Pastor Apollo Quiboloy​ I commanded earthquake to stop and it did

I commanded earthquake to stop and it did – Pastor Apollo Quiboloy​

A Philippine Pastor Apollo Quiboloy has claimed that God told him to stop an earthquake and it stopped.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy​ I commanded earthquake to stop and it did

He is the founder of Philippine-based Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name.

He claims he has the power to stop earthquakes.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy stated that God spoke through him to stop an earthquake in Mindanao, “You should thank me for it,” he said.

He claimed that he was in Samal, drinking coffee, when he halted a magnitude 6.6 earthquake.

He was quoted as saying, “I said, ‘Earthquake, stop.’ It stopped,” he said in a mix of Filipino and English. “You should thank me because if I didn’t stop the quake, a lot of buildings would collapse and a lot of you would have died.”

His claim has started getting hundreds of reactions on social media, most of which are critical of his incredible claim.

A similar pastor tried similar thing in Imo Area of Ilesa, Osun State, South West, Nigeria, in the 1990s at a naming ceremony.

As a child was about to be christened a light shower started, and the presiding pastor at the event said, “By the power confer on me by Jesus Christ, the son of God, I command this rain to stop.”

As if he taunted the rain, a heavy downpour began which displaced the gathering.

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