How Profitable Is Plantain Farming Business in Nigeria? A 8-Step Guide

Nigeria is one of the world’s leading producers of plantains in the World. While many people may not really want to take up plantain farming cultivation as a business, it is one of the most lucrative farming businesses. Unlike cassava farming which could be more tedious and requires attention, the plantain farming business is more lucrative and … Read more

Difference Between Conventional Bank and Sharia Bank

Having explicitly dealt with what Sharia banking entails in our previous article, it becomes imperative to know the line of divides between conventional banking and Islamic banking. It’s important to note that the word ‘sharia’ in this context doesn’t mean ‘only Muslim. We pointed out that Sharia banking is designed to accommodate Christians and Muslim and everyone irrespective … Read more

Can Christians Get Loan From Islamic Bank? (Non-Interest Bank)

In operations and principles, an Islamic bank (Non-Interest Bank) or NIB is completely different from Interest Banking System. And to answer the question, Non-Interest Banking generally doesn’t provide cash loans to its customers whether Muslim or Christian or regardless of their religious beliefs, yet Islamic banking is beneficial to small businesses in many ways. Note: … Read more

What Is A Small Business?

There are different definitions of small business, especially if we look at it from different angles. For the purpose of dissecting the meaning of a small business, we will look at it from eight different perspectives: Layman’s perspective From a layman’s perspective, a small business is an establishment founded and managed by one man. This … Read more

What Is The Cost Of a Private Jet Charter?

The cost of a private jet charter depends on a lot of factors like the size of the jet, the distance of the flight, time of the year, and location. For instance, the standard price of chartering a large jet for transcontinental flights could cost between $8,000 (NGN3.7 Million) to $15,000 USD (NGN6.9 million) per hour. … Read more

10 Benefits of Chartering a Private Jet

Using private air travel is becoming the new normal among the wealthy class who doesn’t want to own a private jet. For the super-rich, the cost of flying private jet charter isn’t a problem, privacy is something they cherish, no wonder they prefer to charter a private jet because of its advantages over commercial air … Read more