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8 Mobile Banking Innovations Africa Should Watch out for

There are some mobile banking innovations Africa should watch out for. In this post we’ll reveal some of the innovations to you.

Here are 8 Mobile Banking Innovations Africa Should Work on as we step into 2015

African banks have not done badly in mobile banking, particularly in the area of bill payment, funds transfer, secure payments, booking tickets, airtime recharge, and social banking. read more

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30 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online and Offline

There are hundreds of legitimate ways to make money online but we’re going to dwell more on only just 30 of them, which are practicable in Nigeria.

More than 70% of the money-making tips you’ll find here has been tested and proven to work, while some of them are based on inspiration we got from Owen Burek’s Make Money on savethestudent.org which you can also try. read more

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