14 Easy Steps to Buy Cryptocurrency in Nigeria on P2P Without CBN Sanction

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1) Decide on which crypto you want to buy (you can check the trends on coinmarketcap or any other price tracking websites)

2) Decide on which P2P to buy your coin (for the purpose of this guide, we’re using remitano)

3) Sign up on a trusted p2p platform

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Best P2P to buy bitcoin in Nigeria Remitano BinanceP2P Paxful CryptoLocally YellowCard LocalBitcoins WhalesHaven

4) Verify your account 5) Click “Buy&Sell” 6) Choose your preferred crypto (ETH, BTC, USDT, BCH, LTC, BNB, XRP) 7) Enter the naira value of the coin you want to buy

8) The list of crypto sellers who are ready to sell the bitcoin value of NGN you entered will be displayed 

9) Select one that uses easy means of fund transfer 10) A popup message, “Open trade to buy 0.00018654 BTC from name of seller with total 5,000 NGNR?”

11) Click Yes to confirm your readiness to buy 12) Details of payment will be displayed for you to make transfer

14) The seller confirms your payment 15) Receive the bitcoin in your wallet

16) Check your crypto wallet to be sure you’ve been credited so that the platform can release payment to the seller.

Ways to buy crypto in Nigeria Crypto Voucher Gift Cards Through Payoneer Peer-to-peer platform