EUR/NGN Exchange Rate

EUR/NGN Exchange Rate May 3, 2022

As the second-most traded currency for international transactions, the Euro (EUR) has always been one of the hottest currencies in the forex market among Nigerians. And at the exchange market on Tuesday, May 3, 2022, the rate varies, depending on where and how buyers sought them.

EUR/NGN CBN Exchange Rate

According to the updated rate on the official website of the Central Bank of Nigeria at the close of trading on May 3, 2022, EUR/NGN was NGN438.4282

The rate on the CBN site shows a gap of at least NGN192 between the CBN rate and the parallel market, according to the rates monitored online and on the streets of Lagos.

EUR/NGN Black Market Rate

In the free-for-all market popularly called the black market, the rate is between NGN620 to NGN630.

Security tips: When trading forex in Nigeria, take your personal safety seriously.


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