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Last updated on April 26th, 2018 at 06:12 am

How to Advertise on Infobase

Advertising on Infobase is a unique opportunity to reach a huge Nigerian youths, and others audience across Africa.

Since the creation of this platform in 2015 we’ve been able to target Nigerian youths, who applied for N-power job initiative programme of the Federal Government.

Since then they’ve been using this platform as information portal to get solutions to their application problemsĀ and challenges.

Why this should be important to you as an advertiser?

This means we have a platform through which you can reach millions of Nigerian youths.

Our mission is to consistently add significant value to the day-to-day needs of Nigerian web users in terms of information, education, and entertainment.

Vision: aims to be the largest Nigerian online media platform for information, education and entertainment in a problem-solving way.

What we can offer you

Nigerian, and the entire Africa is a huge market, so you can advertise your business to our entire audience and readership through the following ways:

  1. Sponsored Posts
    2. Standard Text Link Ads
    3. Standard Banner Ads: 300 X 250, 160 X 600

How we display Banner Ads:

1) 300 X 250: This ad size will appear above each blog post and all pages on our site, and rotated with other banners currently on display, depending on duration of your Ad.

2) 160 X 600 will appear below each blog post and rotated with other banners currently on display.

Instruction on sponsored post
Sponsored post must be submitted for verification and approval.

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