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Our mission is to provide our users with top-notch content that enables them to make the right financial decision and have access to unbiased data and facts the way they are. Doing this requires finances, and of course, we work with some monetization platforms that place ads on our site, that’s one of the way we generate revenue to keep this site running.

While it is obvious that generating revenue is important to keep us going, we do our best to make it a “win-win” for our monetization partners and our readers.

We do not and we will not alter our articles or reviews to satisfy the needs of a partner. Advertisement that does not meet our standards are outrightly rejected for the safety of our readers and users.


Read about Infomediang’s privacy to learn more about how InfomediaNG selects the ads you see.

See How our cookies works for more information about how we use your data to provide personalised advertising and for more information on your choices and controls.

Why do you see ads on this site?

Several factors play a huge role in the kind of ads you see such as your activity, searches, demographic data, apps on your device, and location information may be used to select the ads you see.

Opting out

You have several options to control the kinds of ads you see or how you want to see them. Visit the Network Advertising Initiative (US) and the Digital Advertising Alliance  – DAA (US), EDAA (EU), DAAC (Canada), ADAA (AU/NZ) to see your opt-out choices from other participating companies.

Explore other controls and tools to help set and maintain your privacy choices.

While Infomediang does not share personally identifiable information with third parties for advertising purposes, if you have provided your email address to third parties in another context, you may be able to opt-out of further use of your data by exercising the Network Advertising Initiative’s Audience Matched Advertising opt-out control at

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