Oleksandr Lutskevych Founded CEO.IO

How Oleksandr Lutskevych Founded CEO.IO in 2013 After Discussing With His Friends

There are individuals who choose to be outstanding among the numerous average people around the world. One of such excellent personalities is Oleksandr Lutskevych, the founder and CEO of Cex.Io, a London-based group of companies, with subsidiaries including CEX.IO Bitcoin Exchange. The company is one of the major shakers and movers in the world of cryptocurrency. read more

Remitano free mining programme to own RENEC

How To Mine RENEC Token in 6 Easy Steps on Remitano App

Remitano Network Coin (RENEC) isn’t for sale, meaning you can neither buy nor sell the coin. The global peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange platform categorically made it known that “All activities that buy or sell RENEC at the moment are fraudulent” because the coin isn’t listed on any crypto-tracking website read more

Did Hal Finney Meet Satoshi Nakamoto

Did Hal Finney Meet Satoshi Nakamoto Before He Died? Story of How He Received First Bitcoin Transaction

Bitcoin is one cryptocurrency with a lot of story surrounding it. One of such stories is deciphering the first recipient of the famous cryptocurrency and that person is Harold Thomas Finney II, a computer scientist, and an American developer. read more

Femi Oyedipe founder of worlclass chocolate production in Nigeria

How Olufemi Oyedipe Founded LoshesChocolate in 2015 To Transform Cocoa Industry in Nigeria

It is impressive to see women starring the wheels of success and most importantly serving as pioneers of new ideas. Today, one of such notable women is Femi Oyedipe, an amazing young talented woman who is making a giant stride in her home country Nigeria through her unique business choice, making of world-class chocolate known LoshesChocolate.

Nigerian cocoa
Photo credit: Facebook


  • Full Name: Olufemi Oyedipe
  • Course of study: Biochemistry
  • Institution: University of Ibadan, Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Legnano, Italy (certifications in the Art of Bean to Bar processing of Chocolates)
  • Company: LoshesChocolate

Humble Beginning

Oyedipe did not rise to the top overnight, it took years of hard work and consistency to build the network and acquire needed resources to become the CEO of an indigenous company known for transforming local products i.e. cocoa into well-refined healthy chocolate.

It is motivating that while a majority of Nigerian youths are seeking white-collar jobs, other young Nigerians like Oyedipe are utilizing the available gap to create wealth and become employers of labour.

Oyedipe’s entrepreneurial journey began after she completed her undergraduate studies in 2005 at the prestigious University of Ibadan in Nigeria.

She demonstrated a passion for artistry which she has shown the world through the varieties of chocolate bars produced in her company.

Her love for design and artistry pushed her into makeup artistry as she was trained by a famous UK brand and did make up for brides during the weekends.

Photo credit: LoshesChocolate Facebook Page

She didn’t jump into chocolate production initially, but like most Nigerian youth, she began her career journey with a 9-5 working job.

Having trained as a makeup artist, Oyedipe at one time began to distribute top brand make-up products, however, she felt she could do more.

Her entrepreneurial journey took a twist when she enrolled for her Master’s degree program in Scotland major in Human Resource Management. She then moved to Ghana upon the completion of the program.

While in Ghana, she worked as a volunteer and it was there she developed a passion for baking and cooking. In fact, during her leisure time, she baked cupcakes, cakes frosted with chocolate ganache and other desert flavours for friends and family.

Fortunately for her, this was the spark that began her journey into the world of chocolate production. From serving friends and family, the passion soon blossomed to cater for a wider community of dessert lovers.

This was the encouragement she needed, an eye-opener to a business opportunity which she took advantage of and in turn her business Creme Indulgence was birthed. From preparing desserts for family and friends and a handful of dessert lovers, Oyedipe began to create desserts for special occasions.

How LoshesChocolate Was Birthed

The story of Femi Oyedipe rising to the top by creating an indigenous company known to transform cocoa into fine chummy and munchy chocolates is captivating.

Her passion for chocolate making began while in Ghana where she made dessert for friends and family. When she and her family moved back to Nigeria, with her master degree qualification, she got a job as a human resource manager.

She worked on the job for a couple of years and during the period she was searching for more having had a taste of what it feels like to make your passion your living back in Ghana.

Thanks to her husband who observed her craving for more and the need to satisfy her yearning, he admonished her to go back into making chocolates. It was a thoughtful idea and after a while, she bought into it.

With her intense search to satisfy her urge for artistry and designs, as well as ways to add impact in our society, she researched on how to create value alongside making chocolates.”

Her Passion To Transforming Cocoa Sector in Nigeria

It was during her research that she found out that Nigeria has no indigenous chocolate even though the country is one of the highest producers of cocoa, the raw material used in making chocolates.

Also, this opened her eyes to the fact that cocoa production is exported while chocolates are then imported, with this knowledge, she in partnership with her husband conducted more research, this time it was on how to begin sourcing cocoa beans locally.

According to her, they bought their first bag of cocoa beans from Eruwa in Oyo State. Presently, they also purchase cocoa beans from Ondo state.

The Beginning of LoshesChocolate read more

How To Calculate Unclaimed Dividend

How To Calculate Unclaimed Dividend

In the 1990s and 2000s, hundreds of Nigerians bought shares, unfortunately, most of them never followed up on how to receive their dividends, they bought stocks and walked away, the abandonment is called an unclaimed dividend.


The name of the company and person used in this guide is imaginary any coincidence is highly regretted.

And on August 13, 2021, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) raised alarm over the rising figure of unclaimed dividends as of December 2020, stating that unclaimed dividends in Nigeria (capital market) stood at N170 billion against N158.44 billion in December 2019. The figure by the SEC shows that the figure will keep rising.

If your dividend is included in the list, we will guide you on how to calculate unclaimed dividend if it’s up to 10 years, 20 years or more. There is a way around it if the company that allot share was acquired by another entity.

But first…

What is an Unclaimed Dividend?

When dividends are paid by a company to their shareholders, but the shareholder (investor) failed to claim it, it becomes an unclaimed dividend. Usually, a separate account is created for an unclaimed dividend which is properly monitored by the SEC (if it’s in Nigeria).

Note: Dividends are profits that a company distributes to its investors (shareholders) when profits are declared at the end of a financial year.

Difference Between Unclaimed Dividend and Unpaid Dividend

There is a clear distinction between a dividend that wasn’t claimed by a shareholder and an unpaid dividend. An unpaid dividend occurs when a company declared profit and dividend but it’s yet to distribute the dividend to its shareholders whereas an unclaimed dividend occurs when the shareholders abandon the dividend accrued to them


Why Bill Miller Invested 50 Percent of His Wealth in Bitcoin

Why Bill Miller, American Billionaire Invested 50 Percent of His Wealth in Bitcoin

Accumulating wealth is about taking risks, and risk-taking means more wealth. This is the story of American investor Bill Miller who recently moved 50 per cent of his personal wealth into bitcoin investing.

Interestingly, while most individuals, corporations and countries are still in doubt of bitcoin, the business mogul who considers himself the “Bitcoin Bull” has converted at least half of his wealth into cryptocurrency. If you call him a bitcoin whale, you’re definitely right!


Who is Bill Miller?

  • Nationality: American
  • Birth Place: Laurinburg, North Carolina
  • City/Country of Residence: Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America
  • Birth Date: January 23, 1950
  • Career: Investor, Businessman, Fund Manager
  • Education: Washington and Lee University, Johns Hopkins University
  • Net Worth: N/A

Meet Bill Miller, American Investor Who Could Become Bitcoin Whale After Investing Half of His Wealth in BTC

William H. Miller III now known as Bill Miller is a popular figure in the investment industry in the United States of America. The veteran businessman was born in 1950 to a terminal manager who works at a trucking company. Nothing is known about his mother or sibling as he lives a very private life.

Like most American children, Miller was trained not just morally but educationally having attended the Washington and Lee University where he graduated in 1972 with honours.

He majored in economics. Several years later, he enrolled at John Hopkins University where he pursued his PhD program while working part-time in accounting.

Wealth is not gathered in a day but acquired over time through hard work and diligence. The same can be said of the Bitcoin risk investor who has worked in top organizations holding key positions.

Miller’s Investment Acumen

Miller functioned in a different capacity which include the position of chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Legg Mason Capital Management.

At the same time, he served as the principal portfolio manager of the Legg Mason Capital Management Value Trust. In addition, Miller occupied the position of the portfolio manager of the previous Legg Mason Opportunity Trust mutual funds which is now housed at his own firm Miller Value Partners.

Presently, Miller is the founder of Miller Value Partners, where he currently serves as the Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, and Co-Portfolio Manager for Opportunity Equity and Income Strategy in the company.

As you know, having one source of income in this era is not enough, Miller must be familiar with this saying and in his advanced age, he does not only own a company but likewise own shares in several other high profile companies, mostly tech and e-commerce companies further increasing his net worth.

These are Amazon, Technology DXC, Google parent company Alphabet, and Facebook.

All of these and more combine as the source of income for Miller, giving him the means to make humongous wealth which he now stores up in bitcoin, the leader of all cryptocurrencies.

Bill Miller Continue to Invest in Bitcoin Despite Risk Involved

It is a mirage that a strategic and philosophical thinker like Miller will go ahead to invest half of his life’s earnings in cryptocurrency despite being aware of the risk involved.

At the early stage of bitcoin fever, he considered himself a “Bitcoin observer,” but after building so much confidence in the dynamics of crypto investment, he now considers himself a “real Bitcoin bull”.

Bitcoin, as we know, is volatile and the price fluctuates incessantly wither upward or downslide. The reason has been that Bitcoin is influenced by supply and demand, as well as investor and user sentiments, government regulations, and media hype.

All of these has somewhat led to the crash of bitcoin on several occasions which led to the loss of billions of dollars of millions of investors. For this reason, many are sceptical to put in their money and become “observers”.

For instance, in June 13, 2011, criminals hacked hundreds of accounts and stole millions of dollars worth of Bitcoins (about 850,000 Bitcoin), and in a single day, the value of a Bitcoin fell to one penny as admitted by Mt. Gox, the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world back then, according to Bitcoinworldwide in a report titled, “ What was the Mt. Gox Hack?

Afterwards, there have been several instances where bitcoin crashed, for example, in 2013 when 50 per cent of bitcoin was lost overnight due to the ban placed by China’s government on the use of bitcoin.

In addition, bitcoin further faced challenges during the pandemic. In March 2020 50% of bitcoin was lost when the markets crashed. Half of its value was lost in two days.

Not forgetting also, almost recently back in May 2021, when Bitcoin was heading towards a positive side surpassing $64,000 value for a single coin. Suddenly, $1 trillion in value of bitcoin was wiped off the global crypto market in a single week.

As a matter of fact, this recent occurrence caused billionaire businessmen like Elon Musk who was ready to accept bitcoin as payment for Tesla cars and other associated products to take back his words.

Why Bill Miller Invested 50 Percent of His Wealth in Bitcoin

Miller has proven to be a risk-taker, the risk he has taken to another dimension by investing half of his personal net worth into bitcoin.

The American investor and fund manager now hold 50% of his net worth in Bitcoin as well as other related investments in major industry firms such as Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy and BTC mining firm Stronghold Digital Mining.

The volatility of bitcoin and several crash instances have not dissuaded the business mogul from investing heavily in this cryptocurrency.

Miller’s reason behind his aggressive purchase of bitcoin is considered to be in his own words an “insurance policy against a financial catastrophe” as well as a powerful investment tool that is outperforming gold in recent times.

In addition, he pointed out Bitcoin’s scarcity, meaning that only 21 million Bitcoin can be created which is an added opportunity to invest in the cryptocurrency.

Miller began to stock his personal wealth in Bitcoin when he began to purchase back in 2014 when Bitcoin was trading around $200. There are several bitcoin predictions flying around, one forecasted that bitcoin may reach $341,000 by 2025.

Interestingly, Miller,  being a business and financial adviser has recommended individual investors to invest a minimum 1% of their assets in Bitcoin.

Final Thoughts

You might want to also invest in cryptocurrency despite restrictions in your country because life is about taking the bull by the horn which also involves risk-taking. A feat that is common to successful investors who have done the unusual and attain the status of a billionaire.

Bill Miller is a risk-taker and today he is one of the celebrated billionaires today. Even in his advanced age, he is not relenting to embrace new ideas and means of expanding his wealth.

Today, he is considered to be the Bitcoin Bull because of his aggressive and rapid investment in cryptocurrency.

However, this has caused many to be curious whether Miller will continue to invest in bitcoin even when it crashes to $0. That will be answered probably if it happens.

Further Reading:

Featured Image of Bitcoin by André François McKenzie on Unsplash
Video: WealthTrack (January 8, 2022). “

Betting Big on Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin [2022] read more

Clem Ikanade Agba Lover of cryptocurrency

Meet Clem Ikanade Agba Nigerian Minister Who Supports Cryptocurrency and Want It To Be Regulated Instead of Ban

While the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) believes that cryptocurrency should be restricted because of the risks involved in its trading, Clem Ikanade Agba, Nigeria’s Minister of State, Budget and National Planning, says that Nigeria should look beyond the risk in crypto assets, stating that apex bank should have put in place regulations to control it instead of ban or restrictions. According to him, blockchain technology is going to disrupt the banking sector.

The world is rapidly going digital, this brought about cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), Bitcoincash, Litecoin (LTC) among others which is gradually becoming the new form of exchange around the world. However, crypto has over the years met with a lot of setbacks and scepticism and non-acceptance by individuals, groups, and countries.

Nigeria is among the countries that are yet to legally recognize cryptocurrency as a means of exchange and have imposed policies to ensure that financial institutions do not facilitate crypto-related transactions.

Interestingly, the Nigerian Minister of State, Budget and National Planning, Prince Clem Ikanade Agba, believed that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) should be regulating the virtual currency instead of its restricting its use.


Who is Clem Ikanade Agba?

  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Home State: Edo State
  • Birth Date: March 28 1964
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Children: 4
  • Career: Politician / Civil servant (Incumbent Minister of State Budget & National Planning)

Academic Background:

The Nigerian politician and the current Minister of State, Budget and National Planning Clem Ikanade Agba came into this world in the year 1964 and he is born to a royal family, that is, the family of Pius Kadiri Ikanade Agba, the Oliola of Uzanu.

Growing up, Agba attended Saint Vincent Primary School, Auchi in Edo state where completed his first school leaving certificate. He then attended the popular Saint John’s Grammar School, Fugar.

Having completed his secondary education, Agba attended Ambrose Alli University (formerly known as Bendel State University), Ekpoma where he graduated with a degree in Economics in 1985.

Agba’s love and interest in education were further showed when he acquired two Masters Degrees in Business Administration: first from the University of Benin, specializing in Management and second M.Sc. from the Arizona State University, USA, specializing in Supply Chain Management.

Career Achievements read more


15 Reasons Cryptocurrency Is Booming in Nigeria Despite CBN Anti-Virtual Currency Policy

Instead of Nigeria’s government coming up with cryptocurrency regulations, its apex bank on February 5, 2021, handed down an autocratic warning to the financial institutions to block all accounts that transact in virtual currencies.

Several accounts were frozen, many people lost millions of Naira, but the anti-crypto policy is yet to stamp out trading in Africa’s largest economy. Rather, buying and selling of crypto assets have continued to flourish in the country.

In this post, we take a look at 15 reasons why the cryptocurrency is booming in Nigeria despite the ban by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Cheaper Remittances:

In the 2021 Statista Global Consumer Survey, Nigerians were most likely to say they used or owned cryptocurrency out of 74 countries the survey covered. Nigerians in the diaspora use cryptocurrency for remittances to loved ones back home because of charges by financial institutions.

This doesn’t only apply to Nigeria, the cost of sending fiat across borders to African countries is generally high. And according to bitcoin.com, using cryptocurrency for remittances can cut costs in Africa by 90 per cent.

The growing popularity of trusted P2P platforms that support Nigeria has even made it simple for their loved ones overseas to send money to their families, friends, and loved ones at a cheaper rate.

Crypto Exchange Switch To P2P Platforms

Several crypto platforms that supported funding of crypto wallets with Debit Cards before the CBN’s announcement switched to peer-to-peer trading. Popularly called P2P, it’s a meeting point for buyers and sellers to use escrow service to securely close trades.

As such, while the government ban has prevented all financial institutions from facilitating crypto transactions, Nigerians immediately found ways around the restriction.

Since then, P2P platforms like Binance, Remitano, LocalBitcoins, Paxful and much more exchanges that switched to P2P have become popular, thereby cutting the usually charges when the debit card was in use.

With the continuous growth in P2P, cryptocurrency trading will continue to boom among the crypto community in Nigeria because buying cryptocurrencies on P2P are extremely difficult for the banks or the CBN to track crypto-related transactions.

Frustration from Nigerian Banks

Some Nigerians share their experiences with banks in Nigeria in one of the Facebook groups I belonged, none said a good thing about their bank. Another colleague told a story of how her bank almost frustrated her when she was trying to set up an SME account.

You are most likely to hear similar horrible experiences most especially when it comes to resolving issues and paper works at the conventional banks here.

Elimination of paperwork is one of the advantages that cryptocurrency brings to the table which most of the bank-frustrated young entrepreneurs are embracing in Nigeria to process and receive payment for their services globally.

Nigerian Exchange Trading Hours

List of New Cryptocurrencies for January 2022

Every hour, new cryptocurrencies are added on coinmarketcap, a crypto price tracking website. The platform is globally popular for its price tracking of crypto assets was acquired by Binance Holdings Limited in April 2020. read more

Business Ideas in Power Sector

20 Business Ideas in Power Sector

The power sector is crucial to societal development because electricity is the backbone of industrial and economic development. From small-scale to large scale businesses, they need light for effective production.

It should be noted that the power sector provides a lot of business opportunities for those who are ready to become business owners in the sector and even be an employer of labour.

It encompasses different sources (conventional sources and even non-conventional) which include wind, then coal, oil, as well as agriculture and domestic waste. Even the likes of solar, natural gas, and hydropower are popular.

While some of the business ideas in the power sector are capital intensive, others can be started with little capital.

Let’s get started…

Solar Panel Installation

In societies where residents require additional energy to run their appliances, solar power is usually an option. Hence, you can become a solar panel installation expert if you have the required skills without breaking the bank.

Automobile Battery Store

You can go into a business that provides power solutions for vehicles. Cars still need batteries to move around, and the market is still big for even a new business. If you can learn the ropes of the business of selling automobile batteries, and you have a reasonable amount of money that can be used as your take-off capital, you can run this successfully.

Fuel Station

Depending on where you are based, this is still a lucrative business. Many cars are still running on fuel around the world, and the owners can’t but purchase them at fuel stations. You will even earn more if you are in a place where residents use fuel to power their generators

Generator Business

As stated earlier, there are places where a lot of people rely on generators for power e.g Nigeria. You can make money from such a place by selling generating sets.

Importation and sales of generators are huge business opportunities in Nigeria because the government has failed since 1960 to fix the problem in the power sector.

While this is a failure on the part of the government, it’s an investment opportunity for some cabal within the system. They import generators from China and sell them to distributors across the country.

Inverter Business

A lot of people in many areas still rely on inverters. These devices are utilized to convert DC power into alternative sources. If you have huge capital, you can start manufacturing them.

But if you want to start small, you can become a supplier of this product – where you buy cheaply in large quantities and sell for profit at your store.

Oil & Gas Transportation

Indeed, there are different things for different people in the power sector. If you are interested in the area of transportation, you can opt for oil and gas transportation, which requires certain types of a tanker.

Of course, while this business is risky (and a lot of crucial safety measures must be considered and put in place), it is lucrative too. You should however be aware that you will need a reasonable amount of capital to get started.

Solar Lamps Manufacturing

Here’s is a pretty innovative one in the power sector. There are societies where this can be introduced as something novel (that is, they don’t have something like this before).

Although you will need a good amount of money as capital, you can start generating income from solar lamp production if you do your marketing right.

 Home Energy Consultancy read more

business ideas for rural dwellers in nigeria

30 Profitable Business Ideas For Rural Dwellers

There are lots of people who live in the rural areas in Nigeria and other parts of the world that want to engage themselves in business that can generate revenue, but most of them don’t know where to start.

Of course, we know that entrepreneurs are usually careful whenever they want to start a new business, so they won’t end up wasting their capital. And one of the things they pay great attention to before opening a business is Return On Investment (ROI). This is one of the reasons why a lot of business-minded people usually consider cities as their location of business.

However, several businesses will do well in rural areas too, and you can start any of them as soon as possible. Let’s explore them now.

Provision store

Although many rural dwellers are known for making attempts to produce their basic needs themselves (such as food and local clothing), the fact remains that no group of people can be completely self-sufficient, but will always need other things which they can’t produce all by themselves. Hence, you can open a store that sells regular products in a rural area and people will still patronize you.

You can sell items such as matches, toothbrushes, toiletries, beverages, and so on. Just ensure you have direct links to bigger stores where you can get these products in bulk (which are cheaper), and sell them in your store for profit.

Fashion designer/ Clothing store

People dwelling in rural areas are also humans, and they too appreciate, desire and want nice things. They watch TV and movies, and see the beautiful clothes people in cities are putting on – and they want the same. You can thus make money by opening an outlet where clothes can be made and sold.

How to win their hearts: Make sure your products aren’t too expensive because most of your customers are farmers, petty traders.

Don’t forget that many rural dwellers are also travelling to big cities just to buy clothes. Let’s say you start a clothing store, and they are aware that your store is filled with good clothes of different types, you can dominate the area easily in that regard, as they will patronize you than to travel to the city to buy the same thing you sell.

Electronics shop

Impressively, a lot of rural areas now have access to electricity. Hence, they can afford to buy electronics such as television, radio, DVD player and so on. You can open a store selling these products and you will be amazed at your sales performance.

Flour mill

You can start a flour mill in a particular area where it isn’t available and be known for offering the service. Let’s even say other flour mills are operating in the area already, you can introduce marketing strategies to attract several customers.

Your mill can also offer services of grinding other grains like corn, oats, barley, and so on. This is a lovely business idea for rural dwellers, but you will need electricity for your operations.

Organic vegetables/fruits

Going into this kind of business requires strategy and tactics, as these products are perishable goods. But since emphasis are now being greatly placed on organic fruits and vegetable, and people are eager for healthy things in the cities, you can grow them yourself or simply hire farmers to do so for you and sell to the city people.

For instance, there are women across villages in Nigeria who transport plantain in large quantities to Ibadan, Lagos, Abuja, and other major cities, most of them do well.

Milk/dairy centre

There are usually numerous milk sources in rural communities. You should therefore consider running a milking centre as you seek business ideas in rural areas. You can put in place a structure where milk can be obtained from individual houses and supplied to dairy farms.

Establish a School read more

BUA Cement Stock Performance

BUA Cement Stock Performance from 2020 Till Date

On January 9, 2020, BUA Cement Plc was listed on the Nigerian Exchange Group (NGX) with the trading ticker BUACEMENT and N1.18trillon market capitalisation. The company’s entry into cement manufacturing started as a cement-importing firm.

WAEC English Marking Scheme (How SSCE Essays Are Marked)

WAEC Grading System in Nigeria and Interpretation

The West African Examinations Council since its creation in 1952 has been at the forefront of conducting a regional test for candidates residing in Anglophone West African countries: Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, The Gambia, and Liberia, who are the joint owners of the examination body.

It is an examination body that conducts the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), result of the examination is based on grade, we’ll discuss the WAEC grading system and its interpretation.

Types of exams conducted by WAEC

There are three examinations conducted by the regional examination body every year, they are:

  1. May/June
  3. WASSCE for private candidates.


WASSCE for School Candidates (May/June) is specifically designed for the final year students in senior secondary schools who registered for the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE).

During May/June exam which usually takes place between April to June, candidates are mandated to wear their respective school uniforms even external candidates also wear the same uniform as the “internal candidates”. They all undergo biometric registration.

is Sports Betting an investment or gambling

30 Rewarding Business Ideas In Sports

The sports industry is in a class of its own, and there are hundreds of millions of people around the world who are so committed to one form of sport or another. The sports industry is no doubt a very huge one that is so lucrative, which generate revenue for people around the world.

You can start a business in the sports industry and take your share of the pie. There are different aspects you can look consider since the industry is pretty vast. Let’s explore profitable business opportunities that abound in the sports industry.

Sports Blogging

Sports lovers usually follow the latest trends online – whether it’s football, basketball, volleyball, and so on, for instance, the ongoing AFCON 2022 in Cameroon.

You can start blogging on sports or simply pick a niche in sports that you’re good at, you’re might want to blog about popular sports that have a huge following.

Let’s say you want to blog about football, you can decide to blog about everything related to football or simply decide to focus on table tennis.

How to make money from a sports blog:

Following on your sports blogs means can be monetized for Google Adsense or use affiliate and begin to advertise for entities who are ready to pay for advert space on your blog.

Remember, you don’t need 1,000,000 page views per day or followers to monetize your sports blog

Sports Photography

If you have photography skills, you can start a business that is focused on covering just sports events. This can be your area of speciality and you won’t have to compete with the plethora of photographers we already have around.

Get good cameras, register your business, and obtain necessary licenses – and you can be paid to even cover major sports events. Some media organisations are ready to pay sports photographers to get exclusive shots

Sports Shop

This is capital intensive no doubt, but it can be rewarding if you are if you have the capital to pump into this investment. You can decide to open a general sports store or simply focus on selling products related to a particular sport.

If you want to settle for the latter, ensure the sport is located in a town or city where sporting activities take place. You don’t want to locate a sports store in a village where their major activity is farming.

To make more money from this, sell customised t-shirts of popular players that you know have huge followers.

Sports Magazine or Newspaper

Here is another capital intensive business idea in the sports industry. If you want to start small, then it will be easier if you are a trained journalist, as you will be able to do a lot of running around yourself and cut costs. But if you have big money as an entrepreneur, you can bring a team together and get started e.g Complete sports.

Sports Radio Station

If you are not interested in starting a sports magazine or newspaper (perhaps because those things are no longer popular where you are), then you should consider a sports radio station e.g Brila FM

You can decide to even narrow it down to a particular sport to stand out easily from the crowd.

Sports Promotions Business read more

bitcoin price

16 Easy Steps to Buy Cryptocurrency in Nigeria Without CBN Sanctions

On February 5, 2021, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) rolled out its first-ever anti-crypto policy that accounts of individuals linked to crypto-related transactions should be closed by financial institutions If you’re worried about how to join the crypto gang, the CBN ban can not stop you. In this guide, we’ll tell how to buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria without verification while avoiding the wrath of the Godwin Emefiele-led apex bank. read more

car tracker service

25 Side Hustle In Nigeria That Can Generate Extra Income for You

A side hustle is simply an additional route of making money. Looking for a side hustle in Nigeria means you’re already engaged, but finding a way to complement your existing revenue.

It is understandable, particularly in a place like Nigeria where low salaries, inflation, and job insecurities are the order of the day.

It is better not to put all eggs in one basket, but to be always eager to grow one’s financial life. We will explore profitable ventures you can indulge by the side even if you are fully employed. You don’t even have to quit your current job before engaging them.

Let’s explore the side hustle you can do to generate extra income

Barbing Salon

There are ways you can go about this. You can decide to open a barbing salon and employ someone to manage it for you, or you simply run the salon only in the evenings or weekends (or any other day you won’t be going to work). Just ensure you establish the salon in a busy area where you will have a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Website Designing/Development

If you know how to design and manage websites, this is a side hustle that can even fetch you more money than your current salary. 

In fact, you can attend to clients’ gigs during your free time at work. Many companies and individuals out there are in need of a functional website for one reason or another, and they can’t do it themselves. They will therefore be glad to pay you for it, and it’s something that can be done in any part of the world.


This is tilted towards the busy female in need of a side hustle in Nigeria that can fetch them more money. You can decide to be mobile, as such you may not nee open a shop.

After the close of your regular job, you can go to the homes of your clients to make their hair, and get paid for it. You can even get paid by making the hair of your co-workers in your regular job. You will easily thrive on referrals if you can make unique hairstyles.

Affiliate Marketing

You can become an affiliate marketer without having to quit your daily job. This is something flexible, and you can create a system that fetches money even while you sleep. 

There are well-known and reliable programs for affiliate marketers, both local and foreign ones. Simply sign up for them, and start promoting products – and you will earn a commission for every successful sale.

Selling Secondhand Clothes

This can be stressful for a beginner. But it can be really fruitful when mastered. While there are several people running this business on a full-time basis, you can operate yours as a side hustle and still make a lot of money, selling in your spare time.

In fact, depending on where you work, you can even take some of the clothes to your regular place of work and sell them to your co-workers. 

Blogging For Money

It is necessary to say “blogging for money”, because there are people who run a blog for other reasons. You can start a blog and run it on autopilot, without having to give too much of your time to it. 

If you create a proper autopilot system, your blog can be fetching you good money each day while you are occupied with other things. Of course, this can only be a reality if you take your time to first learn the ropes.

Evening Tutorials

This will be easier for those in the educational sector, particularly teachers. If you are a teacher that teaches in a primary or secondary school from morning till evening, you can earn additional money as you take evening lessons for students, particularly in their own homes. This is a side hustle in Nigeria and around the world that can fetch you good money in the subject of speciality.

Youtuber read more

Doing Business Online Google Investment in Data and Internet Speed in Africa benefits to entrepreneurs and SMES

15 Online Business Ideas For Students

There was a time when students in tertiary institutions have to wait till they are done with schooling before they start doing something worthwhile. Due to different constraints and lack of opportunities, they weren’t able to easily engage in a business while in school studying

But things have changed for good. Right now, we can see students all over the world on campuses making money legitimately as undergraduates. Technology made things easier for them, as they can indulge in online businesses. It is easy because there’s flexibility.

You are likely reading this article right now because you are a student in need of online business ideas for students which you can engage yourself to complement your pocket money.

This is exactly what we will do here. However, while there are several online business ideas out there, let’s explore the ones that undergraduates can easily do and that will still give them time to study appropriately.

Let’s get started:

Website Designing/Development

This is a skill you can learn, and which will be utilized to start a business that can keep fetching you money occasionally, even while in school. Emphasis is currently being placed on the need for organizations to go online.

The fact is, many people can’t create websites themselves, and will gladly pay those that can do it for them. This is business for you. Know how websites are being created, and get paid to make nice websites as well as manage them for your clients.

There are different resources online which you can use to learn this skill. Once you are good with it, you can start advertising what you do, and you will be surprised at the level of success.

Professional Blogging

If you are reading this right now as an undergraduate, you most likely know what a blog is. But do you know you can create your blog and run it as a profitable business?

Perhaps, you may have heard people saying the blogging world is already saturated and that new bloggers will struggle or won’t be successful. The blogging sphere is saturated already no doubt, but the fact is, the reason many are struggling is that they don’t know what it takes to run a blog as a serious business.

So, if you want to go into blogging as a student looking for online business ideas, you are not doing so just like any other blogger, but you have to be serious about this, hence becoming a professional blogger who will take this as a serious business.

That means you have to read extensively on how to operate a successful blog today. You should research lucrative niches, as well as splendid monetization options.


Now, blogging traditionally might not be your thing. Since blogging requires being good with writing, and you may not be a good writer (and you probably don’t have enough resources to pay writers for articles). Then, you can become a YouTuber and still do well.

As a student, you should be familiar with YouTube already. But do you know you can be making a huge amount of money with the platform every month?


You only need to create a channel, make nice videos, and keep uploading it there. Make sure your videos are nice, and you can silently build your subscribers. When you have at least a thousand subs, you can apply for monetization. Ads will start showing on your videos, and you earn money doing this. It requires unique videos and content and consistency.

Affiliate Marketing

Being an affiliate marketer is one of the easiest ways to earn money online as a student. You don’t need to have products and inventories or anything like that. You only need to have a platform where you can promote other people’s products, and you earn a commission anytime you did that.

There are popular structures already which you can take advantage of, such as the Amazon Affiliate Program. Once you are accepted, you can start sharing links to products, and you earn money as people purchase the product with your unique affiliate link. Of course, to do well in this, you also have to read extensively on how it works.


You can also be a dropshipper. You create an online store and place products you know people are interested in. Of course, you don’t have to even have products yourself.

When people order, you purchase the product for them at big online stores, and provide the customer’s address. So, they simply ship the product to the customer, while you make your profit from the transaction.

Content Writer

This is one of the ways you can start making money online as a student. If you know how to write good articles, you can start a business that entails supplying content for different people that are always in need of articles.

Online media firms for instance are usually in need of article writers. The internet runs on content, and new ones are always needed now and then.

One other beautiful thing about this is that, apart from the fact that you will most likely always get gigs if you are good at what you do, you can also look beyond local writing gigs and connect with foreign writing gigs, which pays better. There are several students offering writing services and are earning well doing so.

SEO Specialist

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Here is a skill you can learn and translate into a business that revolves around offering SEO services to organizations who want to be visible on search engines like Google Search.

You know, one free way of getting visibility for one’s brand is on Google Search. But the thing is, there are lots of competing websites. So, if you can master how to dominate Google Search first page, many website owners won’t mind paying you to help them do so for the keywords they are targeting.

Amazon Kindle Publishing

If you are good with writing, you can also make good money by turning your write-ups into books and publishing them on Amazon, via their platform – KDP.

This was structured for authors and publishers, and you can see your book being read all around the world, while you receive appropriate royalties for your work.

If you have a smartphone or a laptop, these are things you can take advantage of. While many students have laptops for instance, they only use them to watch movies and other things they don’t add much to their lives.

Mobile App Development read more

Bitcoin Price

Marius Reitz Prediction for Africa Crypto Market in 2022

Despite the 2015 warning to cryptocurrency traders by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK), the residents of the East African country has continued to deepen their adoption of crypto.

While the country’s authorities continue to clamp down on crypto traders, the Chief Executive Officer of Luno Marius Reitz predicted that Kenya will lead the cryptocurrency market in Africa as we sail through 2022.

The Luno boss predicted that Kenya may leave Nigeria behind. Nigeria is another Africa country where its apex bank is blocking bank account linked to crypto trading.

Prediction for Africa Crypto Market in 2022

In its latest prediction for Africa crypto in 2022, Reitz stated on Thursday, January 6, 2022, that Kenya’s booming crypto adoption may turn the country into a crypto leader.

In 2021, Kenya was the leader of peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency transaction volumes, followed by Nigeria, which sparked more punitive measures by authorities of the two countries, instead, traders continue to find alternatives to remain relevant in the crypto world of trading.

Some of the indicators that would make Kenya Africa’s leader in crypto adoption in 2022, according to Marius are:

  • Young population
  • High heels of mobile connectivity
  • Familiarity with digital payment solutions

Additionally, a lot of emerging companies in Kenya are building blockchain-based solutions while a lot of them see cryptocurrency as an alternative means of handling cross-border transactions and remittance, which are Africa’s major problems.

He said:

“According to World Bank, total remittances in Sub-Saharan Africa surpassed $45 billion in 2021 — but with the severe lack of foreign currency reserves across Africa stopping companies from receiving international payments and remitting their profits, many businesses could look towards cryptocurrencies as an alternative means of handling cross-border transactions,”. read more

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