NASIMS block my account i can not write test

NASIMS Complaint Email For N-Power Batch C, Issues And Solutions

Last updated on August 6th, 2023 at 06:37 am

Since the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Social Development announced the creation of the National Social Investment and Information Management System (NASIMS) for N-Power batch C, hundreds of the applicants have been facing a series of issues.

From accessing the NASIMS portal to how to contact the support centre for help and to updating their profile before taking the test.

What is NASIMS?

NASIMS means National Social Investment and Information Management System for managing the data of applicants and beneficiaries under the National Social Investment Program in Nigeria.

The NSIP is a social welfare initiative created by the Federal government of Nigeria in 2015 by President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC government.

There was N-Power portal for 2016 and 2017, but that has changed, the portal for the management of the N-Power batch C is NASIMS

What can I do within the NASIMS Portal?

All applicants in 2020 are expected to log in to the NASIMS portal to update their data.

How can I login?

If you are a first-timer, you have to click on forget the password, enter the email for the 2020 registration, check your inbox, click on it to reset your password and login to start the process.

Can I use the password I used during 2020 registration to login to NASIMS?

NASIMS Password reset infomediaNG

No, you have to reset your password. This is because the data on the N-Power application portal have been migrated to the NASIMS portal, as such reset and start the process.

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The password you use in December for setup is INVALID the applicant’s data has been migrated to a completely new domain, the reason for resetting the password

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How can I update my profile?

Follow the process below to update your NASIMS profile:

  • Click Reset password,
  • Check inbox for the password reset link.
  • Use a combination of different characters and symbols as a password to avoid error (e.g OkorieQ$&)
  • Gain access
  • Click update profile
  • Insert your BVN to validate data
  • Upload your documents for validation
  • Click submit and note your NASIMS ID
  • Click go back to profile or click take test if you’re ready for the test

Unable to update my account, it keeps saying, “something went wrong, please try again”

You may experience this error while trying to submit your updated profile, if that’s the case, follow these tips to get it done:

Check all the required fields to be sure you filled them. Then check if your passport is showing. You may need to upload your passport too before you can submit

Keep trying and ensure the file size doesn’t exceed 200kb. Most time, you’ll have to change your passport

How to write Batch C test

If you’re ready to take the test, we have some likely questions to guide you, click take the test. Here are some of the things you need to know about the nasims online test.

This test is time base and you are expected to answer 20 questions in 10 mins.

  • You can’t retake the test after submission
  • You cannot skip any question
  • Every question is allotted an equal score
  • If you are timed out after the third attempt without submitting, you will not be able to take the test again.
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NOTE: Don’t click on go back once test is started.

Complete the question and hit submit

That’s all.

My NASIMS account has been blocked

NASIMS block my account i can not write test

If your account is blocked during the test, that means you can’t proceed. Send a complaint to the support email immediately.

I have a problem in NASIMS portal to write test, saying my account is blocked

If your account is blocked and unable to write NASIMS test, kindly send complaint to

How can I download N-Power list for batch C?

There is no official list for the N-Power batch list. If you applied when the portal was accepting applications and successfully submitted, head straight to the NASIMS portal, use the email for registration, reset your password and complete other selection procedure.

What’s NASIMS Complaint Email

If you face any issue In course of updating your profile, send complaints to support.npower at

NASIMS Support Phone Numbers

You can get support by calling any of the following numbers:

  • 01888340
  • 092203102
  • 018888148
  • 018888189

What other issues are you facing? Share them with us.


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235 thoughts on “NASIMS Complaint Email For N-Power Batch C, Issues And Solutions”


    My name is OJO ABIODUN RUFUS, I am one of the Npower participants with reference number NPWR/2020/006320o….. Batch C stream I.

    Please, I have not received my January stipend and February salary also failed. Under February stipend status, it shows invalid account and my account is very correct. I need your help on it. Thanks for your consideration.

  2. hassan magaji

    Type here..My name is hassan magaji from sokoto state tambuwal local govt,my complaint is that my payroll don’t display february stipend,i’ve never had this issues it was only this npower 1D.Npower/2020/004892210,acct:3117491480,first bank,bank name:hassan magaji,BVN NO.22441…..

  3. Gambo shimon

    Why I’m showing unspecified errors transaction failed for my December payment?

  4. Lawal Kamorudeen

    Good evening. Pls, my January stipend has been on processing for more than two weeks now, no payment yet. February stipend is also in processing as well without payment of January. Pls, kindly find something to do about this issue. Thanks
    N-health NPR

  5. Mustapha Zheshele bala

    Good evening Sir, i am afraid even in the month of Ramadam up till now some of us still waiting for January stipend talkless of october not action taken.

  6. Even me too …my January stipend still saying processing, nasim email address have also been unaccessible…

    Other people have received their January stipend already.

  7. Good morning ma/sir,pls my payroll on my dashboard has been showing processing for over two weeks now yet am to receive my January stipend,pls ma/sir do something about it

  8. uzua shagwa isaac

    I Uzua Shagwa Isaac, i have been having problems with payment, since November i have not been paid and i don’t know why. Sir


    Imam Musa Bello
    Pls i am non graduate beneficiary and i have not been posted
    Thank you

  10. Oyeshina Afolashade Temitope

    Please I haven’t received my October stipend.. still showing pending.. please help me to retify it.

  11. omotehinse kehinde bukola

    my name is omotehinse kehinde bukola please its telling me have not been posted yet and have receive September stipend they told me to go to ajayi polytechnic ikere ekiti ekiti state thanks

  12. Nkwere Charles Chibuike

    Good morning, my name is Nkwere Charles Chibuike, am previledged to be an N-power beneficiary. I logged into my dashboard (payroll) and saw an inscription that reads “TIME OUT WAITING FOR RESPONSE FROM DESTINATION” and my fellow participants have received their December payment, please kindly help resolve this issue so i can get paid too. (Diamond Bank)
    Thanks in anticipation.

    Note: NPWR/2020/00271….

  13. Ozioko Appolonia Chiemezie

    Please ma. I still have not received my November and December stipend, batch c1, reason account name mismatch which I know my details are correct. I hv been calling the help lines, what they keep telling me is to exercise patience that they are working on it. Please help me. Below are my details.
    A/c name: Ozioko Appolonia Chiemezie
    Bank: Ecobank
    A/c no. 46110…
    Npower ID no. NPWR/2020/00328….

  14. Halima mustapha jime

    Good day .please I want you to help me I haven’t received my November stipend. Its still showing failed. NPWR/2020/003 25…. Halimamustapha407 at gmail dot com

  15. Omame John osidi

    Why my December stipend payment is still processing up now, it started from first week of February till date what is wrong

  16. Saminu lauwali

    Pls,sir I have passed the screening phase, but I went to fingerprint capture but it’s showing me “pls try again later. Pls help me out.

  17. Chukwu Lilian Ogechi

    Please help me my October 2021 stipend is showing pay roll failed on 30/12/21. Since that time i’ve not received it. Please sir/ma help me rectify the problem please.

  18. Chukwu Lilian Ogechi

    Good evening sir/ma, please help me, my October (2021) stipend shows failed till now. I didn’t receive my October stipend please help me to rectify the problem please. It’s still showing PAYROLL FAILED in my dashboard. Please sir/ma come to my aid. Thanks.

  19. Ajana Jennifer

    Please I’m having problem with my login and have been trying to reset the password I was told a link has been sent to my email in which I do not see any link there please what can I do about that is so forstrating please help me

  20. My name is Jennifer Mbonu NPWR/2020/00102….., i have not received my December stipend Polaris bank

  21. Please I will like you to help me with my password I misplaced my cell phone recently and am having issued with login for my biometric,I have been requesting for this since morning

  22. Ilori Bukola Rachael

    Please I’m having problem with my login and have been trying to reset the password I was told a link has been sent to my email in which I do not see any link there please what can I do about that

  23. Dear Sir/Madam, I did not recieve my December stipens, it is showing processing and change to fail in my dashboard. I need your assistance please.
    Wasila Adamu

  24. Mr Ope Quadri i have been sending message no action is taken please sir attend to my request, i have not receive my december stipend typed *failed transfer not successful* mean While september to november was paid polaris bank NPWR/2020/00102…

  25. Adeniyi modinat Goodnews

    Sir the place you post me is college of education Ila orangun and have went there I didnt see anybody, what exactly the date you want to start physical screening and programme there abeg. I mean batch c stream 1 sir

  26. Good day sir, my name is Rita Agbo Obi .I’m a beneficiary of npower batch C . please sir have not received October, November and December stipend

  27. Dear NASIMS, I checked my dashboard now and it’s saying I have not been selected yet, what could be the problem…. Thank you Sir/MA for your usual cooperation

  28. I have not receive my December stipend typed *failed transfer not successful* mean While august to November was paid NPWR/2020/00102… please kindly attend to my request polaris bank

  29. Adejare Adeseeke Hannah

    My name is Adejare Adeseeke Hannah, am yet to receive my December stipends. Payment status.. failed, transfer not successful. Here’s my account details Account number 013003…., bank Gtb, Name Adejare Adeseeke Hannah

  30. Jennifer Jacinta Mbonu

    I have not receive my december stipend typed *failed transfer not successful *While i got for august, september and november stipend NPWR/2020/001025… polaris bank please kindly attend to my request

  31. Aondoakaa Michael

    Sir, my payroll for December is just blank and I haven’t receive my December stipends while I received other 3 months payment successfully. Please Sir, I need your help out.

  32. Jennifer Jacinta Mbonu

    Jennifer Jacinta Mbonu (NPWR/2020/0010….) has not received December stipend typed failed transfer not successful Polaris bank account number 101054…. please kindly attend to my request


    pls sir I have not receive my November stipend it failed and the reason is that the procession is in progress since 4th of January. my ID NPWR/2020/NT1-31407…., Account number 305309…, Account name NNAKEE EUNICE CHINAECHEREM. FIRST BANK. THANKS

  34. Abdulrahman aminu

    Dear sir I’m npower non graduate and I have not been posted yet. and I received September stipend please sir I need your assistance pls my npower number is NPWR/ 2020/004700643 nbuild NPWR agri tech thank you sir wishing you the Best.

    1. Nnakwugo Onyinye Maryrose

      Good morning dear nasim, please I am yet to receive both November & December stipend
      Below are my details:
      Nnakwugo Onyinye Maryrose
      Account number: 305236….. first bank Anambra

  35. Anyanwu Chioma Juliet

    Good day Sir. My names are Anyanwu Chioma Juliet. I’m a beneficiary of Npower batch C. Please,Since payment started I have not received any stipend (September, October, November and December). They all started pending, processing and ends with failed. Reasons account name mismatch. My account names are Anyanwu Chioma Juliet. Bank: Ecobank.Acount number 08730…… Npower ID NPWR/2020/001….. Npower name Anyanwu Juliet Chioma.State : Anambra.

  36. Yusuff kamorudeen adeniyi

    Good afternoon sir I have not receive November my dashboard saying failed transfer not successful and my December now saying processing

  37. Good afternoon ma/ sir . pls I have not receive my November stipend and December is showing pending in my dash board. pls help. ID NPWR/2020/NT1-314…… ACCOUNT NAME: NNAKEE EUNICE, ACCOUNT NO: 3053……

  38. Azuokwu Chidinma Victory

    Good morning Sir/Ma, please I haven’t receive my November stipends and my dashboard was showing processing for some weeks now, later changed to failed transfer not successful from transfer not successful is showing now again, failed no action taken, please help me, my N Power ID is NPWR/2020/0064….., here are my account details, Account Name Azuokwu Chidinma Victory, Account number 6551…, Bank Fidelity, Thanks for your anticipation.

  39. Agrumon Vincent Adigha

    Good evening Sir/madam, please I still have not received my November monthly stipend after processing for more than a week, it changed to failed, transaction does not exist. My npower ID is NPWR/2020/0065…… My bank details are:
    Account Name: Agrumon Vincent Adigha
    Account Number: 305010….
    First Bank.
    Thanks in anticipation.

  40. Alheri Usman Peace

    Good day Sir/Ma,
    Reference to the above subject matter,I wish to inform the Nasims Management that my stipends of October and November has not been paid since I received my first payment of September 2021.
    Please do assist and use your estimable office and effect my previous backlog of October and November.
    Here is my N-Power Id.
    N-Power-Batch C Stream 1
    N-TECH-NPR [software]
    PPA: Public Service Institute of Nigeria. [PSIN] Abuja,FCT.
    My account details is;
    Acct Name: Alheri Usman Peace
    Bank: UBA
    Acct No: 2059…..
    Thanks for your cooperation and approval, sir.
    Alheri Usman Peace

  41. Good day sir, pls sir I have not received my November stipend my dashboard is showing failed reasons transfer not successful. Pls sir here is my accounts details Gaius David 2082172086 UBA NPWR/2020/00343… pls help.

  42. I have not received my November stipend. My ID NPWR/2020/ 006282…, l am Mbanaso Chiazam Amarachi using Ecobank, Owerri, Imo state.

  43. Good evening sir/ma. please I have not received my October stipend, reason is transaction does not exist. Here is my ID npwr/2020/00216….,my acc number: 0139147675,gt bank Niger state. Thanks in anticipation

  44. Adewunmi Wemimo Oluwaseun

    Good evening sir/ma My name is Adewumi Wemimo Oluwaseun I have not received my October stipend it shows processing for a week and later change to failed. Reason no action taken my account number is 003476…. access bank nasim I’d NPWR/2020/0040…… Thanks in anticipation.

  45. Ukomadu Pristina Oluchi

    Hello Sir, I’m a batch C Npower beneficiary. Please I have not received my November stipend and the bank transaction under
    my payroll wrote failed.
    Kindly help out to fix it.
    Below are my details

    I.D No.: NPWR/2020/00568,….

    Name: Ukomadu Pristina Oluchi

    Account Details: .First bank Oluchi 303091….

    State of service: Owerri, Imo State

    Thanks in anticipation.

  46. Sani Jamila Haidara

    I haven’t received my November stipends it’s showing failed in my dashboard. This is my account number 311111…. Ecobank Thank you

  47. Abdulrahman aminu

    Dear sir/ma I’m npower non graduate nbuild (agri tech) and my posting show me you have not been posted yet and my colleague got their posting centers now. and my own not yet please sir I need your assistance, this is my npower number NPWR/2020/00470,,,, NPR agric tech thank you.

  48. Mustapha Zheshele

    Good morning Sir /Ma i complaint about my october and november stipend but i have only recieved the november stipend still waiting for october stipend please kindly help me out.

    1. Mustapha Zheshele bala

      Good day Sir, i want to thank u for ur kind gesture and please Sir i have not recieve my october stipend up till now please help me out bellow are my details : I D NUMBER :NPWR/2020/0369…… Account Name: Mustapha Zheshele Bala UBA bank

  49. Good day sir/ma since I got my September and October stipend, have not been paid November after showing procceing failed after some days and times now am now t paid pls help me acct nameabu Aishat accts number 4581050…. phone number 080626…. npower I’d npwr/ 2020/0026….

  50. Akinleminu Opeyemi Racheal

    My stipend has been paid to to wrong account which is( 0027182885) twice and have not received any stipend since September,have lodge complain still no rectification.
    This is my correct account number (0027182185)
    Payment to the wrong account should stop please.

  51. Good evening Sir I have not received my November stipen yet after processing now change to failed reason invalid account and my account is validated Sir Pls help me out.

  52. Azuokwu Chidinma Victory

    Azuokwu Chidinma Victory. Good evening sir/ma, please I haven’t receive my November stipends, and it was showing processing before am surprised now is showing failed, reason transfer not successful, which is the same account number I have used to receive first and second stipends, please am sending this message for you namism to help me and rectify it.

  53. Ezekiel Florence ashehe

    Good evening, sir I have not been paid my November Stipend, and is showing falied, reason invalid account and it was this thesame account I have been paid September and October stipend, please help me

  54. Good morning ma/sir, my name is Michael Philip. My nasims dash board shows processing for the pass one week and on 29-01-2022, when I login I discovered failed and the reason is invalid account. Not only mine but majority in my local government, WUKARI to be precise having see their stipend,pls sir/ma do something about this issue. Remain bless, we appreciate your afford to eradicate poverty From the larger population. Tanks

  55. Emmanuel Danlami

    I have not received my November stipen yet an my dashboard is showing me fail invalid account

  56. ADEROJU ABOSEDE Oluwaranti

    Good day Sir /Ma, My Name are ADEROJU ABOSEDE Oluwaranti. please am having issues with my payroll October showing failed while November showing invalid account please I used this same account to received both September . Majority has received their stipend for the Month of October and November. I don’t understand what caused it. please help me to resolve this matter. My Bank is UBA Bank. Thanks

  57. Aondoakaa Michael

    Sir, my dashboard is showing failed .no action taken for November stipend ,I beg you to look into my issue.

  58. I have not received my November stipen yet after processing for 6 days change to failed reason invalid account and my account is validated

  59. Onu victor chikwado

    Gud afternoon sir,I have these issue of failed October stipend,pls I/we need assistance to these course pls.

  60. Ojobor Robinson George

    Please, I ve not received my November stipend. It was initially showing processing but now shows failed. Reason: beneficiary account does not exist


    Good morning Sir/Ma
    I was notified that my payroll for November is showing failed invalid account and that is the account September and October payment was made.
    I will be glad if the issue is been rectified. Thanks.

    1. Grace Austin Abiodun

      Non payment of November stipend I have not been paid November stipend it is showing failed invalid account while my account is active kindly respond thanks

  62. Good evening sir/ma’am
    I hereby notified that my payroll for November is showing failed invalid account and that is the same account I gotten my September and October stipend.
    I will be glad if you look into my situation… Thank you and remain blessed
    Ijabula Markus!!!

  63. Good evening nasims I have not received my November stipen yet, after processing for 6 days and change to failed, reason invalid account and my account is validated.

  64. Good Afternoon Sir, please I have not received my October payment yet it show failed transaction doesn’t exist. Please help me out on what to do. Thanks

    1. Ogundepo Oyedoyin toyin

      Good afternoon sir,pls for 1week my dash board display processing now the transaction has failed writing invalid account in which I received September and October stipend while November is saying invalid account UBA for few days

  65. Good day sir/ ma, please my November stipend which has been showing processing has been showed failed and invalid account but I got my September and October stipend there, please help me,my bank is United Bank for Africa ( UBA ).

  66. Daweng joseph Gyang

    My November payment which shows processing has turned to failed & waiting for response from destination for almost a weeks now. Pls kindly help me on this

  67. Onu Victor chikwado

    Gud am sir ,for three weeks nw I had a fail transaction on my payroll,reason no action taken,my data are all in order and validated pls help October stipend

  68. Lawal Kamorudeen

    My October payment which shows processing has turned to failed & transaction doesn’t exist for weeks now. Pls kindly help me on this

  69. Bashiru mohammed

    Thesame thing with me here it showing failed to invalid account and was paid September and October and November failed

  70. Fatima Abdullahi

    My November stipend was failed and invalid account but I get my September and October stipend please help me and send my stipend access bank Nasarawa state

  71. Gbolasere Aderoju Elizabeth

    Good day sir, yet to receive my November payment , pay roll change to fail, invalid account, help.

  72. Good day please am having issues with my payroll showing failed and invalid account please I don’t what to on this same account I received both September and October and this issues of failed now please help me to resolve this matter am tired of waiting mean why other people her receiving there own please help me out GTB bank account

  73. ADEOSUN Damilola

    My name is Akingbadega Damilola,a batch C beneficiary of npwer program…my ID is NPWR/2020/00….N-TEACH-NPR, I was deployed to Anglican central school,ile-ife.during the course of uploading my account, I changed my surname to my husband name from AKINGBADEGA DAMILOLA TO ADEOSUN DAMILOLA,ACCT NUMBER IS 00000……,FIDELITY BANK and my BVN is 2243………..the payments for September, October and November all failed,with accounts name mismatch as the reason….pls help me sir

  74. Theodore Samson

    I haven’t been paid my November stipend typed failed *transaction does not exist” meanwhile my August and September were paid, please kindly attend to my request.

  75. Halima Tajudeen

    Hello sir we do log in to my husbands dashboard but since yesterday is showing reset password and we tried that but it’s showing email not found. Please help.

      1. Akobo Joseph Okanga

        Good day Sir
        My name is Akobo Joseph Okanga, and I’m a beneficiary in the batch c N-POWER. My November salary which was processing suddenly changed to faild, sighting invalid account as the reason, whereas my September and October salary were paid into same account. Please help and resolve

  76. Helen Chinasa Okafor

    Good morning Sir. Please my November stipend has been processing since 8 days ago, until I checked today and found out that it stopped processing and started showing me failed, invalid account. Whereas I have received my September and October stipend in same bank account. Sir please solve this issues. Thank you

  77. Good day sir
    My name is Nora Ikie.please my account and bvn is validated but my payroll status is showing failed(from processing to failed).I have also received September and October stipends without any issues.please what do I do?

  78. Onu victor chikwado

    Gud am sir ,is painful sir the mode in which these payment is made,look at me sir since October till date haven’t received any stipend, October is saying failed, November still processing.

    1. Am yet to receive October stipend my payment status is failed reason is transaction does not exist, pls rectify, sterling bank, 0029744977.

  79. Kekinetu jumai Matthew

    Good morning,my name is kekinetu Jumai Matthew,I have not received my October and November stipend,and my mate have received since three weeks ago and for the past three weeks now my dash board has been showing processing,then yesterday I saw fail and also transaction doesn’t exist and my account is still functioning i will be glad if the issue is been locked into thank you sir

    1. Kingsley Felicia Chioma

      Please I have not received my October stipend and my dashboard was indicating failed, transaction not completed. What do I do? Please help me.

  80. Adekoya Azeezat

    I am yet to receive my October stipend and my dashboard is showing no action taken. I have sent several mails that didn’t deliver. Please, kindly verify the problem and proffer solution
    Note that my BVN is validated

  81. Onyia Ezenwa George

    My name is Onyia Ezenwa George, I have not been paid for the month of October and November

  82. Douglas Omamuyovwi Cynthia

    Good evening Sir. I have not receive my October stipend. Pls help me. Thank Sir.

    1. Unyimeobong Emah

      Please I have not received my October stipend. On my dash board is written failed. Please help cos my I don’t have money for transportation to my PPA again.

  83. Douglas Omamuyovwi Cynthia

    Good Day All, I have not receive my October and November stipends. In My Payroll October Is showing fail and November showing pending. Pls try and settle me na

  84. Fatima bishir badaru

    My name is Fatima bishir badaru sir I have a problem my October payment is not paid is showing processing sinsce last month at the end showing failed I received only September payment what is d problem pls help me.

  85. Happiness Enworo

    Good morning sir… I’m Happiness by name my october turn from processing to failed after processing for over two weeks and now my November payroll is pending meanwhile I’m yet to receive my october stipend while others are receiving November already.
    I’ve tried calling all the support lines since a week now but I’ve been unable to connect them, please what’s the problem.
    Thank you

  86. Good afternoon sir, pls I want to change my account number, my account get issue, how can I do that

  87. Hello, my name is Wasila Adamu, my October stipens is not paid yet. It is still reading ”processing” on my dashboard since. Please I need your help.
    Wasila Adamu

      1. Onu victor chikwado

        Sir pls my dashboard changed from processing to failed, reason,no action taken.pls wat should I do

  88. I have not received my October monthly stipend , pls help me, l am beneficiary of N-power batch c

  89. Oyewale, Abiodun Babatunde

    Good morning sir, please I haven’t received October stipend, kindly assist me. Thanks

  90. Good evening sir how is your work? and happy New years sir my complain is that my Physical verify status show me pending and my payroll show me no payment data available

    1. Ugwuja Rosemary Uchenna

      Please I have not receive my October stipend fidelity bank Enugu. people help me.

  91. Good evening sir/ma please my October stipend has not be pay but on my dashboard is still reading pending need your assistance please thank

  92. Oladejo Aliu Adeniji

    Please sir/ma: the stipend for October has not got into my account. I need your assistant. May God be your guide. Oladejo Aliu Adeniji, Ibadan. Thanks

    1. Grace Austin Abiodun

      my name is Grace Austin Abiodun I have not seen my October stipend on my dashboard also what is the issue, kindly attend to it thanks.

    2. My payment status is failed reason is transaction does not exist I was paid September but didn’t see alert since 30th December showing processing it change now to failed transaction does not exist pls I will be glad if you rectify my issue and pay my October stipend.

  93. Taiwo Sodiq Olalekan

    Good evening sir, I’m Taiwo Sodiq Olalekan N-Build from Osun State. Sir, I have not been posted since commencement of the program and have done my verification. Please it’s any issue to rectify.Waiting for reply sir

  94. Akinleminu Opeyemi Racheal

    Please I have not receive any stipend and on payroll in my Dashboard it says paid and approved or completed successfully for over a week now I saw that and have not seen any payment yet.
    My correct account number is 002718…. because it was wrongly typed

  95. Dagyot felix Dafang

    Good evening sir/ma, up till I have not seen my September stipen I don’t know the reason. So please help me surd this issue out

  96. Suleiman Amodu Muhammed

    I have issue with my dashboard it showed processing before now failed what could be the reason please and name on my profile, account number ,my documents are the same

  97. Evelyn Elias Mamza

    Good evening sir my is that up till date i haven’t receive any payment n payroll dashboard has changed from pending to failed and i notice slight different in my date of birth pls help me to resolve this issue.Thank you.

  98. Bobmanuel Nneka Felicitas

    Please I have problem with my name in the dashboard. When ever l want to type in my bank details it will tell me that my bank name does not match with the name on the dashboard. Please how do I solve this issue.

  99. Good evening sir, please I haven’t received my September stipend till now,, my payroll have changed from processing to failed for some weeks now,,I have done physical verification and everything, so I Don’t know what the problem is, Please check and rectify. Thank you sir

    1. Lawal moriamo adeola

      Good afternoon sir I check my dashboard i see paid and approved but I didn’t receive on my alart from my bank.

  100. Mishi aondohemba Solomon

    Good evening sir my payment status has changed from processing to failed almost two weeks now and am not been paid yet, my lD nuamber is ….

    1. Please don’t drop your account details on this platform. Follow the guide to send your complaint to the appropriate channel


      Please sir, l have not received the September stipend, after processing for about 7 days, it later turned to failed. Up till now, I’ve not been paid. Also, l noticed something on my Bank account details, the account name appear in my dash board is Zenith Bank,


  101. My surname was omitted during the application and i can not edit it on the darshboad, so what do i do sir?

  102. Nwobodo linda uzoamaka

    Good morning sir, my name is Nwobodo linda Uzoamaka. I have not received my stipend npower batch c. Payment status was on process since last week, now is failed. What should I do sir?

  103. Molang Christopher Ellah

    I don’t understand what is happening, fews days ago I checked my payroll payment status was processing ,but today it’s appear failed can someone explain.

  104. Otunla Abimbola Adepeju

    Good evening my name’s are Otunla Abimbola Adepeju a beneficiary of Npower batch c stream 1. My payroll is saying No payment Data available. What can I do?

  105. when ever i want downlord my PPA Letter,it replly me that the Account Number Names do not match the names on your dashboard. my dashboard names is Ahmad Jibrin istead of Jibril Ahmed. please help me to change it to Jibril Ahmed.

      1. Alexander Christopher

        please help me I have an issue,I was npower beneficiary before but they changed it to applicant and I have complete physical verification my I,d no is…..

  106. ogbonna georgina kelechi

    i am ogbonna georgina kelechi since my verification i couldnt print my ppa letter untill day befor yesterday i then printed it but i cant upload it because the uploading option is no longer i my dash board pls what will i do?


    I’m unable to download my PPA letter , but it’s not going through… Pls I really need your assistance

  108. Hello sir. I have successfully passed my physical verification but up to now, I’ve not been posted after being posted before the verification.

  109. Hello sir, please sir I noticed that my bank details are not longer in my dash board and I tried to update it is showing dateof birth doesn’t match with my bvn details and every thing on my documents are correct. please help me. Thank you sir!


    Please help me i ve been trying to download my PPA letter over 3 weeks now but not yet download always says my DATE OF BIRTH DOES NOT MATCH BVN.. .. and i ve done the affidavit and all the necessary things at the bank but still showing the same thing,please.

      1. Good morning sir/ I apply for inter-state redeployment since last week on 5th, and up till now is showing me PENDING pls help me, how will I go about it

      2. Hello sir,i have successfully passed my physical verification but up to now,i have not been posted and i do not see my PPA letter or download it, please sir i want u to help me.

  111. okunlola oreofe opemipo

    please sir am trying to download my ppa but is written your date of birth is not match your bvn

    1. okunlola oreofe opemipo

      please sir am trying to download my ppa letter but is written my date of birth does not match my bvn please assist me

  112. Good afternoon sir/ma

    I couldn’t meet up with the deadline for physical verification, what should I do?

    From Ogoja LGA, Cross River State

  113. Hello sir,I have been trying to upload my acceptance letter but it’s not uploading and we are to report tommorow but am confused,will I still receive my stipend if am unable to upload it and what else can I do

  114. Good afternoon sir/ma.please I have done my physical verification but I have not been able to download my deployment letter.. Since it’s difficult for me to download my deployment letter,can I take a screenshot of the page showing my deployment and print and give to the school to sign accepted on it?

  115. My name is Jaji Maryam I have been trying to download my PPA Letter but usually said something went wrong

  116. Ogunlade adefunke

    Please I applied for redeployed and reason is relocation and I have 21days old baby at hand please help me out with it.

      1. Salihu zaharadeen

        Good afternoon sir. Am one of the N-power beneficiaries. my own problem is the issue of account number name, my account number name didn’t match with the name in my dashboard, because the previous name am using in my bvn is zaharadeen Yusuf salihu but i went and published and change it to salihu zaharadeen which is the name that is in my N-power dashboard but yet i can’t be able to print out my PPA later due to the problem am facing.. pls sir. I want u to help me and find the solution for me, Am begin u because of God to help me change my accout number name in N-power dashboard from zahradeen Yusuf salihu to salihu zaharadeen.. salihu zaharadeen is the present name am using in my BVN..

  117. Ohazuruike Angela

    My surname is Ohazuruike but what I saw on my dashboard is Uwazuruike and have tried to edit it all to no avail

  118. Bello Faith Oluwatosin

    Good morning,I have done my physical verification but it shows pending and I couldn’t print my ppa letter it pls what else can I do?

      1. Kenneth Osamezu

        Please I couldn’t do my physical verification due to health challenge, how do I go about it

        1. Aliyu adamu yuguda

          My dashboard has been change to applicant before it was beneficiary why please I need your help please.

    1. Adeparusi Felicia Opeoluwa

      Please I’m not able to be verified because of fingerprint issue, it refused to correspond. I’ve called and called the help line but they aren’t picking at all

  119. Olayinka kafayat opeyemi

    Good morning sir/ma
    I am olayinka kafayat one of the npower beneficiary..I was deployed successful and have done my physical verification and after have print my PPA letter and uploaded my accepted letter…few day ago I login to my dash board and find out my PPA has been change…am confused..I want the first PPA.

  120. Pls I’ve an issue, after the physical verification, I discovered that some of my details like bank details are missing, as I try to upload it back to my profile, nasim is saying I cannot upload other details after successful physical verification except my birth certificate

    Please I seriously need help, please help and many thanks in advance

  121. Owoeye Abisola Abiodun

    Am finding it difficult to verify my account due to BVN and date of birth and I have went to bank and corrected it but till now am still experience the same issue.

    1. I rejected my first ppA due to distance and applied for redeployment but it is still pending but the new PPA they posted is still very far . So how are my sure of my stipend because I can’t accept any of the ppA due to distance

  122. Please I want to retrieve my old ppa back. My New PPA is too far and the new PPA is Tureta local government and am from Sokoto south

    1. Please I replace my secondary school result with my O.N.D result please help me to change the payment and please I have not been deployed please help me please am in N-AGRO

  123. Please help me retrieve my old PPA back. TURAKI BASIC SCHOOL that is My old PPA. The new one is very very far from me. This new PPA is Tureta local government and am from Sokoto south

  124. Good morning sir please I am finding it difficult to download my PPA letter and I don’t know what to do again, for up to 3weeks now.


    Pls, sir i applied for n-teach and up till now i have not been deployed. what could be the cause please

  126. Good Evening, this verification process, is really a problem in my side, i don’t know if it will affect any thing in future if not verified

  127. Akposi onam Felix

    Please how can I correct the name on my dashboard is showing Akposi Felix instead of Akposi onam Felix have not been verify because of this error

  128. I scored 70% in my online test, but I am seeing 14 now when I viewed my result, please I don’t understand. What could that means?

    1. Good evening…I am one of npower beneficiaries,N-teach.i have done my physical verification but I have not been able to download my deployment letter and school is resuming next week.since it is difficult for me to download my deployment letter,can I take a screenshot of my page showing my deployment and print and give it to the school to sign accepted on it?

  129. Effiong, Victoria Sunday

    I received a message from my Gmail that i have been deployed that i should checked my dashboard for deployment status and i did, but in my deployment dashboard is showing me that am not deployed yet. Am confused, i want to know what’s going on?

  130. Please help me, where can I do my physical verification, because I want to redeploy to another state

        1. Redeployment can be done within your state of residence. However, you can try inter-state redeployment after your physical verification.

        2. Gud evening pls I did biometric and have not been deployed till nw,pls I need you to look into it ple

          1. Hassan Sani Takware

            Sir the date of birth in my birth certificate does not corespond with the one in my Bvn, so it keep on telling me that the date of birth does not match any time I try to print my deployment letter, BUT THE ONE IN MY CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH IS THE CORRECT ONE HW WILL I DO????

  131. Smart Zuowei Precious

    Please, have not been able to download my PPA letter; but the system is saying I should proceed to physical verification. Why?

    1. My name is iwuala chijioke, I saw chijioke chijioke on my dashboard, how can I rectify this problem because they refused to verify me because of this

  132. Mobolaji Sulaiman Akanji

    I did biometrics successfully and each time I logged in to check , it still keep telling me not deployed yet, what is the problem?

  133. Nasir Ahmad Aliyu

    afternoon, i checked my deployment status and is saying, Iam have not been deployed… And i used the *45665# code and the reply to me that my registration status is not successfull. Is their hope for me?

    1. I wanted to check if I am deploy, but whenever I try logging in they said error, transaction fail. Therefore I want to ask what could be the problem

      1. Kindly try again. The portal is at the moment having technical issues, we’re optimistic that NSIP team will get it back and running

  134. It doesn’t show any other programs when highlighted it is blank so one cannot see any thing to choose

    1. It’s a general issue at this time. We’re sure that the portal developers and the ICT unit of the ministry are working to get things up for the convenience of every beneficiaryy

  135. Pls in Obowo Lga in Imo state, after updating our data in the space for deployment it shows that our Lga doesn’t have the program one applied for and request for a change of program which doesn’t appear when cliqued.pls guide us appropriately on what to do.

  136. Molang christoher ellah

    Pls I just login to my nasims dashboard and I’m not seeing deployment ,is it that I’ve not been deployed or what should I do?

  137. I sent an email to the info (at) nasims . gov . ng it bounced back to my spam saying it cannot be sent or received what would I do….they are not picking calls

    1. Ramatu Muhammad evuti

      I have been deployed trying to get my ppa letter but showing me that my date of birth dose not match with the one in my bvn I went to d bank to complain and it’s the same pls what can I do

  138. My account as been blocked due to network failure during my test.and I try redo the test then it telling me your account is been blocked.
    Please solution to this

      1. Good morning please i.have been trying to download my PPA letter and it has not been able to download and just this morning while trying in the place where it shows download PPA letter it is showing me place for physical verification and I have not been able to download it please help me out

        1. Akinkuowo Hellen F

          I have been trying to download my PPA letter but always said my date of birth doesn’t match my bvn details which i already checked in my bank and the date match perfectly

        2. Good morning sir pls I miss my physical verification I was admitted in the hospital I got discharge a day before yesterday I went to my LCDA but they said the portal is close. Pls is it possible I join stream 2 during their physical verification sir pls help. Thanks

      1. Ayinde muyideen akande

        Ayinde muyideen akande are my name I chose Nbuild in my Npower program and Npower sent me a message that Nbuild is not in my local government and they give me three option Nteach Nagro and Nheath so I chose agro also since then I was not deploy

          1. Please i still haven’t recieved my stipend my dash board is saying pending, beneficiary acc not found.but am very sure my details are correctly filled.

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