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Last updated on December 26th, 2017 at 12:13 pm

Infobase Services

Our services are:

  • Bitcoin Investment guide and advice
  • Research,
  • News and Information gathering,
  • Publicity and Media Relations,
  • Data Analysis and Survey.

Executed projects:

Evaluating Foreign Investment Risk in Borno State, Northeast, Nigeria sponsored by A Group of Chinese Investors

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 Change of name

The conventional method of publicizing change of name has been publishing it in the national dailies. That’s great. But we’re changing the old system because online media has wider reach, and faster than the conventional print newspapers.

Publishing change of name on the internet will even get your message across to more people around the world. Larger audiences are reached. You can as well print it for yourself if you want to document it for future reference.

Publish your change of name here. FREE!

Website design/web development

Do you want a simple, yet a professional web design like this? Our designer will handle that for you for an affordable price. If you’ve been told that you need a million naira to have a functional website, then you’ve been lied to.

This is a third party service, but we guarantee you of getting the best.

Celebrate someone

Here you’ve the power to celebrate that special person to you. A creatively written birthday message, graduation message, a biography written to celebrate your loved ones who just made significant achievements in his/her chosen field, and other messages aimed at celebrating someone are welcomed. You could accompany it with photos (optional). FREE!

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