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NEXIT Entrepreneurship Training Curriculum

During the launch of the NEXIT training in the FCT by the Minister of Humanitarian Resources Hajia Sadiya Farouq, she stated on Monday, March 14, 2022, that the shortlisted applicants would be trained on how to benefit from CBN-AGSMEIS loan to support their businesses.

AGSMEIS means Agri-Business/Small and Medium Enterprise Investment Scheme. It is one of the credit-support programmes launched by the Central Bank of Nigeria to support agro-business related businesses in Nigeria.

Before now, training consultants were commissioned across the country and so far the programme has kick-started on Tuesday, March 15, 2022, across Nigeria. The consultants have a unified curriculum for the 5-day training programme.

In this article, we’ll share with you the NEXIT Entrepreneurship Training Curriculum for the beneficiaries.

Here are some of the topics you will be taught at the NEXIT training venues across Nigeria.

Day 1: Mindset re-orientation and entrepreneurial thinking

Day 2: Creativity and innovation

Day 3: Financial management

Day 4: Access to market/market development

Day 5: Filling and submission of NEXIT business plan

Before analysing the NEXIT curriculum, if you are yet to receive an invitation SMS or email, note that the training will be done in batches.

So you should wait for your turn if you dialled the USSD code that was made available for the exited N-Power beneficiaries to show their availability some weeks ago.

So, let’s get started…

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Day 1: Mindset re-orientation and entrepreneurial thinking

Day one covers the difference between attitude and mindset. Why you should have the right attitude and mindset for you to succeed in your business.

Basically, the first day covers everything about mindset and entrepreneurial spirit business owner needs.

It also highlights some of the challenges of a startup including unstable government policy, lack of trained personnel, and multiple taxations among others.

You will also be taught risks that are related to business operations and how to overcome them.

Day 2: Creativity and innovation

Most of the outstanding businesses around the world today are products of innovation. Can you create? And how can you translate such creativity into a productive venture?

Day two covers several topics on creativity including limitations to the use of creativity, unlocking entrepreneurial competencies, assessing business opportunities, and value chain support market among others.

Over time, you may have heard about record keeping. As an entrepreneur, you should record purchases and sales.

Day two of NEXIT Entrepreneurship Training Curriculum sheds more light on the importance of record-keeping including its types.

Basically, day two covers more than 50 per cent of the resources you need as a business owner to succeed.

For instance, it also covers the factors to consider before setting up a business enterprise and business modelling.

Day 3: Financial management

If you asked one hundred people who wish to set up a business, at least 99 of them would most likely say access to capital is their major problem.

Having access to capital isn’t basically the solution, but you asked yourself how to effectively manage credit facility (loan)?

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As such, the NEXIT curriculum takes on the NEXIT applicants on financial management and loan management skills so as to abide by the terms of loan that is loan management.

The beauty of this session is that you will have access to the material that outlines the five C’s of credit access and sources of capital.

And of course, you need to make a financial plan for your business. As a matter of fact, your business must be registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (you can check our guide on business registration process) to access the CBN-AGSMEIS loan.

Day 4: Access to market/market development

How do you develop a new product and access the market? Day four covers topics like:

  • Market development principle
  • Market development categories
  • Market access
  • Decision making etc.

Day 5: Filling And Submission Of NEXIT Business Plan

The final day is designed for the nexit business plan submission for processing by the selection committee of Nigeria’s apex.

The business plan is the direction you want to take in achieving your business goals. Your business plan is different from business proposal

What we love about the NEXIT Curriculum

The NEXIT entrepreneurship training curriculum contains all you need to succeed as one of the possible beneficiaries of the CBN NGN3,000,000 loan.

The AGSMEIS curriculum is not only useful for nexit applicants but it can also be used by every aspiring entrepreneur to succeed in their enterprises.

What is NEXIT curriculum?

It is a set of business topics and lessons designed for exited N-Power beneficiaries who showed interest in the CBN-AGSMEIS credit facility.

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For those who are have received an invitation SMS or email, you can check our article on NEXIT training venues and the list of the shortlisted candidates.


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