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Man Ejaculates On Female Passenger on Public Bus (Uncontrollable Sexual Urge!)

A male passenger in a Zimbabwe public bus accidentally ejaculated on a female passenger who was very to him.

No one could explain what was going on in the mind of the Chitungwiza man when he reportedly, in the full view o other passengers aboard, stroked his erect manhood and “poured” on the woman’s pair of trousers.

Also known as Chi Town, Chitungwiza is a high-density dormitory town in Zimbabwe. It is approximately 30 kilometres south-east of the capital city, Harare.

The accused was charged to court for public immorality where he told Harare Magistrate Sharon Rakafa that it wasn’t his fault, reported.

The young man Tafadzwa Mutamiri (27), pleaded with the court, claiming that his unusual actions were generic.

He was quoted as saying, I apologise to the complainant, but when the urge comes I cannot resist it and I just have s_ex or masturbate.

It does not matter where I am and this has caused me great embarrassment.

He was convicted of indecent assault on his own plea and ordered to perform community service pending sentence.

Mutamiri was only arrested after the complainant witnessed the incident and alerted the other passengers in the vehicle.

This is one of the odd news you can that is gaining traction on the social media in Zimbabwe at the moment.

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