Will 2023 be the Year of Cronos/Crypto.com?

Last updated on May 28th, 2023 at 08:51 am

Cronos (CRO) is the new name of Bitcoin 360 AI. The platform has a native token in place too – Cronos Chain. The token belongs to an open-source, and decentralized blockchain network. The platform offers financial, payment, and trading services. The company has hopes that the ongoing winter should end soon, thereby bringing healthy gains for investors. However, Cronos is waiting for a jump in value first, before deciding to set a price on its native token.

It is making investors slightly jittery about the future. Cronos is being subjected to marketplace volatility. Yet, it does not seem to be doing anything about it.

The company understands that blockchain technology often witnesses changes in value. Nonetheless, it refuses to improve its position.

The company is still trying to convince investors that the near future would display a significant rise in pricing. 

Investors are still wondering if they should invest in Cronos Chain or not. Browsing the highly knowledgeable and trustworthy platform, Bitcoin smart, should help.

The same website is ideal for investment and trading. Therefore, investors may consider other tokens/coins promising excellent growth. 


It stands for the cryptocurrency C+Charge. It aims to give a democratic flavor to the carbon credits industry.

It is why it has launched a platform operating in alignment with highly advanced blockchain technologies.

The idea is to nudge users to opt for more usage of electricity in diverse industrial sectors. True, large corporations have been the beneficiaries thus far. However, individuals may also use CCHG to their advantage in the future.

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The C+Charge project is currently inclined toward the electric vehicles industry. The targeted audience is owners of EV cars.

Every time these owners utilize the C+Charge payment platform while charging their vehicles, they earn carbon credit.

It goes into their digital wallets. It is possible to exchange these carbon credits for NFTs. Finally, they may trade the non-fungible tokens in the global marketplace.

Another objective of this project is to initiate uniformity across EV payment systems. A proper and useful infrastructure should come into being within an industry that is revealing exponential growth.

Since the C+Charge project is OCPP 2.0 compatible, it is perfectly suitable for 1.8 million and more charging stations across the globe.

A newly-developed app should suffice to let car owners access the nearest stations. Thus, the project has real-world utility.


It refers to the Fight Out token that operates in alignment with Web3. Investors are already fascinated by the Web 3.0 platform.

Therefore, they should find it worthwhile to accept it as an intelligent choice for experimenting with cryptocurrencies. 

Fight Out has a motto in place. The project believes that there should be friendly rivalry on display, similar to what one witnesses in a gymnasium.

It is a motivating factor to push individuals to practice more in the gym. In other words, people begin to work more diligently, thereby achieving a fit body.

Fight Out is a move-to-earn platform. Investors may earn rewards for completing workouts from beginning to end.

The location of practice may be the individual’s home or a real gymnasium. Thus, investors may use this motivational tool to help them stay on track while exercising.

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They gain support for training their bodies and minds. At other times, they may relax. Then again, they may go in for vigorous physical activities that strengthen their muscles and bones.

An app is in place to help investors track their successes. This app is available on Smartphones. The greater the achievements, the higher the rewards.

Users may access private exercise sessions, gym passes, and merchandise connected with physical activities. NFT cosmetics are also available for decorating personal avatars. Thanks to enthusiastic fans, FIGHT has already garnered over $2.7 million.


TARO or RobotEra is a gaming project. Here, investors/owners may innovate their avatars/robots. The idea is to create a unique space for self.

Users may link up with open theme parks, other planets, concerts, museums, etc. Investors’ avatars may practice, live, learn, or play on this metaverse platform. 

The metaverse is a conglomeration of several platforms, which prove useful for designing. Similarly, the RobotEra should prove great for learning and practising design. Investors may build, operate, explore, trade, and share with other communities of non-fungible tokens.


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