How SARS Killed And Secretly Buried Momodu Ibrahim

Revealed: How SARS Unlawfully Killed And Secretly Buried Momodu Ibrahim In 2013

In one of the countless extrajudicial killings by the disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Ebohon Egbe Rebecca revealed how officials of SARS killed his brother in 2013 and secretly buried him.

Momodu Ibrahim, an undergraduate student at the University of Benin (UNIBEN) and the only son of his family was killed for a crime he didn’t commit and was secretly buried by the police to cover up their heinous act.

How SARS Killed And Secretly Buried Momodu Ibrahim

Momodu Ibrahim had gone out, promised his loving family members to be back before the end of the day. He never knew that would the last his parents and siblings would see of him.

Momodu Ibrahim was killed in most cruel circumstances by members of SARS who were on one of their dehumanising patrons. About 50 Nigerians had been killed unlawfully by the police in less than ten years.

Ebohon’s revelation is one of the hundreds of untold hardship stories innocent and hardworking Nigerians passed through in the hands of those who were paid to protect Nigerians but ended up robbing, maiming, and killing those who paid taxes so that their salaries could be paid.

Not every Nigerian has the chance to tell their ordeal in the hands police officers on the roads across Nigeria.

In fact, some of them are thieves in official uniform. They lack human feelings. Compassion isn’t in their dictionary while they treat fellow citizens like slaves in their country.

How SARS killed Momodu Ibrahim In 2013

In a series of a Facebook post shared by Ebohon Egbe Rebecca recounted how her 22-year-old brother went out but never returned.

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The family never knew their beloved son had wrongfully been accused of been an armed robber and killed him in the process.

According to her, her 22-year-old boy went missing on the May 27, 2013, same day he was killed by the police after been accused of been on the scene of a robbery and was unlawfully buried the second day.

How his family knew he had been killed

Ebohon stated that their Mum went to file a report of a missing person on May 29, 2013 at a nearby police station. It was at the station she was told her son dead and buried.

Court says Momodu Ibrahim was innocent and unlawfully executed by SARS

The family was lucky to get a pro bono which helped unravel the extrajudicial killing of the innocent boy.

“On 2nd June, 2013 (5 days after we got to know of his death), Pharez Okpere connected us to Mummy Ladyd Ladyalpha who was so kind to allow us to come on air on a program she anchor every Sunday afternoon to express our grief and let the people know how police have murdered and buried my Brother.

“After the program, we were told not to go with them to the station (probably because they didn’t want us to cause a scene).

“They met with the dpo Carol Afegbai and on questioning, she told them how she was the one who shot my Brother on the leg and he bled to death before daybreak. She even took them to the scene where she said it happened. It is a 2 minutes trek to our house.

“But to my shock, she changed her story after my Brother was exhumed from the shallow grave they buried him, it was seen that he was shot 3 times from the back at close range, and Amadin Idahosa was immediately dismissed as the person who shot and killed my Brother.

“Everyone who know the truth of why and how my Brother was murdered but not saying it out will be hunted by my Brother’s soul.”

She said some activists: Kola Edokpayi, Pharez Okpere, and Yusuf Bukhari came to pay her family a condolence visit on May 30, 2013.

“… and when they were briefed, it did not sit well with them. They dragged the case until his body was exhumed and kept in the mortuary for 3 years until the court finally proved he was innocent.”

She recounts, “Momodu Ibrahim was our ‘General’. He was murdered by the Nigeria police on 27th May, 2013 at the age of 22. And buried by the police on the 28th May, 2013.

“The police wrote a letter to the LG office stating that he was a criminal who was caught at the scene of a robbery operation ( … my Brother was not a criminal), before going to bury him.

“On 29th May, 2013, my Mother went to Textile Mill road police station to report that her son was missing (without knowing that he has been buried )… we later got to know that we will never see him again.”

Did the police pay damages?

Extrajudicial killings among security officials in Nigeria is a regular concurrence. They are not held accountable for their action except for rare cases when an accused is a privilege to have legal aid.

In most cases, orders of the courts are thrown in the dustbin by security officials even when court rules a petitioner be compensated.

An unconfirmed report says Amadin Idahosa who shot the deceased is currently serving his jail at Oko prison in Benin.

Though the family of Momodu Ibrahim didn’t mention if the police pay for damages or compensation, but Ebohon noted that good samaritan though their legal assistance saw the case to a logical conclusion.

“…my Brother get justice and I am grateful that my Brother’s name was cleared that he was not a robber.”

She thanked Barr. Jefferson Uwoghiren, Kola Edokpayi, Pharez Okpere, and Yusuf Bukhari for their support.

Momodu Ibrahim lives on!

“He used to tell my Mom then “forget this car wey you get so, I go buy you jeep. I go build upstairs for you”… They didn’t allow him to fulfil it.

“Momodu Ibrahim must hunt you for the rest of your life. His innocent spirit will torment you for life. We keep doing our best to make my Mum happy as she never recovers from her only Son’s murder by the Nigeria Police,” she said.

At the time of this report, #EndSars protest continues to spread across the country and across other countries across the World.

Family members of those unlawfully killed by the terror police unit want justice while millions of other Nigerian youths want an end to impunity and want their leader to be accountable.

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