Latest INEC Recruitment for 2019 elections

Latest INEC Recruitment for 2019 elections

One of the latest search string Nigerians use on Google is “INEC recruitment for 2019 elections” in this post we will let you know if the electoral umpire is actually in need of Ad hoc staff for Nigeria’s much anticipated general elections in a few days from now.

INEC is a big when it comes to organising and conducting elections in Nigeria, no wonder Nigerians are searching for opportunities to work with it either temporarily or permanently.

Whatever the case is we’ve seen INEC job offers since the beginning of 2019, some of them specifically stating the requirements for the non existing jobs.

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Why are Nigerians searching for INEC recruitment for 2019 elections at this time?

While it is understandable that the electoral umpire might need ad hoc staff to support its core staff members in 2019 crucial elections, you must also note that the members of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) a few years back during the regime of Prof Attahiru Mega as INEC boss signed an MoU with the management of NYSC on Ad hoc staff.

So, serving corps members are some of the existing ad hoc staff INEC love to use during elections.

How true is the latest INEC recruitment news?

The latest INEC jobs you find on social media like Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp and other social and messaging platforms aren’t true, says INEC.

The plan of those behind such fake news might be to dupe you after all. And the electoral umpire has also tagged such news “fake”

Read what INEC says below:

Public Notice

It has come to the notice of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) that some publications have been circulating on Social Media Platforms and some online news sites that INEC will be Recruiting “Ad-Hoc Staff for 2019 General Election”, this information is false.

The general public should disregard this information because INEC is NOT recruiting at the moment. Don’t be swindled.Contact INEC for more information on: 0700-2255-4632

The question now is:

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How can I know when INEC recruitment is real or fake?

INEC isn’t a secret organization. All its job openings are done in a very open matter. Back in 2011, there was announcement to the effect of INEC vacancies and interested Nigerians submitted applications, those who made the final list were contacted for interview.

For you to know if INEC is recruiting, head straight to its official website and click careers which you can find below the page.

If there are vacancies, you’ll definitely see it there.

How to avoid fake jobs?

According to Angela Rose, job search strategist, expert in career management, hiring trends and workplace issues for you can avoid fake jobs by following some of the tips below:

1. Avoid job postings that sound too good to be true.

In Nigeria of today, a job that carries a 200,000 Naira salary requires commensurate skills and experience. Job posts stating “no skills or experience required,” especially when paired with a large salary, are likely scams.

The same can be said of jobs that promise perfect hours, salary and benefits. If it truly were a perfect job, they would not need to advertise.

What this means is that when you find a “cleaner job opening” stating it would pay 100, 000 Naira per week in Nigeria, you need to “shine your eye” I.e be very be careful.

2. Avoid job postings that “smell fishy.”

According to Angela Rose:

“Listen to your intuition, your gut, and your common sense when reviewing a job posting. Is the job title unspecific? Is the posting worded strangely? Does it contain numerous misspellings and grammatical errors?

If a web address is provided, does the page ask you to enter your email in order to be redirected to the company website? If an email address is provided, is it a free address (such as Gmail or Yahoo)? Any of these peculiarities may indicate a fake job posting or some sort of scam.”

What this means is: fake jobs mostly use generic email address. I’ve personally seen job posting that used professional email address that carries the domain name but ended up being fake.

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INEC recruitment for 2019 elections

3.Avoid job postings that ask you to pay a fee.

“Legitimate recruiters are paid by employers, not by potential job candidates. If a job posting requires you to pay a fee in order to submit a resume or move on to an interview, it is likely a scam.

A requirement to pay for training materials or web-based training seminars should also raise a red flag. A legitimate company will not require you to pay for your own training. “

What this means:

It’s very common in Nigeria to see fake recruiters in Nigerian asking unemployed to pay certain amount for form, and application processing. Steer clear of such fake jobs. They will only collect the view money you are managing.

4. Avoid job postings that ask for your personal information

“Never disclose your birth date, social security number or mother’s maiden name until you’ve received a job offer (or at least have had an in-person interview).

These details may be required by a potential employer in order to conduct a background check, but they will not do so until they’re ready to hire. Scammers, on the other hand, want immediate access to this information so they can try to steal your identity. “

If you easily give away your banking details, email and other personal info about you out to strangers of non existing job recruiters, watch out for unsolicited messages targeted at duping you more.

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5. Always do your research, even if the job sounds legit.

“Google is a job seeker’s best friend. If a company is listed in the job posting, Google it. If the name of a hiring manager is given in the job posting, Google it. If an email address has been provided, Google it.

If a phone number is provided, Google it. If the company name, manager name, email or phone number is associated with a scam, you may find warnings posted online.

Conduct your job search with some caution and you’ll easily avoid the scams and frauds nestled among the legitimate postings.

However, if you do find yourself a victim of a fake, don’t hesitate to report it to the police, ICPC, EFCC, and if you’re in the U.S , UK, Canada, then reporting it job board, the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission would be best option for you.

Final thought

INEC recruitment isn’t out and the electoral body has distanced itself from such. Watch out for 419 in case you have submitted your personal details to anyone already regarding the latest INEC recruitment for 2019 general elections.

In our upcoming post we’ll show you how you can easily find job on LinkedIn, a professional media platform where companies around the world now use to hire people directly from without third parties.

You’re free to ask us any question regarding INEC recruitment for 2019 elections

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