Profile Validation for N-Power Batch C2


This validation of profile for the batch C2 of N-Power beneficiaries commenced a few days ago for individuals who facing payment issues.

Since the onboarding of batch C stream 2 beneficiaries, some of them have not been paid a dime due to issues with their status in the programme.


In a social media post, the management of the youth empowerment programme writes, “We will be sending a link via SMS to all of you who were selected for the programme and are beneficiaries.”

It directed the affected beneficiaries to use the link that will be sent to them to validate their profile for onward processing of their monthly stipend.

The message for profile validation sent to one of the beneficiaries read:

“Dear C2 N-Power applicant, kindly use this link…. to validate your details as you have been pre-selected as a C2 beneficiary”.

What does the N-Power validation link entail?

On clicking the link you get via your registered phone number, you will be taken to the NASIMS dashboard and you will be expected to fill in the following details:

  • NPower ID
  • Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  • Bank account
  • Bank name etc

How To Fix N-Power Validation Error

If you’ve been trying to validate your N-Power details but to no avail, the management of the programme said the technical glitch is from their end.

However, here are a few tips that can help you fix the NPower ID validation error from your side:

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1) If the link sent to you via SMS isn’t working, you can use to input the details to correct the error.

2) Make sure that your internet connectivity is strong and superb to avoid connection errors.

3) Make sure that your N-Power ID is correct. You can simply log in to your NASIMS portal and copy and paste your ID to the space provided in the form.

4) It is advisable to use a strong browser such as Chrome, Edge, or Mozilla. (use an updated version of any of these browsers).

5) Keep trying if you get an error, it might as a result of congestion on the NASIMS validation portal

6) Ensure that the information you provided corresponds with your bank details.

7) Make sure that your BVN is correct

8) If you tried all these tips and none worked for you, kindly send a complaint to for assistance or contact them on Twitter, Facebook.

Note: This information addresses issues faced by the N-Power Batch C stream 2 only.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government has vowed to sack beneficiaries that fail to report at their PPAs for more than 45 days without permission form their supervisor.

I received the details validation link but the link is not working, it says “Npower beneficiary with id number not found” what should I do?

It is a technical issue, the IT unit of N-Power is addressing the issue.

Is there N-Power registration ongoing?

No, only a profile validation is ongoing for the existing batch C stream 2.

I have not received a message for profile validation of my account, what should I do?

You did not receive the link because your account have already been validated. And your stipend will be processed and paid into your bank account.

Why haven’t I received my November stipend?

We suggest you validate your account again using the link provided.

I’m one of the C2 N-build applicants my physical verification status is still showing pending after it was once shown pass, what’s the problem?

Kindly ignore the pre-selected and physical verification. It is an error.

My bank details are correct and my bvn also validated and provided batch C stream 2 but I haven’t received a stipend for October, November and December 2022, what should I do?

NPower is working on fixing the problem. However, you can send a mail to N-Power via their contact details.


If you are from batch C2 and didn’t received the link via SMS, it means your information has been validated. The link is for beneficiaries whose profile hasn’t been validated.



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14 thoughts on “Profile Validation for N-Power Batch C2”

  1. When I register I used voters card number not nin, now am trying to validate with my NiN is not working pls wat will I do

  2. I received text message via SMS for validation and I did it successfully. 2nd July,I received another validation from my email address and when I tried to do the same again,it keeps telling me my NIN does not exist and it was the same NIN I used in the first validation. Please, What’s actually the issue here?
    Thank you

  3. I received only December stipend, I haven’t received any again since then, why haven’t I received the remaining ones, Besides it was suppose to be a backlog payment but I got only for one month.

  4. I received a mail that have been pre selected and have done my Validation but on my portal it’s still showing not shortlisted on Verification stage yet, please what should i do

  5. Pls I’m done with the validation process but I’m being told that I cannot validate my N-power ID more than once…Pls what does it mean?

  6. I received the validation message and I validated my account today but I was not qualified for physical verification. Someone should help me explain this pls

  7. Please i was sent message but up till now i was not able to validate my account. Please how do i go about this.

  8. Please I have been trying it even in the mid night but is not opening I have try all the browser but none is working. please that money is what is sustaining me and my family. And I have been going to my ppa. Please do something to save a life

  9. Am batch c stream 1 , I have received October and November stipend but yet to receive September will I need to validate my account also?

  10. I completed the process of validation, but after everything, the message indicated NIN required and NIN was said to be valid before. What will I do ?


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