How to replace lost or damaged INEC Voter Cards

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Do you know that it is possible for you to replace a lost INEC voters card or even replace a damaged PVC?

A damaged INEC voter card can’t be used for voting during elections irrespective of your position, your card must be in good condition before the INEC Smart Card Reader can recognise it.

According to a guide on The Punch, a valid voter register with each voter having a voter card is a must to ensure that elections are free and fair.

A person must possess a voter card in order to be accredited and allowed to vote during an election. The card identifies the voter, thus the voter’s name can be checked easily by the presiding officer or his assistant.

It is therefore important that a person keeps his voter card safely to prevent loss or damage.

However, if a person loses his card or if it is damaged, the Independent National Electoral Commission can replace them

The procedure for the replacement of a lost or damaged voter card is as follows:

  1. The voter shall apply in person to the electoral officer or any other officer duly authorised for that purpose by the resident electoral commissioner.
  2. The application shall be at least 30 days before election.
  3. The applicant shall state the circumstances of the loss or damage.
  4. The voter shall be issued with another copy of his original voters card.
  5. The word ‘DUPLICATE’ will be marked or printed on it clearly.
  6. The date of issue will also be printed on the new voters card.
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Source: The Punch


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