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Afolabi Imoukhuede Facebook Live Chat With N-Power Beneficiaries

The next series of N-power Facebook Live chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede, the Senior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Job Creation is to hold on Wednesday, February 4, 2020, Time: 7PM


The highlight of what Afolabi Imoukhuede talked about on Facebook Live Chat on February 4, 2020

  • Payment Process and delay:
  • Chain of payment:
  • Ghost Workers
  • Issue of ghost worker
  • Irregular payment

Payment Process and delay:

Safeguarding of beneficiaries has been responsible for delay in the monthly stipend lately. FG resolved never to use an intermediary.

Recall that there was a time the state governments were persuading President Muhammadu Buhari to make the monthly stipend through state governments.

The FG rejected the suggestion.

Again, the FG wants to ensure that the money does not go to the wrong hands. FG is working round the clock to avoid identity theft.

This is one of the reasons the N-SIP is working with Nigerian interbank settlement scheme (NIBSS) to validate payment details.

Chain of N-Power payment:

  • Hon Minister
  • Permanent secretary
  • Director of finance
  • Deputy director of finance
  • Funds are moved from the treasury single account which is hosted by cbn
  • Validation to ensure again that all of your details provided on the payroll matches with the details of volunteers.
  • Then payment is released to bank accounts of beneficiaries.

Issue of Ghost Workers

Proper verification is being carried out round the month to ensure that there is no ghost worker in the system. “I can assure you there is no ghost workers in N-Power,” Mr Imoukhude said.

Irregular payments:

The N-Power National Coordinator on behalf of the minister Hajia Sadiya about irregular payment cycle which beneficiaries experienced in the last five months.

Such started since the new minister took charge of the N-SIP.

According to him, the minister is still understudying the youth empowerment programme.

He promised that

I have the assurance of the ministry that the worst days are behind us,the January stipend for non graduates will be paid on or before this week Friday. I am also aware that February stipend is also in the advance stage,before the end of this week, you should get your stipend.And also for the non graduates , your february stipend should come by next week.

Over 5,000 2016 batch were permanently exited from the programme because they absconded.

Those who have genuine reasons can be reinstated.

Imoukhuede congratulated some beneficiaries who explored the programme and succeeded in their chosen field. One of them is Sipasi Olalekan who is now studying in one of the universities in the United States.

He also saluted the doggedness of those who saved part of their monthly N30k monthly stipend to start a business.

He reiterated that head of PPA is the principal monitor for the programme.


According to a social media press release by the N-Power team, the National Coordinator of N-Power will be speaking on many issues surrounding the youth empowerment programme by 7PM.

N-Power Facebook Live chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede isn’t new to the N-power beneficiaries since the commencement of the job initiative programme in 2016. I gives beneficiaries to ask questions.

This is the compilation of all Facebook Live Chat Imoukhuede has had with N-Power beneficiaries since the programme started a few years ago.

Importance of N-power Facebook Live Chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede

Since we’ve been following the job initiative of the Federal Government, the essence of the N-power Facebook Live chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede are listed below:

To address questions of non-payment of stipend.

To shed more light on how N-Power beneficiaries can exit the programme

N-Power Facebook Live chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede February 4, 2020 is also expected to address volunteers in respect to the engagement of 2016 and 2017 volunteers.

To speak on how to tap into the opportunities

To advise you oh how you can adequately and judiciously manage your N30,000 monthly stipend.

Final exit plan of the 2016 batch.

We’ll bring the live chat to you tomorrow

Previous Facebook Live Chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede

We don’t want to preempt what Afolabi will be talking about, but we do know that likely questions from 2016 and 2017 first and second batch respectively might cover areas like; Device on Hold, Deductions in Stipends for Devices, Delay in Stipends, 2017 Applicants and deployment issues and when to start receiving monthly stipend, Election and Npower, Refund of Stipends, and other salient areas affecting beneficiaries.

N-Power Facebook live chat provides an opportunity for NpowerNG volunteers to hear from the horse’s mouth.

Transcribed Version: What Afolabi Imukhuede told N-Power Beneficiaries on February 20, 2019

On February 20, 2019, Presidential aide on Job Creation and the National Coordinator of N-Power Scheme, Mr Afolabi Imoukhuede as usual, engaged beneficiaries of the youth empowerment programme in Facebook Live Chat.

In this transcribed version of Mr Afolabi Video Chat with N-power Volunteers on February 20, 2019 here are the highlights of what you will find in chat:

  1. Greetings from President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo
  2. 2017 Deployment Update
  3. Batch Two 2016 Device
  4. Monthly stipend (Payment)
  5. 2016 Backlogs
  6. Entrepreneurship
  7. Levels by which we monitor
  8. N-Power Non Graduate Technology Hardware
  9. N-PowerBuild
  10. Where You Will Be Trained In Four Trades In Construction
  11. N-Power enhancement update
  12. Next Recruitment
  13. N-Power Creative And Software
  14. N-PowerEntrepreneurship Competition
  15. NPOWER T-Shirts

What video below or read the Full Transcribed version of the live chat

Greetings from President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo

I trust all is well with you and your family. Greetings to you from Mr President and his Vice Prof Yemi Osinbajo. As you know they are your primary sponsors and investors.I also want to wish you a happy valentine season. Again we are in the election season, so let me apologise for the abrupt postponement of the election.

The essence of this session is to catch base with us and also use this platform to update us.
Remember as long as you have been paid you have access to the learning materials in your portal. So all these learning materials are there for you even if you have no device at the moment.

You have to work, you have to work in N-power and in your community. N-power is a full-time volunteer programme, which you have to work full time and where you fail to work you will be suspended. The reason I am bringing this up is because the rate of suspension is growing, not only for batch one but batch two.

I want to appeal that the work component of npower is very critical.If you dont go to work how do you improve your learning,how do you get a referral for other job opportunities.

2017 Deployment Update

A very few of you may still have challenges between been on boarded and  been enrolled particularly those of you in the supplementary batch for which the first month of January should have been your first month of payment. I will talk more on this much later.

Monthly stipend (Payment)

Talking of payment lot more of you are happy because not only did you get your first month you also got your preceding month, especially the batch 2 volunteers. I hope by now you have learned to trust and believe in us.

Batch Two 2016 Device

You are also asking of your devices. Well, you will get your device along with the batch 2 as they get theirs. Within the first quarter of this year, I am sure you will be invited to select your device.We need to work with the bank of industry and they also have to work with selected partners. The process is ongoing.

2016 Backlogs

Some of you are expecting backlogs Payment because you had challenges, now you have been paid but still expecting a few more months.I have been told that about 602 of you have now been successfully confirmed so you are currently in the next set of backlogs we will process between the end of February and march.

N-Power enhancement update

Those of you in this batch One that keep expressing your faith in the programme i can only say it this way ,you are already in the next level.You are already in the period we call “ENHANCEMENT“.

You are already in your next level which is your N-Power enhancement. Details of your enhancement will be communicated. We have been busy with the election and after it,we would let you know.Your quest for permanency is tied to the pvc in your hands and the continuity of Mr president in office. 90 percent of what you seek is in your hands.


You should seize every opportunity,save your stipend and form cooperative so you have enough.

Levels by which we monitor.

Dont estimate we wont know when you are at work or not. Know that the heads of your ppa do send us reports. We also have independent monitors that also pay unscheduled visits to your ppa. We also have project managers that pay visit to your ppa.


You will be paid for this month of February,there is no cause for alarm.

NPower Non Graduate Technology Hardware

I am happy to say to you and Nigerians,that we have successfully concluded in five geopolitical All the zones. All the 5000 beneficiaries are now enjoying the knowledge they have gained.Also they are now enjoying the privileged of the device given to them.

I am sure most of you are settling down in your various apprenticeship gsm villages seeking to learn more and apply your knowledge.

SOUTH WEST please bear with us,we didn’t want start and stop.We could have started since February 1st.But we  decided to do is to pend you after the election.

N-Power Build

20000 of you are already out there in your various apprenticeships and you have completed your in center training,congratulations.I did meet some of you at the artisans award in late January where some of you won excellent prizes.

We are now ready to get the next batch of 20000 beneficiaries  for this category Where You Will Be Trained In Four Trades In Construction: electrical,plumbing,masonry,carpentry and also two trades within the automobile space: automobile technician and agricultural technician ,we will also now include the hospitality category.

Once you are in the npower data base,you are family and this does not include only the 500 ,000 graduates we employed or 26000 Non graduates beneficiaries. Its is  the wider 3 million of you that applied.

And some of you must have already gotten the sms asking you to indicate interest for the programme. So what we did was to extend these opportunities to you.

However we cant do much now because  of the election but from now till April /May we will commence the phase two of the npower build vocational build and apprenticeship programme.

The 2017  batch,about 6000 of you still having issues with the portal.Yes you have uploaded your ppa to the portal but you are not yet in payroll .P lease visit the portal and contact our support center.

About 40000 of you in the supplementary list must have uploaded your letter but not yet in payroll,you should also visit the portal to see why you haven’t been paid .so you can contact our support center to immediately resolve your  issue.

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Congratulations to the 2017 batch,about 97 percent of you are are in our payroll and have been paid all that you owed.The rest three percent will be smiling by February .

Next Recruitment

Portal re-opening is also tied to continuity, “the next level”.If you want the portal re-open go out on Saturday and vote massively for President Buhari .

N-Power Creative And Software

Please give us time till after the elections.We need some approval from the Federal executive council.
We will keep you updated.

N-Power Entrepreneurship Competition

The competition is still alive. We have seen your videos and some of you are still uploading your videos. Winning the competition is up to you, get your friends and well-wishers to comment,like and share your videos so you can win.

We are only giving you more time to participate and get friends to like your video. Deadline is latest March 15th but we would announce the closing date and also the date for the announcement of our winners and clearly have an event where we would celebrate with you and have the Vice President present your prize.

Transcribed Version: August 2, 2017Facebook Live Chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede | What Happens To Volunteers After N-Power Job | Vol. 1

Some of the issues he talks about in the 53minutes 7secs Facekook Video include

Business Opportunities Existing N-Power Beneficiaries can invest in

The concept of It Take A Village

N-Power As A Learning Platform

What Happens After N-Power Programmes

N-Power Deveices etc.

This is Afolabi’s second Facebook Live Chat less than a month. It’d be recalled that he was live on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 to address N-power 2016, and N-power 2017 Recruitment exercise

Commendation message from Afolabi

How’re you doing? This is Afolabi Imoukhuede again, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Job Creation.

It’s my pleasure again to be here this evening as always to keep you all engaged and to get into your conversation and to know what’s going on with you, what’s going on out there.

How are you all doing in different parts of the country:

North East are you there? Say YES

North Central

North West

South South

South West

South East

It’s my privilege to be here as always just to discuss N-power, and say thank you to all of you that we met on the field in the 18 states that we visited since the month of April. You memory would remain for a life time.

Thank you for the many gifts that we got from you: from the fried fish to the ijebu garri from you guys who have extended their one good will or the other.

States that we’re yet to visit

For the states we’re yet to visit, stay tuned. Later in the year we’d make a stop.

Making Impact During Holiday period

Briefly I want to speak about the holiday.

It’s holiday. For N-Health and N-Agro it’s not holiday, but for those of you in N-Teach I know it’s holiday.

It’s been a long hard work in the last few months working with pupils, students. In the last few months working with them to ensure that you had their script marked, and they’re able to get their result on time.

I must commend some of you. I did see a post where some of you were actually taking it to the next level : digitizing the result of your students that they could actually get their results via email. That’s really what N-power is about. That’s the story of N-power.

It’s really about you giving back to your community, even though your community also gives back to you. It’s about you giving back to your nation, even though your nation givens back to you.

I commend all the good stories that you continue to send in. Remember the #MuchMore campaign. It’s on, very much on. We want you to impact and send us your impact stories.

However, for those of you who are now in holiday, you should know that it’s really not an holiday for you. You’re still going to get paid right? What we expect you to do is…lemme recall a proverb: It takes a village…it’s not African proverb, I think it’s gone global now. Hillary Clinton has also written a book It Takes A Village

Concept of It Takes A Village in Relation to N-Power

The whole concept of It Takes A Village is about wholesomeness, it’s about coming together. About hand shake, when you watch your hand you’ve got to use both in order to watch your hands thoroughly.

That’s what I want to admonish my fellow volunteers, who are currently in the N-Teach Programme. Please don’t look at this period that schools are closed to see it as time to now sleep longer hours, or just to spend your time to watch movies you perhaps didn’t get to watch during school time.

Lemme encourage you to use this period to really focus on what can you do , what can you give back.

When I talk about I takes a village, I’m not really talking to the N-Teach alone, I need us to be really collective. Put your hands together, work in your community. What can you give back to your community? Some of you can put together extracurricular activities for your pupils that you noticed that are weak in English, Mathematics, weak in their sciences, Geography…or weak in some general subjects…you can use this time to put lessons for them.

Sport Club

Some of you may just form some sports club. Think about what you can do and how you can impact your community. That’s what I really want us to use holiday period for.

Some of your schools have put together summer camps, youth camps, and teenage camps, please volunteer of your time. If there is programme going on in your community, please volunteer your time and do something, and I’d really want to get your report.

Let’s get your report about what it is you’ve done with your time.

I’ve always said to us remember that N-power programme is really putting your future in your hands. I think no one should be more desirous of taking their future in their hands more than you yourself.

All of these volunteer hours that you raked in, all of these impactful opportunities you make in your community can’t minus from you. It’s only going to add to you.

Let’s begin to actualize the new Nigeria that we all dream about. Lets close our eyes and actualize the new Nigeria we desire. And act it out in your community, not just individually, but also come together: five of you, four of you in a school, in different schools, in N-Agro Team.

This is the time…form clusters. Some of you in the N-Teach for instance, this is the time for you form cluster with some of your colleagues in N-Agro to farm. Go help the community farmers in your various communities.

I’m convinced that if we really imbibe the message #ItTakesAVillage you’re all smart men and women and clearly you’d be able to do something beneficial to you and to your community as we progress.

What Happens After N-Power Programmes

In line with this as well, it’s important to begin to think what happens post-24 months.

We’ve always talked about and as always admonish some of you at various interactive meeting you basically want to count backwards. This is the month of August now, 9th month of the programme, literally means you have 15 months left in N-power.

The message I want to pass across to you this time is: This is the time when you also want to harness certain skills competency.

This is the time when you want to begin explore the material you acquired from the learning portal: Entrepreneurship opportunities you could do.

This is the time to use some of your savings from stipend to begin to ask: how do you utilize these ideas, is it bead making? And other handicraft you can pick up during the holiday.

Some of you might want to go into retailing…it could be retailing jewelries, retailing phone accessories. And I’ve seen some of you that have taken up agriculture.

Emannuel in Jos has taken up agriculture and he’s N-Teach and he’s invested in poultry farm that he showed us while we’re there, and also some of his crop farms as well.

So, a lot of you can consider fish farm, having a pond d behind your house…two, three , four of you could form mini-cooperative and invest in fish farming.

Food and vegetables that something a lot of you can look at. And other opportunities that are in Agro space…whether is livestock, processing , processing is also an area you may want to look into.

Investment is also an area you may want to look into…clothing for men and women, saloon for men and women, pedicure, manicure, care giver, even something like dry cleaning services…a lot of opportunities.

I just want to implore you let’s begin to utilize this time of your active period to also think of what you can do, what can begin to bring in additional income for you, that can begin to be exit pointer for you post-24months.

August 2 Facebook Live Chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede: Volume Full Transcript

Business Opportunities Existing N-Power Beneficiaries can invest in

The concept of It Take A Village

N-Power As A Learning Platform

What Happens After N-Power Programmes

N-Power Deveices etc.

Will Volunteers Be Employed After 24-month?

It’s been a concern everywhere. A lot of our partner states are waking up to that reality considering you as needful investment that have been invested on in the last 24 months and such you’d be worthy of employment after 24 months.

That’s the reason why I must enjoy you to be dutiful..Kogi State governor mentioned it, Edo State government and a few other state governments promised that they would be extending offers to some of you who really excel in either of your area whether N-Teach, N-Health, N-Agro post your 24 months.

Read some of the business ideas Mr. Afolabi has for you here…

Please lemme admonish you again that take your work seriously. N-Power is about learning, learn online, learn offline, learn on the street, learn from your mentors, learn from the old farmers, continue to learn, it’s all about learning. Continue learning that’s what N-power is about.

Learning of course, I also have a sample of your device here. Thought there a bit of delay in getting your devices across to you, I’ll speak to that in a few minutes.

A lot of learning that are in here (the device), I’ll be taking some sections soon and explore all the materials that in your device.

Don’t wait until you get the device; continue to learn.

N-Power Code of Conduct by Afolabi Imoukhuede (September 17, 2018 Facebook Live Chat)

Federal Government’s youth empowerment programme has some rules you might not be aware of, which its coordinator called N-power code of conduct.

On September 17, 2018, Coordinator of the N-power programme, an arm of SIP, Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede (a Presidential aid), in Facebook LIVE chat shed some light on N-power code of conduct, which beneficiaries (2017 batch will have to follow).

His September 17, 2018 Facebook Live chat is over two hours, containing a lot of important topics, InfomediaNG will be taking the topics one after the other uncensored.

We’ve already highlighted the important things he said as regards the structure of Social Investment Programme (SIP).

In this transcribed version of hs Facebook Live chat held on September 17, 2018, Mr. Imoukhuede talks about N-power code of conduct in relation to several aspects of the programme.

N-Power Code of Conduct in relation to your PPA

That is the most important person to know, because I can assure you that they have the final say, so those that have been deployed to primary school, that headmaster or headmistress that you take for granted, that you may say “wetin concern me”, “I be Buhari child”, “I’m a federal child”, “I’m a government child”, well let me tell you that you got it wrong. So please tonight change your mind, because that head master or head mistress is the most important person because he or she is your supervisor.

Those of you in N-Agro that have been posted to the community farms in the LG, whether it’s the head of that farm or whether it’s the head of that cell, whether it’s the head of that cluster, that is your President Buhari in that PPA.

Those of you in N-Health, the head of that PPA, my dear brother and sister that is your president Buhari.

If you do not get anything else, forget that long story I said in the past few minutes, the head of your PPA is the most important person.

Why did I say that?

It is because they are the ones that will mark register, attendance is compulsory and mandatory in N-Power.

Let me tell you a useful line that I‘ve always told the 2016 batch and your seniors in N-Power and they probably have said it even before I’ve said it.

N-Power Code of Conduct in relation to gaining experience

N-power is serious business, N-Power is a serious investment, now what do I mean?

Attendance is compulsory, it’s mandatory it’s a full time volunteer program that it has been designed to help you and not Mr President.

It has been designed to help you because it’s a full time volunteer program for 2 years.

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Now if you do that within the laws, you know what happens? You would get a veritable work experience, that’s what is going to happen, you’ll be able to proudly put your role in your CV for 2 years as a volunteer of N-Power

In this place and the only person that stands between being able to say that work was valid or not is the head of your PPA, as so attendance becomes the first thing.

N-Power Code of Conduct in relation to Discipline

The next thing is discipline, you’re not in any way allowed to be rude to your supervisors even if you’re taller than him or her, there is a code of conduct in the N-Power program.

We are going ensure that you get it in the next few weeks if you have already not downloaded it, that you get it so you’ll be familiar with it.

So discipline becomes very important, if you ask your veterans or your seniors, they’ll tell you that we have had to suspend many, not many in terms of numbers but quite a few of you across Nigeria.

We have had to completely exit beneficiaries who went into some grave offences that I may not want to mention here.

So please attendance, discipline and obviously learning are important.

You’re going out there to volunteer, in the volunteering that’s where you’re getting your employability experience from.

So they are your chief teachers, they are ones that will teach you, guide you, and if some of you of course in the same PPA we have some of your seniors those who are in their batch 1 program, they’ll also be there to uphold you, to show you how it is done.

N-Power Code of Conduct in relation attendance

Do not be the case of one of them that I met in one of the PPA, I think in Imo state precisely, that said to me he has been coming to work but never signing attendance in the principal’s office.

I guess he was been marked absent, unfortunately, he actually comes to school.

So imagine that he or she did not have the class teacher or the subject teacher to stand in for him or she, he or she could have left the program by now.

So I want to appeal to you that they are your most important people.

N-Power Code of Conduct in relation to exiting N-power

In N-Power what is also important for you to know, that I have said all this to say one thing, please we have gotten complains, we have gotten reports, verifiable reports that they are quite a significant number of you in this Batch that are employed somewhere else, and so you have no intensions to do work.

We have also gotten complaints across country that they are a significant number of you that are employed somewhere else, you have reported to your PPA in terms of coming to send your letter to be stamped, but you actually intend to get a proxy to do your work for you.

We have gotten those complaints and clearly we are also aware that some of you do not intend, you want to do the work yes.

But do not intend to do the work full time.

I’ve taken the first 15 minutes to run you through all of these. Please if you are in any of this category, you have a choice tonight to take a decision.

It is never late to exit from N-Power. Let me ask you to be good ambassadors for your other brothers and sisters who genuinely needs this lifeline.

We had 2.5 million applications, when it closed at the end of July 2017, after all validation and removing duplicate applications, we had a clean 1.8 million applications.

300,000 of you tells you that there is still about 1.5 million across country, some states had over 100,000 applications, about five to six states had above 100,000 applications, so why do you want to hold on to what you don’t need?

You may want it, because you think its extra money, or you think it’s money for the boys or you think it’s your share of the national cake? Well, let me burst your bubbles today, it’s none of those. It’s a lifeline that has been designed to help genuine Nigerian youths who really need this lifeline.

Why do we know that some of you need this life line? A lot of you the only reason between you and getting a job in the labour market is because they say to you that you don’t have work experience, now if you get into this program, you get 2 years’ experience and the life line enables you to gain credible work experience.

N-Power Code of Conduct in relation to gaining financial independence

A lot of you, the only thing between you and being able to have a small business that can keep you going you know, is just this savings, to be able to have steady savings for 10 months, 5 months, 6 months.

When I met a lady in ijebu-ode, I met her in the 5th month of N-Power and she has already started her cassava processing, even at that time she has not earned her stipends cause she had account problems, even at that she was hopeful that she knew that the money was coming and I can tell you that her story is out there for the world to read.

Now all she needed to have to be able to start the business of her dream was a life line like N-Power.

So please, may I appeal to you and the right conscience of you as a patriotic Nigerian, if you know you fall into any of the three categories, that have come to us, we know you, so let me let you know now, don’t think that we don’t, cause we do.

If you fall into any of this category, I’ll advice you please go and gracefully exit, honourably exit from the program so we can allow more people who really deserve this life line to come into the program.

If you know that you need the life line but not aware that the program is a disciplined program or the program is govern by the rules and that we do ensure that you follow them, today I’ve told you the good news so please re-adjust yourself.

5 Things to Expect from Afolabi Imoukhuede on October 18 Facebook Live Chat

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Job creation, Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede, will be talking N-power beneficiaries via Facebook Live Chat on some critical issues today October 18, 2018.

It’s not the first of such, but today’s Facebook LIVE chat coming up by 7pm will be VERY important as N-Power 2016 batch are warming up to possibly exit the programme, though something great might come up before November.

As you read this and while one of our team members is working on the transcribed version of the chat, you may want to check the latest N-Power News in our archive.

Here are our top five topical issues Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede is likely to address TODAY

  1. NPower 2016 agitation for them to be retained
  2. NPower 2017 batch discipline
  3. Truancy among N-Power volunteers
  4. NPower 2017 Deployment schedule
  5. N-Power 2017 two months salaries

1. NPower 2016 agitation for them to be retained

The time for the 2016 batch of beneficiaries is drawing closer and the agitation for them to be retained is growing as the country is warming up for a crucial general elections in 2019.

UPDATE: InfomediaNG is happy to inform you that the N-Power 2016 volunteers are to continue in the programme as the FG is planning an enhancement programme for them.

So we expect that Mr. Imoukhuede will be addressing this issue again. Though he had talked about this issue over and over and over again.

And it’s clearly stated that the N-Power Job lasts for a period of two-year, we understand that some beneficiaries are afraid to go back to the labour market.

It must however be stated that some N-power 2016 batch have gained financial freedom along the way, and started their own business. Sipasi Olamilekan is one of them, who is doing a lot of collaborative works with international organisations around the world.

At InfomediaNG, we suspect the opposition is likely to work on the psyche of the beneficiaries to make them believe that they have solution to their problem.

Already some volunteers have created an account on twitter named, “Retain Npower Volunteers”, tagging President Muhammadu Buhari and his vice Prof. Yemi Osinbajo in all their tweets, calling on them to be retained.

In the past few days, the group has tweeted that if they are retained it would enable them support the incumbent government win second term election.

But N-Power was very quick to respond to them on twitter thus:

We have said again and again that the future of our N-Power volunteers matters to us. However, your demand reads like blackmail and that we won’t respond to that. Tying our decision to your electoral choice is not what we do here. You have our best wishes.

We expect the N-power coordinator to address this issue again.

2. NPower 2017 batch discipline

Their are reports that some beneficiaries of the 2017 batch of N-power are not taking their job seriously, and trying to be rude to the head of their PPAs, we look forward to see Mr. Imoukhuede address this issue once again.

3. Truancy by N-Power volunteers and collecting money without working

Some NPower volunteers are out to be receiving Federal Government monthly pay without working. Some of them have been caught while some are still doing so uncaught.

We expect Mr. Imoukhuede to address this issue again.

4. NPower 2017 Deployment schedule

Mr. Imoukhuede addressed the issue of deployment schedule the last time, but some N-Power state focal persons are yet to forward their schedule to N-Power headquarters in Abuja which is going to affect the payment.

You may want to check out the total number of beneficiaries whose state focal person is yet to send their deployment schedule to Abuja.

5. N-Power 2017 two months salaries

As promised by Mr. Imoukhuede in the last chat that volunteers would be paid, thousands of beneficiaries have been paid two successive months (N60,000).

Some are yet to be paid due to inability of their their state focal person to send their deployment schedule. Mr. Imoukhuede will address that issue today again.

You must satisfy certain payment condition before you can be, ensure you check the steps to payment for NPower 2017 out.

When is the chat holding?

It’s some hours away from now, Thursday, October 18th, 2018 at 7pm. Please don’t forget to tune in.

Infomedia Nigeria will also be coming up with transcribed version of the Facebook Live Chat.

Final thought:

While the above are InfomediaNG likely topics, other issues may come up and we hope you tune in.

What Afolabi Imoukhuede said on Facebook Live Chat held on January 8, 2019

Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Job Creation was live on Facebook video chat today, Tuesday, January 8, 2019.

The chat was his first in 2019 with the beneficiaries of the job initiative programme of the current administration and it started by 7PM (1900HOURS) on Facebook.

Highlight of the chat

  • Greetings from the office of Mr President and his vice
  • N-Power 2016 batch
  • Those who haven’t got their N-Power Device
  • Backlog issues
  • 2017 beneficiaries
  • N-Power 2017 Batch and Their Device
  • N-Power creative
  • Using N-Power volunteers in the 2019 election as ad hoc staff


If you missed the chat you have two options to catch up with what the amiable and brilliant Imoukhuede said:

1) By watching the video below

2) If you don’t have enough data you read the transcribed version of Mr Afolabi Imoukhuede Facebook Live Chat

Live Facebook live chat with Mr Imoukhuede

In a social media release, N-Power said:

Good morning.

This evening, join Afolabi I moukhuede for a Facebook LIVE chat to discuss the issues that are important to you. #NPowerNG

We shall be telecasting the LIVE video chat right here on this page. So stay tune! Bookmark this page. So you can easily join the discussion when he come live on air by 7pm today.

Before the live chat we told you the following what to expect from Afolabi Imoukhuede Facebook Live Chat of January 8, 2019

There will definitely about N-Power enhancement programme, which was initiated for the 2016 batch of the job initiative programme

There will also be update about the N-Power 2017 (second batch) who are yet to be paid their August, September, October or have not received any stipend since the commencement and their enrolment in 2018.

As you know, Mr. Imoukhuede is known to update volunteers by giving a breakdown of those that have been paid those who are yet to be paid, and mention reasons why some people are yet to be paid.

The January 8, 2019 Facebook Live Chat with Mr. Afolabi Imoukhuede promises to be informative as usual.

What you can do join the chat

Head straight to Facebook page of N-Power ( there will be a special thread created for the chat

Drop your question and suggestion

Definitely Mr Afolabi will address them when the chat kicks off by 7PM

You can also drop you questions here, we’ll address them if they within our jurisdiction.

After the chat

Transcribed version of Mr Afolabi Imoukhuede Facebook Live Chat held on January 8, 2019

Greetings from the office of Mr President and his vice

I wish you all a happy new year. Greetings from Mr President and his vice president.

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This is also a year of decision,the election is coming up so its important that we also speak to you about this season.

This is going to be a very short chat with you,because its the beginning of the year.


I am sure by now you are comforted because you have received your alerts.

I think by your December alert you can now confirm that your enhancement program has started.

As we have announced since last year December,that you have cried out to Mr president that you don’t want to go back to the street and the president had heard you,however the process of getting you engaged is in process.

There is no straight jacket,we keep engaging your state government,if there is going to be any engagement it will come from your state.

Mr president has agreed and did say he will continue on your enhancement and in a few days on weeks time we will let you know of the various engagement we are having with the private or public sector and even your state government.

Please continue to work,i did get report that most of you in the batch one stopped going to work.

Please retrace your steps and continue to go to work.

If you have outgrown the npower program please resign from the programme. Your next level will start this year so continue your duty diligently.

Those who haven’t got their N-Power Device

I know some of you haven’t gotten your devices,now that most for your payment have been resolved we are banking on the fact that when the the batch 2 starts collecting their device you will get yours.

Issue of backlogs

This is privileged you shouldn’t be rude because we owe you,you should understand that this happened because we tried to pay you but we couldn’t pay you.

So please keep trust with us and don’t try to manipulate the process. We are doing our best to close up on backlogs.

Please reach out to our support lines if you are having issues with your device

BATCH TWO VOLUNTEERS (2017 beneficiaries)

I want to hope that this new year you will achieve a lot,i believe there is a lot you will learn from the batch one.

You have a lot of weight to pull.

Is there is any of you that is still not enrolled note that it might because you have not uploaded you deployment letter or there should be some gaps maybe your state omitted your name when sending the list or the ppa you uploaded is different from the one your state sent to us.

N-Power 2017 Batch and Their Device

We are in the concluding phase,you will get your devices and please understand this a period where most of us are busy in the fields but i will be able to notify you in the coming days or week to go the npower portal to select your device.

N-Power creative

Communication has been going on and in the next few weeks we will be able to communicate a date for your resumption.

2016 N-Power and 2019 election

I am aware that there were considerations but i dont know if they have been finalized. We will let you know if something comes up.

Presidential Election of February 16, 2019

Your commitment should be about building yourself to build your future.

If you agree with me then you must not be part of the election violence.
As you know,the President and his Vice are running fro re-election,and i am proud to endorse them.

Because these are two persons that have shown discipline and you can bank safely with them.

They are doing more for less than while we had more and it was this season of less we engaged you guys and even we rare feeding our school children and even some of the farmer are benefiting from the home grown school feeding program.

Over a 100,000 cooks have also been engaged and most of you also have earn lots of other benefits by partaking in enumerating Nigerians for trademoni and other programs.

I am am proud of the President and i employ you to endorse them too.

When you applied for the NPOWER programme,we didn’t ask you what political affiliation you belong to,this program has been apolitical and if therefore we did all these i therefore have no doubt that you are free as a Nigerian citizen to vote for Mr president and no one should intimidate you.

Even if you choose not to vote,no one is going to force you,the choice is yours.

Facebook Live Chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede Vol 11, July 12, 2017 (Device Distribution)

On July 12, 2017 there was Facebook Live Chat where he welcomes and provides answers to thousands of questions volunteers asked.

We’ve taken our time to transcribed the video chat to enable those who are unable to watch or download the video to catch up with what Mr. Imoukhuede talks about.

This is the 11th series.

Okay, Igonikan Katherin Soye Says “Good evening Sir, please will the distribution of the device on Saturday still hold and if yes, what are the requirements? Thank you Sir for your time ” So, first and foremost, it’s only if you picked AfriOne Npower Tablet for example, I’m sure you picked yours, you’re a volunteer that picked afrione device, afrione device as I speak are currently being pre-loaded in the warehouse in Lagos.

And I think we still on schedule, I’m not sure yet, I need to touch base with the device team, but we would update you even if, again, the announcement was, the dispatch will happen on Saturday, not that you will pick up on Saturday, we’re still going to have to notify you and tell you also where to pick up, so let me say that we should still be able to do our first dispatch by the weekend and then just wait for the (N-power Tablet Device) pick up protocols,we will send each and everyone of you SMS , where to pick up and all you need is to come with your ID, some form of ID that identifies you.

N-power List of Collection Centres and Phone Numbers: How Legit?

Adamma Iwada says “So there is a list going around that Npower released it with numbers and addresses where to collect our devices , please Sir how legit is the list”

No, it’s fake news, we never released that, if you go to your device selection page, what they have released as a list from Npower is actually the service centers of all the providers, so that’s what some, I don’t know what the motivation is, but that’s what some tricky people do.

So what they went is each of the 8 online providers have provided their service centers and that was provided to you to inform your choice, so that at least if I’m living in Abuja,and I want to pick a device vendor, perhaps part of my motivation would be a device vendor that has a service center in Abuja.

So that was the reason why as part of the information that was released by all the vendors , they provided their service centers across Nigeria, now some, are fraudulent ,tricky person has gone to take all of that to say that it’s our pick up information, its fake news so please just wait to hear from us, you know all the official handles, if you’re listening to me on this medium, it tells me that you know that this is our official handle, so wait to get information from us, everyone of you .

N-Power 2017 Application Process | Vol. 7: Transcribed July 12, 2017 Facebook Live Chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede

This is volume 7 of the chat, where Mr. Afolabi speaks on Npower 2017 Applications Process

2017 Application Process | Vol. 7: Transcribed July 12 Facebook Live Chat with Afolabi Imoukhuede

2017 Application Process

I think the live feeds I’m seeing here are questions regarding 2017 applications , I would deal with that now , so 2017 ,my fellow brothers and sisters ,yes, June 13 was the date in 2017 , when we said countdown to Npower going live , we went live and in less than maybe 28hrs , Npower 2017 application process will become history.

It’s been a good work ,the last one month and I want to thank every one of you that has commended our efforts , the technical team has worked very hard, night and day to ensure you have what you call hassle free application process , I’m glad that a lot of you were able to , a lot of you had a seamless experience with our application process this time around , I think we have our technical team and all our stakeholders to thank for that.


But basically, let me walk us through the process. The application is just your first step, and this time around is also very competitive, my last count last night I think we have 2.2million applications at the moment, we wonder what number we are going to close, but, be that as it may, there is a journey in the process, first is the application which you’ve done and the next is your BVN validation, for the very reason why a lot of you from 2016 have complained “I’ve not been paid” is the reason why we are going to ensure this time around that we do the BVN validation even before you continue your N-Power journey .

We want to ensure that everyone that finally gets into the next phase of selection are those who already have matching records so that those who eventually get pre-selected and they go through physical verification and end up being final selected volunteers would have no payment issue from day one. How wonderful will that be? I mean my goal is to ensure that your friends, the 130,814 of you who have enjoyed unbroken payment history and experience with N-Power, that is the experience of every single one of you in the 2017 batch.

BVN Validation

That’s really what we want, that’s the N-Power experience, and so the next step is going to be BVN validation once your details are valid , you would then get an SMS and an invitation to go and write your test ,now let me say that yes we did put out a test guide , please don’t hold us to that test guide anymore for now ,we are focused on scaling up our BVN validation because the applications that have come in are huge, significantly huge numbers compared to what we had last year , so we decided to focus our effort on scaling up the BVN Validation such that whence we commence the testing process again it would now be without a break , so, therefore, the point is yes, some of us are still writing tests, we did not stop the test entirely.

How do I know if I’m among the people that failed validation?

But we slowed down on the guide so it’s right to say that the guide is somewhat stepped down, but from Monday expect a revised guide, as we would be ramping up on the speed for the tests. Now, ”How do I know if I’m among the people that failed validation” , you will also get a text message. so what it means, therefore, is from stage 1 is the application process which a lot of you have done to stage 3 which is testing process ,the stage 2 there, you would get an SMS.

The proof of stage 2 which is BVN Validation is an SMS, you either get an SMS to say “Congratulations , go and write your test….” Or “Congratulations, we wish you success in your future endeavor because your application journey has been terminated here due to non matching records “

SMS Notification for Assessment

So what is important is this: You would get a text message or an SMS message inviting you to go and write your test. If you have not gotten that SMS message, you know the message you’re going to get? You would get an invalid error message . So if you didn’t get an SMS Message and you go on to the portal and attempt to want to write your test ,what you would get will be invalid message , so I’ve seen a lot of feeds that are talking about “oh I went to write the test, I got an invalid message” Yes , because you are jumping the gun , please in 2017, we have too many people that have applied .

I think it’s important that ability to follow instructions, ability to listen, ability to read, understand and follow every instruction would be selection criteria. Remember that you are going into employment, this employability enhancement program at the end of your two years , that which your employers who would end up being your employers, what they are looking for is what we call employability skills.

And clearly listening skills, understanding skills, critical thinking skills, critical reasoning skills, ability to follow instructions, those are skill sets that every employer is looking for in a valuable employee , so please , take this as your testing ground, stop texting messages like “oh, I’ve not been able to write my test” when you haven’t gotten an SMS invitation, stop sending messages that you’ve gotten error message when you have not even gotten SMS invitation.

We already told you if you don’t get an SMS invitation and you go to write the test, you would get an invalid message, that’s it.


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