NPower salary

N-Power Monthly Stipend News UPDATE for 2016 & 2017 Beneficiaries

NPower salary

On this post, you’ll be getting all the details you need about N-Power monthly stipend from the 2016 batch to the second batch. We’ll also share tips with those who have issues of backlog payment.

Payment of Exited Batch A & B

The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development Hajia Sadiya Umar Farouq during an interactive meeting with  NSIP state focal persons in Abuja promised that the affected beneficiaries would be paid.

She said, “I wish to reiterate that I have given approval for the payment of stipends for the exited beneficiaries of batches A and B up to the month of June 2020 including that of the independent monitors.

“Also, the final payment of stipend for Batch B is almost ready for transmission to the office of the Accountant General of the Federation for final checks and payment.

May 2020 Stipend:

For the for time since Sadiya Farouq took over the management of N-Power, May 2020 salary would be the first time, beneficiaries would receive their salaries early.

To the amazement of volunteers who shared the bank alert with InfomediaNG, they started receiving bank alert the early morning of June 1, 2020.

if you’ve not been paid, kindly read our guide on use N-Power complaint email to demand immediate payment of your backlog or outstanding stipends.

April 2020:

Salaries of the beneficiaries of the programme were held close to two months before the minister of in charge of the programme was coarse in releasing the stipends to the volunteers

March 2020 salary:

Update: Beneficiaries have started getting bank alerts for their March stipend.

At the time of filing this report (Tuesday, April 16, 2020), the volunteers were yet to be paid their March 2020 stipend. They’ve cried to the minister to look into their plight.

The minister of humanitarian affairs and disaster management Sadiya Farouq promised that beneficiaries would receive payments on Tuesday, unfortunately up till Thursday, they’re yet to receive their March 2020 salary even as the 14-day lockdown was extended by President Muhammadu Buhari.

February 2020 stipend:

Beneficiaries across the country have started receiving stipend for February 2020.

This followed an assurance by the National Coordinator of N-Power Mr Afolabi Imoukhuede that issues of late payment are being sorted. He had made an assurance in a Facebook Live Chat a few days ago.

In a WhatsApp Group, some volunteers who confirmed the news to InfomediaNG say payment is ongoing.

Those who bank with UBA, GTB, Zenith confirmed the new development.

December 2019

Meanwhile, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs Disaster Management and Social Development, Hajiya Sadiya Farouq said the delay of two stipends of N-Power beneficiaries is due to the handing over process. 

And promised that beneficiaries will receive their October and November allowances on December 20, 2019.

N-SIP was transferred to her office in October from the office of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

Some of the beneficiaries described as “unfortunate”

If you’ve been paid, please let us know.

At the time of updating this post, none of the first batch has confirmed to us if they’ve been paid the month of October 2019, which is causing apprehension among them, some of them asked: Will NPower 2016 be paid?

Get the gist about N-Power Stipend News for October 2019 right here. As you usual, expectations are high among beneficiaries of the job initiative programme about their monthly stipend.

See below previous update about the payment.

Every month, beneficiaries of N-Power job initiative programme cry out to the federal government for their monthly stipend. Sometimes, they receive their salary 36th day or more.

September 2019 salary of N-Power volunteers:

The beneficiaries of the programme received their September salary on October 7. Both batches were paid.

We’ve been informed that those who bank with First Bank, GTB, Acces Bank, FCMB had received an alert.

As at Friday, October 04, 2019, beneficiaries are yet to receive their September stipend. And N-Power is saying nothing about it.

In this post, we’ll keep you updated about N-Power monthly salary, but first, take a look at their payment structure.

There are two categories:

  1. Graduate beneficiaries are paid N30, 000 as salary every month
  2. Non-graduate volunteers receive N10, 000 as monthly stipend end of every month

Graduate beneficiaries

The holders of BA, BSc, BTech, HND, OND, ND, Qualifications in health technology in Nigeria. This includes: CHEW (Community Health Extension Worker), NDCHEW (National Diploma Community Health), and JCHEW (Junior Community Health Extension Worker).

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They fall under the graduate, see their salary structure below

  1. NPower Teach: N30, 000
  2. NPower Agro: N30, 000
  3. NPower Health: N30, 000
  4. NPower Tax: N30, 000

Non-graduate volunteers

This applies to those who do not have more than SSCE qualification, however, we’ve seen HND, OND holders who apply for the non-graduate programme because of unemployment. They are trained and given training kits to assist them in setting up their own business.

See their salary structure below:

  1. N-Power Build: N10, 000
  2. N-Power Creative: N10, 000
  3. N-Power Tech Hardware: N10, 000
  4. N-Power Tech Software: N10, 000

What is N-Power Backlog Payment?

If you have been asking, “what is NpowerNG Backlog Payment?” In this post we’ll tell you the meaning if you’ve found yourself in unpaid stipend situation.

Let’s break the term down for a layman to understand. Backlog means to clear an issue which is on the ground.

What is backlog in relation to finance?

In relation to finance, backlog payment means the process of paying outstanding salary of workers.

For instance, if 100,000 workers are in your payroll, and you were able to pay 80,000, that means it remains 20,000 people to be paid.

Before paying the following month, you might opt to first clear the unpaid ones in the previous month. The 20,000 constitute backlog.

In the case of npower monthly stipend, some volunteers hadn’t got any salary, while some of them got one or two months out of the five months paid so far.

It’d be recalled that the federal government promised that outstanding salaries would be paid. The outstanding ones constitute the backlog payment, and they’re currently being paid.

However, there were some cases whereby volunteers had errors in their npvn portal due to omission , unmatched records, errors in bvn, marital status, such volunteers were directed to make the necessary correction and send complaint e-mail to npower dedicated support channels.

As such,  they also constitute backlog, and they’re being paid as well.

If you’re yet to be paid and you’ve made the necessary correction, it’ll get to you.

One of the beneficiaries in Delta who was not paid December salary told us she got her stipend alert this morning May 15,2017.

Npower volunteers enjoy advance payment of May salary

A text sent to one of the volunteers in Delta State, and other states shows that some beneficiaries are enjoying advance payment of May stipend.

“Dear Volunteer,

Recall that in the month of February you experienced a delay in the payment of your monthly stipends. Now you have benefitted from advanced payment of stipends for the month of May.

“If you have any enquiries, please send a TEXT to 08145569572.

12 Reasons for Unpaid N-Power Salary

There are several reasons you may have a problem of unpaid NPower salary, one of them is an incoherent name, we’ll discuss others in details below.

At the time of updating this post, every 2016 volunteer has received N660, 000 (till date: December 2016-October 2018) as N-power monthly stipend, unfortunately, some people haven’t been paid due to initial negligence on their own part.


InfomediaNG isn’t an employee of N-power, and we’ll NEVER ask for your personal details, or request for money before we provide solution to some of your N-power related issues.

We’re basically a problem-solving website, providing values for web users, who are searching for solution to one problem or the other.

Some 2016 N-power successful volunteers are still having issues with their payment, however, we’re not going to dwell on that.

We’ll be focusing on on the major reason for unpaid N-power salary

12 major reasons for unpaid N-Power salary

  • Late update of applicants’ profile
  • Conflict in applicant’s BVN and his account name
  • Unpaid NPower salary due to failure to verify
  • Civil servant who applied for N-power
  • Did verification, but failed to update NPVN portal
  • Unpaid N-Power salary as a result of wrong BVN
  • As a result, wrong account number
  • Failure to follow instructions

The 2017 batch must pay special attention to the below tips in order to avoid having a delay in your payment. You must ONBOARD or check to be sure you are properly onboarded.

Late update of applicants’ profile

In 2016, N-power created a platform exclusively for those that made the first batch list of 200,000 successful applicants.

The platform was dubbed N-power Volunteers Network, NPVN.

Subsequently, applicants were directed to update their profile, including their bank account details.

While some successful applicants got the information on time, some others got it late.

If you are among those who updated their bank account details late December, or after N-power Team has collated bank account details of applicants, then you might experience unpaid N-power salary or late payment.

Conflict in applicant’s BVN and his account name

You may also have a problem of unpaid N-power salary in a situation whereby you use your personal name, then use your husband’s account number and his BVN, you will definitely experience a delay.

And if you didn’t make move to rectify the problem, you will not be paid.

The essence of BVN is to discover disparity in account number or similarities in the fingerprint in cases of multiple accounts.

The use of BVN by N-power is to promptly detect multiple N-power accounts by volunteers.

In a situation whereby you use Adek Musi during N-power application process, then you have Ghus Agbe as bank account details in your NPVN bank account details, then your payment will be withheld.

Civil servant who applied for N-power

As a civil servant, you already have your BVN linked to your salary account, in a situation whereby you use the same account you will have the issue of unpaid N-power salary.

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Remember, N-power was created for the benefit of young Nigerians who are unemployed.

Reliable information at our disposal says some local government officials applied for N-power programme and they made the first batch list.

These people already have BVN in place forgetting that N-power has been designed in alliance with BVN in such a way to detect those who are already in Federal, State, or Local Government payroll.

So if you fall under this category, you may have to forget your payment, unless you have other “dubious” means of manipulating the system.

Unpaid NPower salary due to failure to verify

Updating of your NPVN portal isn’t just the parameter for payment. You must have also been verified.

If you didn’t participate in the N-power verification exercise but updated your bank account details on NPVN portal, you might not be paid.

The essence of the Npower verification was to cut or reduce ghost-workers, which is one of the problems of government in Nigeria.

State focal officer is in charge of collating names of verified applicants and forwarding such to Abuja for onward payment.

In a situation whereby you’re not verified, and your account is updated, you will face an issue of unpaid N-power salary.

Did verification, but failed to update NPVN portal

Another obvious reason why you’re still not paid is your failure, after verification, to update your NPVN account details.

N-Power team can’t pay into non-existing account. Verification isn’t enough for you to be paid, your account must have been correctly updated.

As a result of the wrong BVN

If your BVN is not correct, you won’t be paid, or your payment may be delayed unless it’s been corrected.

For now, you can’t edit your profile because the edit button has been removed temporarily for security reasons.

Only 2016 had this issue, the issue of BVN had been sorted out during the registration process for the 2017 batch.

So, we don’t expect to see many problems from this as payment of 2017 commences soon as they deployed.

As a result wrong account number

Even if your BVN does exist, but your account number isn’t correct you might experience delay in N-power payment until that discrepancy is resolved.

Due to delay from your banks

Research carried out by our team in 2017 showed that some banks were withholding N-power payment.

We can’t reliably say what is holding the concerned banks from disbursing the money to those it’s meant.

For instance, at a time none of the N-power applicants in Ipetu-Ijesa, Oriade LGA received their stipend.

Most of the affected applicants use First Bank because it’s the only bank in that town.

N-power stepped into the case and this case has been resolved. Kudos to Mr. Afolabi and his team behind the scene.

Failure to follow instructions

It’s advisable for successful applicants to personally update their NPVN portal, but some disobeyed the instruction.

They gave their details out to cyber café attendants to do it on their behalf. In the process, when mistakes were not made in BVN, they were made in the account number.

At the end, they complain they are not paid. But some of them later confessed that someone else handled the entire process on their behalf.

It was the December salary, which was never expected by more than 50% of applicants, which made applicants to take the programme seriously.

Late verification and deployment

Media aid to the acting president, Mr. Laolu Akande, emphatically says those who were verified and deployed by December would receive December salary.

A state like Lagos had delay in verification. While some states had completed verification, deployment, and got their December stipend, applicants from Lagos state knew nothing about when and where the verification would hold.

Verification was carried out in Lagos State towards the end of January 2017.

If the clarification made by Laolu Akande is implemented, Lagos N-power applicants might not be paid for December salary unless there is high power delegation from Lagos State Government to plead on behalf of the applicants since it wasn’t the applicant’s fault.

Unpaid N-Power salary due to multiple NPVN accounts

Don’t be surprised. Some had their names shortlisted twice but were detected during payment.

A similarity in BVN, or conflict in accounts number/BVN is also one of the reasons why you’re yet to be paid.

Unpaid NPower salary due to late submission of the verified list by Focal Officer in your state

Another likely reason why your N-power salary could be pending is the failure of your state focal officer to forward the verified list to Abuja for onward processing of your stipend by the Finance Unit of the programme.

Whatever the reasons are, there will always be a solution to any issue.

The solution to Unpaid N-Power Salary

If any of the reasons explained above applies to you (apart from civil servants), a platform has been created on Npower Facebook Page at for your payment to be effected.

Or login to your NPVN profile, you can follow this guide on HOW TO CORRECT YOUR N-POWER NAME AND PROFILE

If your case is unpaid salary, login to your portal, click help and then report issue to fill the form, and state your problem, and hit SUBMIT!

State your problem in the following order:

  • Not paid:
  • Date of verification:
  • Programme you applied for:
  • Your State:
  • Local Government:
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Other reasons of Unpaid N-power salary as enunciated by Mr. Laolu AkandeAkande, spokesman to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo include:

When name given during registration is different from names on academic certificates.

When qualifications claimed by applicants fall below requirements.

When it’s detected that you’re above the age limit or below. 35 years is the maximum.

5 Things House of Reps Said About N-Power Stipend

The Lower Legislative Chamber is definitely not happy about what is happening in N-Power Programme in recent times. It made its position known on Tuesday, November 12, 2109

The House of Representatives said it would be investigating the alleged corruption in the biggest youth empowerment programme ever embarked upon by the Federal Government since Nigeria returned to a democratic rule in May 1999.

In Tuesday’s plenary, Hon Oluga Taiwo from Osun State, called the attention of fellow federal lawmakers to the happenings in the N-Power Programme.

The programme started in 2016 with the recruitment of 200, 000 Nigerian graduates while another 300, 000 graduates were onboarded in the second phase of the youth empowerment programme.

Below are the five things House of Reps said about N-Power

  1. Some beneficiaries bribe officials to continue receiving their monthly stipendeven though they failed to report at their duty post.
  2. The independent monitors who expected to pay unscheduled visits failed to do so in some states.
  3. The House of Reps is also worried that some beneficiaries behave irresponsibly and they get away with infractions.
  4. Some innocent N-Power beneficiaries are unduly exited from the programme most especially in Osun State.
  5. Nigeria’s House of Reps also noted that over 400 N-Power Beneficiaries/teachers are been owed monthly allowances ranging from 2 months.

Finally, the House expressed worries over the withholding of 15 months and 18 months respectively of some beneficiaries and unlawful exit from the Platform despite diligence at the place of official assignment.

List of those who can not apply for N-Power job in Nigeria

As unemployed Nigerian youths warm up for the second phase of Npower on-line job application,NpowerNG Solutions takes a look at those who cannot apply on when it starts to accept fresh applications come June 13, 2017

It’s expected that the second phase will experience larger applications considering the fact that those who doubted the workability of the scheme have now seen the success it has recorded so far.

Those who can’t apply for N-Power Job

  • Below 18
  • Over 35 years
  • Successful Applicants (existing beneficiaries) of the first phase
  • State Government worker
  • Local Government Worker
  • Those who are serving jail terms (inmates)
  • Forged certificate

If you fall in any of the ineligible people below, you need not bother yourself, there are other Social Investment Programme (SIP) you can favourably benefit from

Below 18

If you’re still under 18 years old, you need not apply for Npower. 18 and above is considered the age when Nigerian can decisive action.

Over 35 years

Related to the above is the person who is considered over age for Npower job. Federal Government says the Npower Programme is designed for young Nigerian youths who are in dire need of job.

If you’re 35+ by the time the portal opens for new applications, you need not bother yourself.

Successful Applicants (existing beneficiaries) of the first phase

Hello, please don’t reapply in the second phase if you’re still in the employ of the on-going npower first phase.

If you do, you will not be shortlisted, and you might loose your current status.

Even before that happens, you WILL be caught right on the day of application because your data is already in Npower database. If you changed your name, you can’t change your BVN.

IF your changed your e-mail address and phone number, you can’t change the name on your academic qualifications. If you forged your certificates you might be caught and presecuted.

Federal Government worker

If you’re FG worker, I don’t see any reason why you should be struggling to get Npower temporary job that pays #30,000 as monthly stipend.

State Government worker

A measure has been put in place by Npower through the use of BVN to detect those who are already on the payroll on government.
Please leave npower job for those who currently don’t have job.
Live and let live!

Local Government Worker

Federal Government is aware of the fact that some LG workers might still want to apply for npower so as enjoy double salary.

Just as stated above, you’ll be detected. Steer clear

Those who are serving jail terms (inmates)

Inmates write JAMB/UTME. They do on-line courses, some of them are students at National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)

But they can’t apply for Npower job because of their status. They don’t have total freedom.

Forged certificate

If you know that your certificate is forged, steer clear of npower job. The graduate programme of the scheme is meant for genuine people who went to school and graduated with genuine certificates.

The programme has been designed for all categories of people:graduates and non-graduates, know the one that’s applicable to you before you apply.

Certificate requirement

N-Teach is meant for first degree holders, and NCE

N-Agro is for a first-degree holder and those who have qualifications related to Agric, or those who have a passion for Agric coupled with your degree (even though isn’t an Agric degree).

N-Health is for those who have health-related certificates.

If you have OND in Accounting, don’t bother yourself applying for N-Health.

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  1. May God bless you sir, since march ,April and may. I have not being paid. My primary assignment is government day junior secondary school gwiwa, my state of residence is jigawa and my npvn-num is n-T-2017-000000737087-67 my phone number 08167479799

  2. Iam shehu Abdulkadir Ali from Kano State npower build trainee Bach 2,sir I’m not received my stipend alart Mach and no:07067056209,vbn no:22424645296

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    1. Mr Afolabi Imoukhuede was very clear about December 2016 stipend, the payment of which is dependent on when you’re posted by your state of residence. Which state is your PPA?

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