How To Make N500K Per Month On Opera News Hub By Creating Original Content

top 50 Highest Earners on Opera News Hub June 2021 infomediang

Don’t copy and paste other people’s work, be creative, listen and read news, create your own unique content from it, head straight to the hub, and hit publish. You can earn as much as N500, 000 if you can perfectly do this.  While you continue to create content and earn on the hub, in another … Read more

Adsense Auto ads replaces page-level ads, will it benefit publishers?

Adsense has replaced its page-level feature with Auto Ads, but how beneficial will it be to your blog, will it really improve your earnings? If you were using page level ads before, then you’ll automatically be migrated to auto ads, meaning you don’t need to do anything again. It worth trying if you haven’t, we’ve … Read more

What is Safe CTR in Google Adsense

Is there really anything like Safe CTR in Google Adsense? This question is imperative because I’ve read some young webmasters expressing fears about the percentage of (Adsense) Ads that are clicked on their website. But first.. What is CTR The abbreviation CTR stands for Click Through Rate. Simply put, it is the number of times … Read more

10 Blog Niches That Are Profitable in Nigeria

Blog Niches That Are Profitable in Nigeria

After the pandemic, work-from-home jobs have increased significantly. More people know they can make a living by sharing their experience and expertise with readers. In this post, we would share with you some profitable niche blogs you can set up and start earning by monetizing your blog. Note: Blogging requires hard work, dedication and perseverance. … Read more

CPC Drops Across AdSense Publishers, Google says Advertisers are Responsible

Over the past three days, publishers have complained about a massive drop in Cost Per Click in their Google Adsense. On Google Adsense forum, publishers complained about drop in their CPC. But this hasn’t affected all publishers as one of them says her CPC has been great than ever. “Cost Per Click (CPC) refers to the … Read more