How to apply for Nigerian Army Recruitment Regular Intake (See reactions of Nigerians to the application)

How to apply for Nigerian Army Recruitment Regular Intake (See reactions of Nigerians to the application)

Do you to apply for the Nigerian Army recruitment regular recruit intake as tradesmen and tradeswomen and non-tradesmen and non-tradeswomen?

Nigerian Army Recruitment For Regular Recruit Intake

Go no where as we’ll be taking you through how to simply for the latest recruitment into the Nigerian Army right on your phone if you have a good browsing phone without having to go the cybercafe.

@HQNigerianArmy had announced:

This is to announce to the general public that the candidate registration web portal for 78RRI for trades/non tradesmen and women is now open for interested candidates.

While the Army emphatically noted that the application is free, it said applicants are expected to be between the ages of 18 to 22 and they can apply through its portal, recruitment.

Follow the step by step guide below to apply for Nigerian Army Recruitment

Step 1: Head straight to Click on register if you haven’t done so using an active email and create your own password, and tick the reCAPTCHA to be sure you are not a robot. You are immediately taken to the registration form.

Step 2: Choose which of the regular recruit intake you’re applying for. There are two options:

1) Non-tradesmen and non-tradeswomen

2) Tradesmen and tradeswomen

Step 3: Begin filling the form.

Note: The Application Form Consists of six(6) different sections and must all be filled:

  • Personal details
  • Parent and guardian
  • Education
  • Referee
  • Further information
  • Submit
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You must complete all required fields marked with asterix(*) in each section before proceeding to the next.

After completing a section, you may save to continue your application later by clicking on Save for Later button.

Step 4: After filling the form, check again to be sure your details are correct. And click SUBMIT.

Nigerian Army Recruitment For Tradesmen And Tradeswomen

Nigerian Army recruitment regular intake closing date:

The application windows opened on December 19, 2018 and will close on January 31, 2019.

Application link for Nigerian Army recruitment regular intake

See reactions of Nigerians to the ongoing Nigerian Army Recruitment at the time Book Haram attacks are increasing in the North East.

As the Nigerian Army announced the commencement of recruitment into the army, unemployed Nigerians who wanted to join said they are scared of Boko Haram.

Nigerian Army Recruitment

But some Nigerians reacted to the announcement, saying they would prefer remain jobless than to join Nigerian Army.

See their reactions below as compiled by Opera News:

Henry Okolie: “Short cut to early grave without trace of remains. Leaving family in eternal agony kicks wife and probably a kid out side the barracks after three months.. Nigeria army disgusting force recruit only Fulani and Hausa Biko.”

Peter Samuel Peter: “Let me think about it Cox Alikali and Badeh died as a general. Infact I no do again!

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Mike Godwin: “Instead of me to join NA i beta go back to my chicken business. So as to live longer”

Kelechi Chima: Noooo, None of my family members is ready to join, Not ready to be a sacrificial lamb.”

Frank Chidi Ogu: “Recruit the BH dudes u guys recently released.. Una think say una wise, using the eastern, southern, and western youths to face the Boko haram groups, while u send the northern youths to other parts of the Country to intimidate innocent civilians, and extort money from motorist.”

Nigerian soldiers vs Boko Haram

Odunaye Bashir: “APC and scope? Before it was 30k for N power, 10k for Trader moni and now its death you want to share. Hausubillahi”

Gerald Molokwu: “Some people will still join not because they love Nigeria so much but because of high unemployment in Nigeria..gone are days when people willing join because of love for dear country.”

Ameh G Omale: “Don’t you guys NA have malls boys like Jibril, to admit with statement of results anymore? I told a friend today, thank God I wasn’t taken all the times I made attempts… Cos if I was in, bro, I’m deserting or mutineering… AWOL…. You have wasted the lives of youngmen…. Pls all the officers should send their children and relatives in as usual…. We no do again”

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Festus Sunday” “I wish to join, but the process is just too long, this officer will sign, chairman will sign, bring voter or national passport, despite am ready to serve my father’s land,still yet those officer and chairman will be asking for money, like say they go follow me go sambisa, am interested if anyone would assist me…. 78intake here I come, ever ready.”

Jonas Chinweoke: “I dislike Nigeria Army and have removed my respect for them since they have join Nigeria police and road safety in collecting #100 from motorists on the the road.”

Tijani HO” “Can’t you recruit from rehabilitated boko harams, at least dey go know how best to conquer their fellow brothers in Sambisa forest.”

Bilyaminu M Muhammed” “The best way to commit suicide in Nigeria is to join the nigerian army as a recruit.”

Boko Haram Attacks In Nigeria

Oscar Godwin Ogandu: “You are looking for sacrificial lamb to the boko haram…… My Biafra people please beware of them ooo.”

“Join Nigeria Army at your own peril,” Oloniyo Akintomide said.

What’s your take? Will you like to join the Nigerian army at this time?

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