Advert Rate

Advert Rate

Last updated on January 1st, 2019 at 04:13 pm

Advert rate on InfomediaNG

Advertising on Infobase is an opportunity to reach a huge Nigerian youth and others audience across Africa.

Since the creation of this platform in 2015 we’ve become go-to source of information and guide for N-power job initiative programme of the Federal Government, and problem-solving tips on travel, cryptocurrency and youth empowerment tips.

Nigerian, and the entire Africa is a huge market, so you can advertise your business, products, goods and services to our entire audience and readership through the following ways:

-Sponsored post

1) CPM

(cost per mille also known as Cost per thousand impressions) you only pay for the number impressions generated for your Ads. When the duration of your placement elapsed your ads will be removed.

1000 impressions=N500

Minimum of impressions advertiser can buy is 15,0000

This means N500X15=N7,500
30,000 impressions=N15,000
45,000 impressions=N22,500
60,000 impressions=N30,000 etc

For CPM , we offer

  • skyscraper: 160X160
  • Banner: 300X250
  • Leaderboard: 728X90
  • Standard Text Link Ads


Banner Size 160 X 600 pixels:

Appears on the left inset of the home page. Your banner will be posted on the infomediaNG site and rotated with other banners currently on display.

Banner Size 300 X 250 pixels:

Appears on the right side of the home page and all pages on the site. Your banner will be posted on infomediaNG and rotated with other banners currently on display.

Banner Size 728 X 90 pixels:

Appears on the top right conner of the homepage and all pages on the site.Your banner will be posted our site and rotated with other banners currently on display

Materials for Banner ads can be in jpeg and gif format. All materials must be delivered e-mail.

You can tell a graphic person to design the HTML code of such banner for you or talk to us we can talk to one of our in-house designers at a cheaper rate.

2) Sponsored post:

The advertiser writes including photo and full description of his goods and serviced and send a specific content about his/her product by putting his contact details there.

Sponsored post doesn’t get delected. It remains there unless the advertiser demands its removal.

The cost of sponsored post is fifty thousand Naira (N50,000) for big organizations; SMEs enjoy great discount paying less, use the contact below to reach us.

Please note that articles to be published as sponsored post must be submitted for verification and approval before payments are made.

All sponsored posts are also shared on our six major social media platforms.

Thanks for your interest in Infomedia Ad.

For more questions, clarifications on Web Advert Details, please contact:

Ope Quadri
Director of Publications
WhatsApp/Call: 0706 698 0489


Anthony Amenaghawon

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