How To Check NEXIT Training Eligibility Status With *45665# NSIP USSD Code

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After 18 months of waiting, exited N-Power beneficiaries of batch A and B can now check their NEXIT eligibility status to know if they are have been shortlisted for the training.

UPDATE: The NEXIT training will commence on Monday, March 14, 2022, according to Nneka Ikem, Special Assistant, Media and Publicity to the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development. Already NEXIT list for FCT and other states are out and candidates can now check the date and venue of their training.


How To Check NEXIT Training Status

To check if you’ve been shortlisted for the training, dial the NEXIT dedicated USSD code *45665# (NSIP information service) on or before Friday, February 4, 2022. The statement also said you must “indicate your availability to take part in the programme.”

You can check the NEXIT training centres and list of shortlisted applicants in all the 36 states in one of our articles

Sample of message you’re most likely going to get:

“Dear Jaja Naanaa (Oyo) you have been shortlisted for NEXIT Batch 1 training in February. Please confirm your availability for the training”.

Press Confirm

“Dear Jana Naanaa, you have successfully confirmed your availability in February”

If you are not shortlisted and your record is in the NSIP database, the message you’d get is:

“You have not been shortlisted for the NEXIT batch 1. Please try later”

What is NEXIT?

NEXIT means N-Power Exited beneficiaries which were put in place by the Federal Government to enrol Batch A (200,000) and B (300,000) in other available government programmes after their 2-year duration elapsed.

The scheme was organised by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development in partnership with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to enable them to benefit from the CBN empowerment options.

The pioneer beneficiaries of the programme spend three years while batch B who were enrolled in 2017 were exited in May 2020.

Delayed Promise

The government had made several promises after exiting the former beneficiaries that they would not go back to the street and launched a portal for the 500,000 exited beneficiaries to apply for their exit packages.

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In September 2021, Hajiya Sadiya Umar Farouq, the minister managing the N-Power Programme, the largest youth empowerment scheme in Nigeria, had promised that training would commence for the exited beneficiaries by October 2021 and a business module would be made available for them.

During the launch of the NEXIT portal, the minister said, those who concluded the 2-year job programme would be able to access permanent job opportunities or business prospects “in line with the N-power exit strategy now activated by the Buhari administration.”

How *45665# NSIP USSD Code Works For Technical Support

In August 2021, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development during the official onboarding process of batch c stream 1 had announced that NSIP secured the USSD code for the beneficiaries for technical support.

Sadiya Farouq stated that beneficiaries who have issues can dial a secured N-Power USSD code *45665#  to get technical support. It is also used for checking NEXIT training eligibility status.

She said the shortcode is to ensure that the challenges of communication are addressed as it relates to limitations on information flow and internet access across the country.

How does the NSIP code work?

InfomediaNG, put the code to test and we discovered that it’s a communication code secured through the Nigerian Communication Communication (NCC) in conjunction with major mobile network providers.

If you dial the code, you’d get a popup message “welcome to NSIP service. Select the programme from the list below”

The code supports the following subsidiaries of the National Social Investments Programme:

  1. N-Power
  2. GEEP
  3. HGSFP
  4. S4J

N-Power is designed to reduce the rate of unemployment among Nigerian youths, it started in 2016, and the enrolment process of the batch C is ongoing. Beneficiaries would be paid N30,000 as monthly stipends.

For the batch c stream 1 to use the *45665#  code, select “1” where you would be required to enter your Bank Verification Number (BVN)

Select your selection status


GEEP means Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme. It’s a micro-lending intervention for artisans, enterprising youth, traders, farmers and market women by making available for them interest-free loans between 10,000 and 100,000.

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HGSFP means Home Grown School Feeding Programme (HGSF). It targets primary school pupils for free and balanced feeding in order to increase school enrollment.


S4J means Skills For Job. It is aimed at increasing the level of skill acquisitions among Nigerian youth so as to reduce unemployment.

All the aforementioned programmes can be accessed using the NSIP USSD code



What Would NEXIT Beneficiaries Be Doing?

Some people were curious if it’s time for them to fill some of the vacancies at the NNPC, juicy ministries and agencies in Abuja.

But the minister said some of them would be trained as agents for CBN’s baby pet financial inclusion project called Shared Agent Network Expansion Facility (SANEF).

“200,000 will serve as SANEF agents over 30,000 have already been engaged as geospatial experts and enumerators in the Economic Sustainability Plan’s Mass Agric programme, while several others will have the option of benefiting from the GEEP micro-enterprise loans,” she said.

What’s the process of checking NEXIT Training Eligibility Status?

First, check your status if you are eligible or not. If you’re eligible, you will get another SMS and press confirm.

I’m told I have not been shortlisted, what do I do?

The training scheduled for February 2022 is the first batch, the procedure for the second batch will be announced by the ministry.

SP service isn’t working, what is the problem?

You may get this error if you’re forcibly exited before the enrolment for the NEXIT programme or check back, it could be a network problem.

Is NEXIT USSD free to use?

No, the ministry charges NGN30 per check. If you checked twice, you’d be charged NGN60.

I was shortlisted but didn’t get a confirmation message, what should I do?

You’re to get a confirmation message after indicating availability. If you didn’t get it, dial the USSD code again, indicate availability and wait to receive the confirmation and press confirm.
You’ll be charged NGN60 for the service.

I have lost the phone number I used for N-Power registration, what can I do?

What I got is “error completing your request”, what should I do?

It could be a network problem. Reboot your phone. Alternatively, deactivate Do Not Disturb (DND) on your line and dial the NEXIT ussd code again. That should resolve the problem.


When is NPower nexit training date?

The management is yet to fix a specific date for the training. The statement only says, “1st batch of NEXIT Training will commence in February 2022”. It may start any time.

How can I download nexit training list?

There is no training list anywhere. The only means to check your eligibility is by dialling the *45665#. Although, hundreds of exited beneficiaries said it would have been better to have a dedicated portal for beneficiaries in each state to check if they are shortlisted.

They believe that the NSIP USSD code is another exploitative way by the ministry. Using the USSD code isn’t free.

What Lies Ahead

2022 has been described by political analysts as a campaign year ahead of the 2023 general elections, as such, it’s expected that government will roll out a lot of enticing programmes or bring back to life the long-forgotten promises made before the end of 2022.

Whether it’s a campaign for votes or not, it’s important to dial *45665# on your phone to check your NEXIT Training Eligibility Status.

You may also get an error message like, “Your N-Power record not found.” We’ve also seen beneficiaries who got different messages after using the NSIP information service.


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