Application Guide for Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme 2019

Application Guide for Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme 2019

Do you know that you’re a potential beneficiary of the yearly $10 million USD committed to building entrepreneurship in Africa by The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme? This guide shows you, as an entrepreneur, how to apply, edit and submit your 20189 TEF application form.

 “Since launching the TEF Entrepreneurship Programme – and committing $100 million to empowering 10,000 African entrepreneurs in a decade – we have unleashed our continent’s most potent development force and its entrepreneurs,” founder of TEF, Mr. Tony Elumelu, said last year.

Benefits of Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme to your start-up:

  • Funding for your business and ideas
  • Exchange ideas with other innovative minds from across 54 African countries
  • Rub minds with global shaker of business strategists
  • Get motivation from innovators who started like you and are now success in their chosen field.
  • Be an employer of labour. In 2017, Chief Operating Officer of Tony Elumelu Foundation Mrs. Owen Omogiafo while speaking on job creating jobs said, “On the average, each entrepreneur has created about 20 direct jobs and when that is multiplied by 2000, it is 40,000. Sixty indirect jobs by 2000 is about 120,000 and all put together is 160,000.”

Requirements for application

  • Functional email address
  • To apply for Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Program (2019) you need to satisfy the under listed criteria:
  • You must be an entrepreneur or innovative mind of African origin
  • Sound business model
  • Make sure that your business idea has company structure
  • You must be able to succinctly convince the selection committee about the market potential of your business; in doing this you must be able to say:
  • How big is the addressable market for your product or service?
  • How do you intend to generate revenue for your business?
  • What are the sources of revenue for your business? What are your value offerings? What is the price of these value offerings? And who will be paying for the value?
  • How to you intend to (or already do) market your products or services to your target market.
  • You must be able to list at least three of your competitors and what you intend to do differently from your competitors (that is what differentiates you from other existing businesses in your field)
  • Your current achievement in the business you’re doing, what your next milestone is, and tell TEF Selection Committee it’ll take you to reach it?
  • Is your business registered? This isn’t a must but it could play a vital role.
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Application Guide for 2019 Tony Elumelu Foundation Application

Step 1:

If you don’t already have an account, click “Sign Up” to get started, which can be found by right hand side of your system (that’s if you on a laptop)

Advice: To have better user experience, we encourage you to fill TEF form on your tablet device or on a laptop or desktop.

Use any of the following browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Explorer, Safari any other advanced browser that could efficiently load application form without breaking it

Step 2:

Select your preferred language, available languages include: English Language, French, and Portuguese.

Alternatively you can sign up with either of these social media: Facebook or Twitter. But we’ll suggest you sign up with your email address by filling the sign up form directly.

Step 3:

Fill other spaces: First name, Last Name (that is your surname, or your family name, or your spouse name if you’re a woman who has done changed of name after marriage). Make sure the names you filled are in coherent with your other backup documents.

And click sign up.

Step 4:

A confirm e-mail will be sent to you, please check your email to confirm your account and complete the signup process.

Note: If the confirmation email is not in your inbox, please check the Spam folder (if you’re using Gmail) or your Junk folder (if you’re using Yahoomail).

Step 5:

Click “Proceed to Login”. Please don’t forget to select your preferred language each time you’re login in. It’s important to know the language you want to be served with.

Step 6:

You’ll automatically see the link to complete your application at your home page, click the link you’ll see “introduction”, read through and click “Proceed” at the bottom right hand side of the page to continue to fill your form.

As you proceed, in section four of the form you’re required to select your most active social media, and insert the link to it, this is where it could be technical for some people to copy link of their social media.

“Your social media accounts will be used for engagement with the Tony Elumelu Foundation when required”

Don’t just write your name as your link because thousands of other people may be using the same name making it difficult to identify whom to connect with on the social media. Check below a quick guide on how to get your Facebook URL link and Twitter Link

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How to get your Facebook profile URL link:

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • At the top of the page, click on your name
  • Copy the link in the URL space and paste it in the space provided in the TEF Facebook link e.g
  • Alternatively, if you’re writing name you simply write the extension after the Facebook URL to easily find you on Facebook e.g quadri.opeyemi2

How to get your twitter profile URL:

For instance my twitter handle is @OpeQuadri

To get the twitter URL link for the above handle it’ll simply be

You get that? Let’s know if you are having challenges with that. If you got it then let’s move to other parts of the Tony Elumelu Foundation application form.

In section 5: Business Profile

In getting out the best business profile check below for a guide:

  • you may speak of a personal experience, an issue you faced which led to your decision.
  • you may speak about an incident/position of leadership you held in a previous job.
  • you may speak about an innovation you created, or goal you attained.
  • focus on the core aspects of your business idea what you are making/selling; who it benefits.
  • What is new, exciting, innovative, different, uncommon, about your business/idea. How does it solve existing problems in a new way?
  • Why do people need the product or service you are providing?
  • What is the development stage of your business?

Section 6:

Continuation of your business profile: prepare for something like the following:

  1. In 50 words or less, describe your current business or idea
  2. In more detail, describe your product or service (200 words)
  • What is new, interesting or different about your product or service? (list 3 things)
  1. What problem does your product or service solve? (50 words)
  2. Which most accurately describes your product or service development stage?

Section 7: Company Structure

Check sample of the this <<<here>>>

Complete other sections. The last section of 2018 TEF Entrepreneurship Programme Application is: Attestation i.e your referees.

“This section asks about how you got to know about the programme, your ability to dedicate time to completing it, any past experience on similar programmes, as well as two references who will be contacted to vouch for you.”

This is the last page

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Step 7:

Click “Submit Admission” to finalise your application, but before you click submit application, you have the privilege to go through your application again to make correction.

“Please note you can save your information at any point in the process and return to complete your saved application before the closing date : to complete your application

“You can make changes to your application entries before you submit. After submission, you will not be able to make any modifications to your submission. All applications will be reviewed and selected applicants for 2018 will be notified accordingly.”

To go through your application again, click application in your dashboard to go through your details, click the listed items one after the other to make correction if you have things to amend


Log out and re login again and click “Continue with application.”

To check your filled application form, click “Application Archive”

What to do after submitting your application:

Join the TEF forum, or drop your questions here for guidance, like and follow the social media accounts of the foundation on twitter, facebook and other media.

Things to know about 2019 TEF Foundation

Application is free as it has always been since inception of the empowerment programme. Please don’t pay anyone for application unless you pay for browsing time at the café.

Sample of TEF Application Form can be found <here>, however, manual application isn’t available, applications can only be submitted online.

Contact address of TEF Entrepreneurship Programme


Twitter: ‎@TonyElumeluFDN with the harstag #TEF2019

Facebook: The Tony Elumelu

Begin your Tony Elumelu Foundation for African Entrepreneurs here

All the best!

About Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF)

The Tony Elumelu Foundation, abbreviated TEF, is an African non-profit organization founded in 2010 by Tony O. Elumelu, a banker and investment strategist.

TEF has its headquarter in Lagos, Nigeria. The foundation came up as result of Mr. Elumelu’s belief that with the right support entrepreneurs can be empowered to contribute meaningfully to Africa’s prosperity and social development.

The Foundation is intent on charting a new course for African philanthropy and does not operate merely as a grant-awarding organisation.

Since inception it has empowered thousands of Africans who are today employers of labour in their chosen business career.

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