Fact Check: Will N-Power Batch C Get Device from FG?

Since the N-Power batch C kick-started, there are reports by some online blogs that devices would be given to the beneficiaries of the youth empowerment programme.

Specifically, the claim is titled, “N-Power Device 2021 for Batch C: Device Selection and Collection Centres”. When we fact-checked the report, it turned out to be fake news.

In fact, some of the online platforms that published the story when back to republish the 2017 news about Npower device which is no longer relevant because the federal government has no plan, doesn’t have the budget to give devices to its batch c beneficiaries

The idea behind N-Power Device:

In 2016 when the Federal Government officially launched the youth empowerment programme, it promised to give each of the 250,000 graduate beneficiaries the latest device.

And by 2017, the federal government fulfilled its promise by designating several collection centres in each state across Nigeria. And before then, the option to select a device of their choice was activated on their N-Power portal (as it was called back then)

The available devices were Afrione 2-in-1, Speedstar windows tablet, Zinox Zpad tablet, Tecno Droid Pad 10D, Samsung Tab E, Brian N-power iPad 1, RLG Tablet, Floss Signatures tablet, and HP (was later dropped). You can see the list of devices that were available for first batch of N-Power beneficiaries in one of our posts.

It was capital intensive. It was the first such exercise to be implemented by Nigeria’s government. For instance, Tecno Droid Pad 10D was valued at NGN97,000 while Samsung Tab E has a market value of NGN100,000 as of 2017.

The essence of the devices was to assist beneficiaries to discharge their duties at their places of primary assignment. The devices had various syllabus for N-Teach, useful agriculture apps for N-Agro, and world standard health assistance apps for N-health.

At a time, the beneficiaries were directed to use the device as a register using the geo-location features.

Did N-Power Batch B (2017) Get Devices?

Devices were not given to batch B who came on board in 2017. Already, the federal government had declared that it was facing financial challenges to undertake such a huge distribution of devices again.

As such, no device was given to the N-Power batch B.

Will Device be given to N-Power batch C?

The Federal Government doesn’t plan to give devices to its latest N-Power batch C beneficiaries. When InfomediaNG check the news section NASIMS, which is the official portal for the administration and coordination of Social Investment Programmes, there was no news about devices for npower batch c.

NASIMS means National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) which is managed by one of the agencies under the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development.

Again, checks on the social media platforms of N-Power didn’t say anything about any device for batch c. The device report is one of the many fake news being circulated by unscrupulous elements online.

There was fake news about N-Power batch D recruitment sometime in October 2021, there was another fake news about payment for N-Power beneficiary monitoring form which was circulated early November until NPowerNG on Facebook tagged it as fake news.

As such, the report of “NPower Batch C Device Delivery Updates” is fake news and should be discarded.


At the time of this report, Sunday, December 12, 2021, the government was still owing batch c beneficiaries at least two months salaries. As such, a government that can’t meet its financial obligation can not give out devices worth billions of naira to the npower batch C. The report about devices for N-Power batch C should be ignored


The Federal Government of Nigeria is in serious debt and it has been trying to cut costs. It can’t give device at this critical time. In fact, the government is already finding it difficult to pay the salaries of its workers at the right time.

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Since the N-Power batch C kick-started, there are reports by some online blogs that devices would be given to the beneficiaries of the youth empowerment programme.

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