Aku Wallet Tradermoni

Aku Wallet Tradermoni

Aku wallet tradermoni is another mobile wallet designed for people to cash out their 10, 000 Naira collateral-free loan.

While Mobile Forms and GDM operate in some states, agents of aku mobile wallet are found in some states where they are commissioned to register petty traders.

In states like Osun, Ondo, Oyo, Lagos, Ogun, agents of Mobile Forms and GDM were on the street to collect and collate data of petty traders before their eyowo accounts are credited.

At the time of compiling this report research is still ongoing to know the company behind tradermoni Aku Wallet, but we are very sure one of the major mobile wallet operators in Nigeria is behind the new technology. Top on out list is wallet.ng.

Wallet.ng is one of the licenced financial stakeholders in Nigeria, which make sending and receiving money from friends and family, paying bills and purchasing of airtime very easy.

Is Aku Wallet Tradermoni in your state?

If tradermoni Aku wallet is what you have in your state to get tradermoni loan of 10K, please drop your views.

Or ask you question by telling us the state are commenting from. You questions will be attended to immediately.

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24 thoughts on “Aku Wallet Tradermoni”

  1. My Account have not been credited from Aku but no money any more in my Aku wallet
    I did the necessary proceedure on how to cash my money
    Now no money in the account again n I have not been credited

  2. Good morning, I’m Kaila Adamu from jigawa state, my people an alert about tradermoni but we found difficult to transfer the money to the bank account, or when we call the number dropped on their messages sent its not going. Pls we need codes on how to transfer to bank account easily. This is my contact 08032245745/08029722678
    Thank you all @ AKU

  3. Abdullahi Bello from Bauchi State.
    Please our community is very far from Urban Area and my people received their Trader moni 10k alert but is difficult do cash out.

    So if possible I need you assistant so that our people will be able to repay back in time. However, if you can a sign me to be your agent under your Aku wallet platform that will be cool and perfect.

    I am one of Mobile Form Agent who register petty Traders in my area.
    So please we are in need of your help.

  4. Hi, am from kano most of the villages that surround me received an alert from Aku and they find it difficult to transfer the money. I need a guide line on how to help them out

  5. Please am a ready cash agent, a market money enumerator and currently a monitor on all federal government social investment, including trader money that comprises AkU and Eyowo. Therefore I want become an AKU agent how do I apply?

  6. Hey,

    Am from abia state, I got a message from AKU saying

    You never collect your tradermoni o. If you have problems send your Name, Bank name, account and PIN to 09090888004 or 0909088803
    Please is this message really from AKU wallet??
    Urgent please!!

    Warm regards!!

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