Ugandans rejects public toilets fitted with CCTV Cameras​

Ugandans reject public toilets fitted with CCTV Cameras​

Report from Uganda says some residents in Tororo, the eastern part of the country have refused to use a public toilet in the town because it’s fitted with surveillance camera (CCTV cameras).

Ugandans rejects public toilets fitted with CCTV Cameras​

The toilet is one of the World Bank-funded projects. It was gathered that the World Bank funded the project for the benefit of people moving in and outside the town to use a restroom at a bus park.

The claimed that their privacy would be jeopardised when some is monitoring and watching them while in the toilet.

The clerk of Tororo, Paul Omoko, has moved to quash fears, saying the cameras are only outside at the entrance of the facility, BBC reported.

Omoko said the CCTV camera was to ensure that users are protected because “terrorists like planting their bombs in public toilets”.

District Commissioner Nickson Owole who spoke was quoted as saying there was nothing to fear about unless anyone has what he described as a “hidden agenda”.

The restroom was built as part of the World Bank’s Uganda Municipal Support Infrastructure Development Project.

About two million Ugandans do not have access to toilets, which represents 8% of the country’s population, the 2016 research by Ugandan Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) stated.

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