CBN-SANEF POS for Exited N-Power Beneficiaries Who Want to Be Mobile Money Agents

Benue State NEXIT List (Download)

Last updated on December 29th, 2022 at 06:06 am

The NEXIT training consultant for Benue State Africa Community former Staff Development Bridge Foundation has released the list of shortlisted applicants it will be training in the state.

The applicants will undergo entrepreneurship AGSMEIS and how to utilise the CBN-backed loan for the qualified exited N-Power beneficiaries in the state.

As usual, the Benue list contains 1950 people like in other states.

You are advised to check the serial numbers, email addresses, and the local government are against your name.

In case of a complaint, kindly contact the training consultant in Benue state on 07039005551.

Below is the list those who made the Benue State NEXIT list.

  1. Patience Agaba
  2. Vihi Teryisa
  3. Oloja Otene
  4. Cecilia Ogbewu
  5. Iorwua Michael
  6. Gema Kwaghbula
  7. Kwaghbee Uchwen
  8. Dzer Terver
  9. Terseer Tile
  10. Phoebe Uma
  11. Nyityo Miriam
  12. Iornav Kelvin
  13. Igbanongo Msendoo
  14. Oku Agudu
  15. Edwin Emmanuel
  16. Iortyom Alexander
  17. Yataver Alfred
  18. Iorpev Jev
  19. Achihi Oryina
  20. Akper Rachel
  21. Odeeh Adoga
  22. Cecilia Atabo
  23. Zainab Hassan
  24. Samson Ojima
  25. Okoh Andrew
  26. Inyamtyamen Isaac
  27. Ahobee Terdoo
  28. Patience Abawulo
  29. Ashichivir Iorlaha
  30. Daniel Ogejuma
  31. Terngu Abata
  32. Kayode Ojobo
  33. Nguuma Chagbe
  34. Princess Mimido Ornguga
  35. Ezekiel Olom
  36. Gyakpo Terwase
  37. Ichonya Adekpe
  38. Patrick Agboko
  39. Fidelis Aor
  40. Agundu Sesugh
  41. Aondowase Asase
  42. Nenkewe Ameewua
  43. Otokpa Orinya
  44. Simon Idigba
  45. Ate Terkuma
  46. Pev Terumbur
  47. Dennis Mbatsav
  48. Grace Ogebe
  49. Wuese Asema
  50. Samber Terna
  51. Iyua Doowuese
  52. Kunde Vera
  53. Obogo Akwaji
  54. Jacob Eigege
  55. Abah Onjefu
  56. Agena Teryila
  57. Mhenuter Akaakase
  58. Stephen Ikyo
  59. Bulus Ladi
  60. Swende Msugh
  61. Iorliam Ezekiel
  62. Dorathy Amase
  63. Oibe Odeh
  64. Ejembi Peter
  65. Tor-Adza Tertsea
  66. Ayev Terungwa
  67. Rosemary Swem
  68. Angbulu Adeyi
  69. Emmanuel Ogah
  70. Nelson Ochoche
  71. Utoboro Simon
  72. Ochechema Joseph
  73. Terungwa Yisa
  74. Akpensuen Samuel
  75. Adah Samuel
  76. Lubem Mase
  77. Seun Olorunfemi
  78. Echoda Edache
  79. Godwin Ella
  80. Okeme Emmanuel
  81. Iji Ichiko
  82. Eworo Ochi
  83. Tsavhee Taapo
  84. Moses Adeyongo
  85. Precious Ochigbano
  86. Gbanmban Terkimbi
  87. Kangkemwa Aliyu
  88. Akor Peter
  89. Abi Ediwe
  90. Abuh Sunday
  91. Arubi Ola
  92. Abiner Timothy
  93. Yahaya Dahiru
  94. Udeh Friday
  95. Uyila Aondoawase
  96. Nguakwagh Mwarga
  97. Daniel Omenka
  98. David Ogbu
  99. Tarlumun Hembeve
  100. Nguher Ikyaaer
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If your name is not on the first 100 names above, you can download the Benue list of nexit online

You can also check the list of NEXIT training venues in each of the 36 states including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Please pay attention to your security. Watch out for unsolicited emails and messages.


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