s done the captured image looks like a standard photo taken with camera.

Below is a sample of screenshot captured from our latest CV template in Nigeria:

Latest CV Format In Nigeria PDF

There are lots of resources online on how to take a screenshot of anything with your phone or computer, has a tutorial on that.

Screenshots can be very helpful when you want to demonstrate something that would be difficult to explain in words.

Screenshot is an invaluable communications tool particularly used to beat the 280-word limit on micro blogging platform social media like Twitter.

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While it’s possible to screenshot document, press release and load it on social media when there is no time to type, how professional is it to send the screenshot of your CV to your prospective employer?

Find below if you can send the screenshot of your CV to an employer:

So a recruiter was telling another recruiter what she saw while going through 150 entries for an entry level position for an OND/HND holder.

She pointed out so many things graduates are doing in error but what got me annoyed was the part where some people submitted a Screenshot of their CV!

Yes, you heard me right.

Nigerian fresh graduates submitted a screenshot of their CV for a job application!

I was still wondering how this is even possible until someone else confirmed that he gets them all the time.

Advice on Submitting Screenshot of CV for an interview

  • If no one has ever told you, it is wrong to apply for a job with a screenshot of your CV.
  • It is also unprofessional.
  • It is unacceptable to apply for a job with a screenshot of your CV.
  • It is unethical to send the screenshot of your CV for a job openings.

Final thought

You will definitely be able to capture the personal statement section of your your CV, but what about other parts?

Submitting the screenshot of your CV doesn’t only show that you’re not ready for the job, it also shows how lazy you’re likely to be if you’re accidentally employed. No employer will EVER offer you a job by sending screenshot of your CV, anyway.

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