Canada Express Entry Draw (Latest Update)

According to immigration expert, express entry is one of the best ways to immigrate to Canada. In this post, I’ll share with you the best practices to get Invitation to Apply (ITA) and make the pool of the Canada Express Entry Draw.

In later part of this post, I’ll also tell you Canada Express Draw for 2020, and thankfully, the Canadian government has introduced what is known as “The Nigerian Student Express (NSE)” pilot to cater for the number of Nigerian students who aspire to further their studies in that country every year.

This post shall be updated every time about EE draw, so let’s get started and what and what to do in making your immigration to Canada a reality.

What is Canada Express Entry?

Canadian Express Entry program, CEE for short, is the country’s new system for managing immigration applications for several of Canada’s economic immigrant programs.

Skilled people like you, who meet the criteria for at least one of Canada’s immigration programs are given the privilege to formally express their interest in becoming a permanent resident of Canada. This is done through express entry draw every year.

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What makes Express Entry the most used medium of immigrating to Canada is that provinces and territories, as well as eligible employers in Canada directly source for workers from the Express Entry pool.

The beauty of this is that when you (candidate) receive an eligible job offer or an enhanced provincial nomination, you’ll have a significant number of points thereby giving your Express Entry score another major boost.

Components of Canada Express Entry

  • Federal Skilled Worker,
  • Canadian Experience Class,
  • Federal Skilled Trades.
  • Student Express

How can I be added to Express Entry pool?

You can be added to CEE 2018 pool by simply creating Express Entry profile, which is 100% free and done on Canada’s dedicated immigration portal.

Once you are added to the Express Entry pool, you will then be scored according to the program’s point-based Comprehensive Ranking System, also known as CRS. Your score determines your rank within the pool.

The latest ranking factor that could boost your CRS score is if you have a family in Canada, even though that’s not the only ranking determinants.

If you have an impressive score, usually highest scores, will then be invited to apply to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents.

Actionable moves that can help your CEE chances:

  1. Contact one of your friends or family members in Canada to share their experiences with you.
  2. Get the services of a Canadian immigration lawyer who can help you take the necessary steps before and during your application to maximize your chances of success.
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How do I know if I’m invited for CEE?

When you create your Express Entry profile, your email becomes a medium of communication. Any time you have update in your CEE profile you’ll get the update in your inbox.

Make sure you use an active email address, and ensure to check your inbox at least once or twice per day.

As earlier stated, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) invites the highest ranking candidates from the Express Entry pool to apply for expedited Canadian immigration on regular bases via what is officially known as “rounds of invitations.”It is called Canadian Express Entry draw.

What’s the trick of qualifying for Express Entry?

Don’t let anyone deceive you that he has the best tactics of immigrating to Canada. The known trick to get ITA (Invitation to Apply) is to rank near the top of the pool. You must have high score in the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System.

CEE is based on these factors:

  • Your qualification (education),
  • Language abilities,
  • Listening skills,
  • Skills,
  • Work experience,
  • Ability in English or French.

A variety of other elements that are known to help you achieve your goal in Canada while contributing your own quota to Canadian economy directly or indirectly.

In 2017, Canada targeted 71, 700 immigrants through the same immigration option.

Express Entry target admissions:

2017: 71, 700

2018: 74, 900

2019: 81, 400

2020: 85, 800

In Express Entry Draw February 21, 2018, the Canadian Immigration Office invited 3,000 applicants to apply for permanent residence.

How can I immigrate to Canada legally?

We already wrote a complete guide on how to relocate and work in Canada in one of our posts.

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Duration for Permanent Residency in Canada

If you’re (Express Entry Canada immigration applicant) picked out of the pool during a “round of invitations” (Express Entry draw), you will be given an Invitation to Apply for Canada PR. Once given an ITA, you have 90 days to submit your application for Canadian permanent residency.

Ready to open your express entry profile?

Go to the official portal of the Canadian Immigration

3,900 new PR candidates invited by Canada (March 2020)

A few days ago, the Canadian Government sent an invitation to 3,900 Express Entry candidates to apply for Permanent Residency (PR) in its 2020 Express Entry latest draw with a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 471.

Recall that score is a point higher than the previous draw held in February, which had a minimum score of 470.

Of importance is the fact that the number of Nigerians who want to study in Canada has increased tremendously.

This has triggered the government of Canada to introduce a new pilot program aimed at helping study permit applicants for Nigerians, it’s known as “Nigerian Student Express (NSE)”.

Aim of Nigerian Student Express

The aim is to reduce the process involved in acquiring study permits for Nigerians from an average of eight weeks to 20 days.

Target for 2020 is 85,800, interestingly, the Canadian Government has started issuing larger numbers of invitations in every draw.

In 2020, the total number of ITAs issued is 18,700, indicating a 21.79% achievement so far at the time of this report (March 14, 2020).

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