virtual card creation process

How to fund your Geepay Dollar Virtual Card

Creating Geepay Dollar Virtual Card allows you to make payments on Apple Music, X (formerly Twitter), Shazam, Spotify, and other subscription-based ...

8 Factors To Consider When Choosing a Merchant Service Provider

Before choosing a merchant account provider, it is important to think about what features it has. If a provider’s fee ...
advantages of merchant account

Benefits of Having A Merchant Account For Your Business

In most cases a prospective client may not want to make a direct deposit into your bank account because your ...

Merchant Accounts: Types and How It Works

Whether your business has a physical store or online or you provide invisible services such as consulting and advisory, you ...


insurance, protection, family-911819.jpg

What You Should Get Money-Back Insurance Plans

If there is anything that makes me love life insurance, it is the money-back aspect of it. You may not ...
crash test, collision, rear-end collision-1620591.jpg

How to choose the best auto insurance plan for your vehicle 

It is almost mandatory for every car owner in the U.S. to have an auto insurance policy, which is why ...
cat, pet, feline-8451431.jpg

Types Of Pet Insurance Policy You Need For Your Pet

Pet insurance is designed to cover the costs of the medical care of your pet if it gets injured or ...


front view of heritage bank in Nigeria

How to claim your funds from the failed Heritage Bank Plc

Following the revocation of the operating licence of Heritage Bank Plc by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on Monday, …

this screenshot shows the process of deleting opay account

Why I deleted my Opay Business Account

After several months of writing and pleading to Opay to let my merchant account bear my ...
Screenshot shows the complete process of removing a beneficiary from moniepoint account

How to remove a beneficiary from your Moniepoint Account

It is important to only add your close family members or only those you constantly do ...



What Is Credit Score? Its Importance For Lenders 

A credit score is a three-digit number designed to rate a person’s creditworthiness. It is typically between 300 and 850, …


Types of Bad Loans and Their Impact on the Lender and the Borrower

If you have taken a loan from a financial institution and are unable to repay or ...

Application for N5 Billion SMEDAN-Sterling Loan Is Open, Here Is The Application Process

You can access at least N250K and as high as N2.5 million as a business loan ...

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How to Navigate Tax Debt: Understanding the IRS Fresh Start Program

Dealing with tax debt can be daunting, often overwhelming individuals and businesses and unsure of where to turn. Fortunately, the ...
Screenshot of metatrader 5 app

Indicators of MetaTrader 5 You Should Know As A Trader

As a trader of forex, commodities, and stocks, you need to have a grasp of MetaTrader 5 indicators, which would help you ...
bitcoin exchanges in south africa

MetaTrader 5: Its Features and How To Trade on It

Some of the unique features of a trading tool called MetaTrader 5 include automated trading, multiple open positions, multiple analytical ...
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