New Year Goals Setting Strategy That Works As Planned

New Year Goals Setting Strategy That Works As Planned

On achieving your goals in new year (2019) one of the top secrets of achieving life success is by writing down your goals that are achievable. Don’t raise the bar too high set ones you’ll be able to achieve as planned.

In this post we’ll share with you unique new year resolutions which some people prefer to call new year goals.

The truth be told, according to a professional human resource manager and a motivational speaker, Adora Ikwuemesi, it is very important to write down your goals.

Ikwuemesi, who is also the founder of HR Nigeria says:

“Studies have shown that written goals are more likely to be achieved than goals that are not written.

“Two other key ingredients are accountability and commitment. You can ask an accountability partner, friend or colleague to follow up with you to keep you accountable.

“We can check back regularly with everyone who comments by refreshing this post, however, commitment is really up to you, how much do you want it?

Whatever, your hopes and dreams for 2019, write them down… They can be career, health, financial, social, family, you name it.”

January 1 till December 31 shouldn’t go without achieving a specific set goals in your life. We do this mentally or on paper but the paper ones have been found to work better than the mental goals.

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So, it is doable to determine this year to be different and unique from your previous year by following our goal setting tips.

Ways to set New Year Resolutions and achieve them before the end of the year:

  • Write them down
  • Create different goals for different areas of your life
  • Set goals that are achievable
  • Make goals easy to account for (accountability)
  • Partnership goals that are achievable
  • Commend yourself for achieving your goals

Write your goals down and review them periodically

As earlier stated, new year resolutions that are not written could be forgotten, and could fail quickly.

Write them down in a diary that is close to you so that you will be able to gauge your progress.

Give your goals where you will be able to see them often, they would serve as a reminder to you.

Goals setting Ideas:

According to below ideas would help you make good progress in achieving your new year resolutions

“Tape your goals to your bathroom mirror where you’ll see them first and last thing every day.

“For goals that require some accountability for success, affix them to your fridge. Just make sure they’re ones you don’t mind your kids asking about because ask they will.

“Take a photo of your resolutions and post them as your computer screensaver or as your smart phone wallpaper.”

Create different goals for different areas of your life

It is also advisable to diversify your goals. It could be on education, spiritual, work, family, and finance. The aim is to ensure that you get ripple effect.

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Set goals that are achievable

While it is a good wish to build a new house even when your account balance is $0, it is also good to be optimistic about buying a new car worth $50, 000 within 365days even when you haven’t got a sustainable job or business.

The point here is that set goals you will be able to achieve within 12 months. Instead of setting huge resolutions that involve lots of steps, work on triming to what you would be able to achieve.

Goal setting example:

Someone who is on $200 monthly pay can set for himself something like this:

I will save $50 monthly

Will start my own small business by December with $600

That’s achievable!

Make goals easy to account for (accountability)

“In order to stick to your New Year’s resolutions, you need to be able to see consistently that you’re on the right track. The best way to do that is to set goals that can be measured again and again over short periods of time,” says signupgenius.

Partnership goals that are achievable

It has been discovered that people deviate from their new year resolution simply because their is no one to put them on their toes.

If you are married it won’t be a bad idea to set goals with your spouse. It would be fun when you are always reminding each other about what you have set to achieve within a specific time.

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Commend yourself for achieving your goals

No matter how small my achievement is i reward myself with a bottle of drink. That is simply my own way of rewarding myself. And it makes me want to do more.

Final thought:

Setting a new year goals is a great way to begin January, but more beautiful when it is December 31 and you are able to review and list all the things you’ve achieved within the 365days.

We wish you a fulfilling New Year!

Share your 2019 goals with us. Just three.

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