AGAIN! Ex-President Obasanjo accuses President Buhari of trusting only his ethnic group


Photo credit: The Punch

Few minutes after holding State of Council meeting with President Muhammad Buhari at the State House, Abuja, Nigeria’s former leader Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has lambasted Buhari again, accusing the Northern leader only trusting his own ethnic group.

Obasanjo said Buhari is nepotic by giving priorities to his ethnic group when appointing people into sensitive positions.

Buhari has been accused of nepotism in the past by opposition and his critics, but Buhari denied while his aides were always quick to mention some of the appointments that aren’t from the northern part of the country.

Obasanjo is from South West part of Nigeria, a country hugely divided on religions and ethnic lines, which politicians use to gain political advantage during and after elections.

The latest accusation is the third in Obasanjo’s verbal attack on Buhari who is running under the All Progressive Congress (APC) in the February 16, 2019 Presidential Election.

Obasanjo was quoted as saying by The Punch that: “Look at what is happening, the person that is leading us says he cannot appoint any other tribes into the posts he considers sensitive because he does not trust them.

If he cannot trust my tribe and your tribe what is the benefit? And he still wants my tribe and your tribe to vote for him. So, he can ask us to vote for him but he cannot trust us to be appointed into sensitive positions. What is sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander.

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“If you don’t trust us, how do you want me to trust you? If you trust me and I misbehave replace me with another person. But if only your maternal and paternal relatives are the only people you can appoint because they are the only people you can trust…

“In Nigeria, where we have tribes numbering about 500, you now said you could not trust some people. That is what we are saying.”

Obasanjo also berated Buhari’s economic policies, saying “Look at our economy, is it the way it should be? Our economy can never develop if foreign investors do not come to invest in the economy . But, as it is, they are not coming into the country and they will never come.”

Speaking on the renewed deadly attacks of Boko Haram Obasanjo said that the insurgents were deadlier than they were before the present administration.

Boko Haram have intensified their attacks as the country approaches the 2019 elections, and the United States embassy in Nigeria predicted that there would be more attacks to distrupt the election in some parts of the country.

Spokesman for the government neither APC has responded to the latest accusation. One of the media aides to Buhari described Obasanjo in response to his 16-page later as being sick, and wished him “get well soon”

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